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Sometimes you accidentally publish a post or a page on your WordPress that was not intended to go live. Accidental Publishing can be (not in all cases) a problem if you have automated the publishing process further, such as sharing the post to Facebook, Twitter, IFTT or maybe even content sent to email subscribers.
With this plugin, theese things can be avoided. Are You Sure? adds a confirmation dialogue to the Publish button.


Contact me at or at and hopefully I can do something about it.


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Stops You Accidentally Publishing to Feedburner

Matlab Recipes

It does exactly what it says, you just need to realise why you need it.

I once accidentally hit Publish rather than Preview and my draft article was instantly sent out to my Feedburner subscribers.

This plugin will stop that ever happening again.

Thank you so much.

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  • First public version. It works!
  • First version in repository

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