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Spend less time managing eBay Partner Network ads and let our tools do the work for you

This plugin enables you to embed eBay items on your WordPress site and earn commissions through your eBay Partner Network (ePN) account. If you do not already have a ePN account you must create one in order to use this plugin.

The plugin is reliable, super fast, highly customizable and has no up-front fees. Instead of asking users to pay for the service, 15% of links to eBay will use the Auction Affiliate campaign ID (the tracking code which ties in with your ePN account) This means you have a 85% share of revenue generated by the plugin.

The plugin has two tools for displaying eBay items on your site:

  • Item Lister - display multiple items at once on your page. The listings have their own "Next" and "Previous" buttons so users can navigate through multiple pages of items. How the items are displayed is very customizable
  • Item Banner - display items as interactive banner ads, available in a range of standard banner sizes

The tools can display items by either adding shortcodes ([auction-affiliate tool="lister"] or [auction-affiliate tool="banner"]) within your content editor, or by adding them as widgets to any widgetized area within your theme.

Please refer to the Auction Affiliate WordPress plugin page for full documentation and help.

The following options are available:

Keyword query options

This determines which items are pulled from eBay and ensures links to eBay are credited to you.

  • Item Search Query
  • ePN Campaign ID

Affiliate options

Choose which eBay site your items are pulled from, which eBay site to link to and whether users are shown geo targeted items (items to for eBay sites which match their location)

  • Geographical eBay Site
  • ePN Custom ID
  • Geographical IP Targeting

Item options

Specify item filters based on listing type, condition and price range.

  • Search Title and Description
  • Listing Type
  • Condition Filter
  • Items Per Page
  • Minimum Price
  • Maximum Price

Display options

How many items to display on your page, in which order and how they are styled.

  • Theme
  • Order Items By
  • Display eBay Logo
  • Maximum Output Width
  • Theme Primary Colour
  • Theme Secondary Colour
  • Theme Background Colour

Advanced options

Advanced item options such as category and specific seller filters.

  • Category Include
  • Category Exclude
  • Seller ID
  • Top Rated Sellers Only
  • Free Shipping Only
  • Paypal Accepted Only

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.3
Last Updated: 2015-3-6
Active Installs: 400+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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