Auto Featured Image (Auto Generated)


Automatically generate a featured image from the post title (Background with post title overlay) from media library. This plugins generate a featured image using the post title. The image is saved in the media library and set as featured image.

Key Features

  • Create eye-catching featured images using the post title, primary category name, first tag, custom queries, and even embed YouTube videos.
  • Choose from a variety of fonts to add a personal touch.
  • Allow extract youtube video as featured image.
  • Customize font color and size for a unique look.
  • Highlight text with different colors to grab attention.
  • Automatically search and fetch background images from the media library.
  • Utilize random options to generate original and distinctive images.
  • Position text as per your preferences.
  • Allow the use of multiple sources to generate original content and prevent similar images on your website.

How to use

  1. Write your post.
  2. Save your post.
  3. The plugin will automatically generate a featured image for your post.

Youtube video as featured image

Settings & Preview

PRO: Layers


Features (Free / Included)

  • Generate featured image from post title
  • Generate featured image from primary category name
  • Generate featured image from first tag
  • Generate featured image from custom query
  • Generate featured image from Youtube video embed
  • Font selection
  • Font color and size customization
  • Text highlighting with different color
  • Search and grab background image from media library automatically
  • Random solid background color
  • Random gradient background color
  • Random plasma background color
  • Custom solid background color (Can use multiple colors for random results)
  • Text position (top, middle, bottom)
  • Background overlay
  • Text transformation (lowercase, uppercase, capitalize)
  • Custom post status trigger
  • Title as filename (Good for SEO)
  • Reuse images: Allow to reuse images from your media library (Good for reduce the size of your media library)
  • Custom fields as query (ACF Supported)
  • Many more…

PRO Features (Whit Subscription)


  • Fixed: Issue no-utf8 characters
  • Added: Auto ellipsis for long text option (Max length setting)


  • Improved: Tabs (Now can navigate between tabs using arrow keys)
  • Improved: Tabs (Now use navigator hash to keep the tab selected)
  • Added: Support for WordPress 6.5.4


  • Fixed: Removed a few warnings


  • Fixed: Issue with youtube video


  • Added support for WordPress 6.5.3


  • [PRO] Added AUTOMATIC1111 Support: Generate featured using your own stable diffusion server
  • Fixed small issues


  • Fixed: Issue with font size


  • Text
  • Background
  • Advance


What is Auto Featured Image?

Auto Featured Image is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates a featured image for a post using the post\’s title. The image is created by overlaying the title on a background, and is saved in the media library.

Is Auto Featured Image free?

Yes, Auto Featured Image is free to use. However, we do offer a premium version with more features and customization options.

How does Auto Featured Image work?

The plugin takes the post title, category name or custom query and looks for a background image in the media library that matches the query. If a match is found, the plugin generates an image with the title and overlays it on a background image. Users can customize the font, color, size, and position of the text, as well as the background image and overlay. The generated image is then saved in the media library and set as the featured image for the post.

Can I customize the generated images?

Yes, the plugin offers a variety of customization options for the generated images, such as font selection, color, size, text highlight color, background overlay, text opacity, background overlay opacity, text transformation and custom query.

Can I use my own background image?

Yes, you can use your own background image from your media library, upload bulk of image with good title, description in your media library and the plugin will take one automatically

Can I use a custom query?

Yes, you can use custom queries such as post title, primary category name Name, first tag.

Can I trigger the generation of featured images for specific post statuses?

Yes, you can trigger the generation of featured images for specific post statuses.

Does this plugin work with all WordPress themes?

Yes, the plugin should work with any WordPress theme that supports featured images.

This plugin have a PRO version?

Yes, We have a PRO version with more features and more customization options.

This plugin offer trial?

Yes, We offer a few days trial to test the plugin. After the trial period, you will need to purchase a license to continue using the plugin or use the free version.


January 16, 2024
I was able to trial this plugin and sample the Dall-E image generation and WOW! This is incredible! This plugin can be utilised to fully automate a large part of websites with high quality, relevant images. I haven’t come across a plugin that is close to this! I spoke with the developer and he was quick and friendly to support a bug I found and fixed it within the hour. Amazing plugin and support – I’ll be buying the lifetime license shortly.
June 26, 2023 3 replies
Before using this plugin, all my old posts had a featured image. Now, they don’t have any. Uninstalling with the option “delete all data” didn’t help. 25$ for a disaster. No reply from support for a couple of weeks.
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