AWeber Footer SlideUp


Footer Slideup Form is one of the best ways to ask users to subscribe to your list without any interruption or blocking and this plugin does exactly that. It adds an AWeber subscribe form in the footer of your WordPress blog. If you aren’t sure what is AWeber, you can read detailed AWeber Autoresponder Review on my blog.


  • How AWeber Footer Slideup Works


Please Follow the exact Steps to install and activate this plugin.

  1. Generate an Inline form using the AWeber Web form Interface.
  2. Grab the HTML code of your AWeber Form and Search for Hidden Div which lists all the hidden form fields for subscription. You will see it just after the tag.
  3. Upload the plugin folder aweber-footer-slideup at wp-content/plugins.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Edit Options under the Menu ‘AWeber Footer SlideUp’. Paste the hidden div HTML Code generated in Step 2.

Detail plugin configuration instructions are here


How to Edit the Tag Line Subscribe By Email for Weekly Updates?

Heading Tag Line (Optional) in the admin interface of the plugin. Leaving it blank will show the default tagline.

What is Tracking Image URL of AWeber Webform (Optional)?

AWeber RAW HTML Webform tracks the form views and other stats with an image. If you would like to see how many users submit using the footer form you need to add the unique image url of AWeber into the field value. Just near the form end tag you will see . Just copy the SomeValue from the HTML code and paste it in Tracking Image URL of AWeber Webform. The Image URL will not be any normal jpg/gif like image.

I installed the plugin with exact steps you mentioned and yet I cannot see the SlideUp. Why?

If you have pasted the hidden div HTML Code generated in Step 2 of installation in the Options under the Menu ‘AWeber Footer SlideUp’ and if still you cannot see the SlideUp in footer the only reason could be that your theme does not support Hooks in header and Footer. Any WordPress Theme should follow the WordPress Theme Development Guidelines and should have the needed function calls in header and footer. Your theme should have wp_footer() call, to appear just before closing body tag and if it does not have it the plugin may not work as expected.

I have more Queries, Can you Help?

Yes I will be more than happy to help. Just post them in comments on my blog.


excellent job my friend

this is very nice plugin i am giving you 5stars.
just a question, what code to change if i like it to be on the header (instead of the footer) i want it to show in the header (top) – thanks

Works perfectly!

I just followed the instructions here and made a few tweaks in the css as far as the color, and it’s good to go. I love it!

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Contributors & Developers

“AWeber Footer SlideUp” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



* Hides Slideup After Form Submits – No Footer form will be displayed to user once the footer form is submitted. It behaves as if user has clicked on Never show again.

* Responsive – The Slideup does not display if the user browser window is less than 800 px wide


  • Default Text of all form fields like Name, Email and submit button.
  • Option to add CSS from the Plugin CSS file or copy the same into theme CSS File and exlude the plugin CSS file.
  • Option to Remove – Close for Now and Never Show Again links
  • The optional name field.
  • Use of WordPress support for jQuery as well as make it optional so user can use the jQuery emebeded by theme or other plugins.


  • Added Support for Image Tagline.


  • Blank tracking image bug solved.


  • Upgraded to Latest JQuery


  • Added Few more FAQ’s.


  • Fix for z-index issues with some of the themes.


  • Fix for the jQuery Variable Conflicts with other version of jQuery used on same page.


  • On some web servers filenames with “.cookie” in them is a problem and so now the file is renamed.


  • Tracking Image Settings Bug Removed.


  • Do not Show the Form if Required Fields are not Filled.


  • Basic Working Version of AWeber Footer Slideup with Admin Options Now Added.


  • Basic Working Version of AWeber Footer Slideup