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AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin

Creates lists/tables of text/thumbnails/links to posts, pages, taxonomies, attachments, custom post types, image directories.

Auto Graphics Site Navigation with Gallery

This plugin simplifies the creation of graphically navigable WordPress sites, creating a list or tables of pages, posts, taxonomies, and custom post types, selected in a variety of ways. Highly customizable output using a variety of optional user-defined filters.

  • Sites with nested pages can show a table of clickable thumbnails of child pages, with size of the tables, and the number of rows, automatically computed to fit, based on the thumbnail sizes.
  • A table of posts selected by tag, category, or author can be displayed in the same manner.
  • Thumbnails of pictures, and the galleries of pictures added in each page, can be automatically resized either through a single default setting in the WordPress administration page, or by specifying a size in each page. Missing thumbnails will be automatically generated.
  • A gallery of images can be created simply by placing them in a new directory under the wp-content/uploads directory. Standard command-line or FTP tools can then be used to move, rename, or delete images.
  • Output and page/post selection is extensible through the use of filters.
  • Works with WordPress's standard attachment mechanism, and with J. Christopher's "Attachments" plugin (see FAQ)

NOTE: You can raise issues or participate in development at GitHub If you experience errors or missing pages, you might try the previous stable version. All previous versions are archived here.

The plugin is invoked with the [autonav] shortcode, with two basic modes:


Creates a list or table of the current page's child pages. Tables are composed of linked thumbnail pictures (see "How is a Child Page's "Associated Image" determined?" in the FAQ). Example:

[autonav display="images" pics_only="1"]

displays a table of the current page's child pages. Only child pages that have associated pictures will be displayed. The table will have 3 or 4 columns depending on the default size of the thumbnails and depending on the column settings in the WordPress administration screen.


Creates one or more tables of linked thumbnail pictures based on the current page's attachments, or on specified directories of picture files under the uploads directory. Examples:

[autonav display="attach"]

displays a table of images attached to the current post or page.

[autonav display="/project2" include="32,37,56"]

Displays a table, with a gallery of three pictures from the wp-content/uploads/project2 directory, in the specified order.

[autonav ids="57,65"]

For compability with the [gallery] ids parameter introduced in WordPress 3.5, displays a table of attachments with the exactly specified attachment IDs.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-5-21
Active Installs: 900+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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