AppPresser – Mobile App Framework


AppPresser helps website builders make iOS/Android mobile apps out of WordPress sites simply and quickly.

AppPresser allows you to use a WordPress site as an app, including access to device features such as the camera, contacts, and more.

This plugin is not an app-creator in itself, it helps connect your app to WordPress. You must create an app with our app builder, then install this plugin on your WordPress site.

What this plugin does:

  • Is the base code for integrating your AppPresser app with your WordPress site
  • Activates AppPresser code and theme when your site is viewed in an app
  • Modifies WP-API requests to add featured image urls, used in the app
  • Adds ajax functionality used in other AppPresser theme and plugins
  • Adds a settings page

How do I use it?

  • Purchase a plan on AppPresser
  • Install and activate this plugin on your WordPress site
  • Follow the instructions in our documentation


  • AppPresser admin options page.


  1. Upload AppPresser to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Navigate to AppPresser settings page to configure


Great Plugin with Worst Support

Plugin works just fine. Really good work, well done team. But support team is the worst I’ve ever seen.

They don’t answer any question clearly. All they say is “you can do it via api-list, wordpress hooks”. Hello, I don’t know how to do those things, this is why I’m asking you “support team”. They are really disrespectful and careless about customers. However price should include support also, right?

Yet, plugin is just great. You just have to know how it works without asking them (documentation is also very poor).

Premium Support kinda Lacks

After paying $500 I expect actual support from the Apppresser team, not some crptic responses. Documentation in not in order, you have to jump from page to page just to find something. I’ve been working with WordPress for years and this kinda confuses me. Documentation confuses me further.

Pricing is ridiculous

I’m sure it works fine, but if your lowest plan is billed at $19/month, paid annually, you’re not going to get very many downloads and it shows with this app. Would be nice to get a free trial to test functionality of anything, but that isn’t an option. Seems like a money grab more than anything. Who needs to make 25 apps? Your first plan is one app and the next is 25? No 3 month plan? Nothing else? Really lame.

Awesome for Agencies

Very profitable for agencies but less so if you only need one app. I love the support which is pretty extensive. Definitely has some improvements to do, but overall a great addition to WordPress community. I would love to see a PWA feature in the not too distant future.

Works as advertised but could do so much more

I have been using Apppresser for quite some time, so I thought that I could now give a fair review.

First this plugin doesn’t do anything without the Apppresser membership. This explains why you will see bad reviews telling you that it doesn’t work. This means unfortunately you cannot test it without purchasing the membership, which I believe is refundable.

The customer support is pretty good overall, the Apppresser team is knowledgeable and usually replies within 24-48h.
The releases are not so frequent, which can means bugs are not fixed very quickly. I wish the product evolution was more dynamic.

The platform works well but could be greatly improved. It’s still lacking of “must have” features if you have logged in users. I personally see it as a “quick” way to build simple mobile apps that integrate with your WordPress content. Some design and development skills are suitable if you really want to customize your app in detail.
You can still build some basic app very quickly without much technical knowledge.

Once the expectations set, I think it’s a good product. It does what it says but as always I just wish it could do more 🙂

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Contributors & Developers

“AppPresser – Mobile App Framework” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • properly format json login error
  • fix missing user_id and token on registration
  • filters and translations for api register
  • register action hooks
  • extend transient for software updates checks to reduce the number of server calls for plugin/theme updates


  • Cookie fix to allow login via browser preview
  • Add action before and after login


  • Reset password with API for better in-app experience
  • Use https for app store.
  • Fix PHP warnings for static functions


  • Add API login and registration for better in-app experience
  • Add CORS access rules to API responses
  • Update language template .pot file


  • Bug fix for older PHP causing syntax error


  • Add Enable CORS admin setting
  • Add myapp_disable_remote_updates hook to allow developers to turn off API calls to for styling updates which are used only during app development and modifications.
  • Extend plugin/theme license checking to two weeks


  • Simplify short reset code
  • Language POT file update
  • Minor bug fix: check curl_version exists


  • Fix missing variable errors


  • Add support for file downloads
  • Additional support for custom post types
  • Add filter hook for login details
  • Fix app theme related bugs
  • Fix EDD naming conflict


  • Fix switch theme bug when using infinite scroll on list pages


  • Support for both login_redirect and logout_redirect hooks including responding with both title and URL
  • Add CURL, Supports OpenSSL to system log
  • Add appp_x_switch_theme hooks to allow developers to add their own logic when to switch the app theme
  • Make infinite scroll to pull the number of posts which is set as default post_per_page amount
  • More content from infinite scroll posts now use templates from the app theme instead of hardcoded markup


  • Add: filter hook for login/logout strings
  • Update EDD plugin/theme updater
  • Fix: properly handle appp_login_redirect filter
  • Fix: URL updates to v3 docs
  • Fix: add success boolean in ajax login response
  • Fix: deprecate safe_mode from system info
  • Fix: update language template apppressser.pot
  • Fix: license tab missing when theme is not installed


  • Make the BuddyPress avatar available to the app if it’s set
  • Add more details to the system info


  • Fix Facebook connect removing app theme cookies
  • Update language .pot template


  • Fix PushWoosh deep linking for Android
  • Add System Info to admin settings
  • Misc. bug fixes


  • Support for WMPL translations in apps
  • Fix Android deep linking for AppPush
  • Parse URL query from infinite scroll


  • Improve infinite scroll
  • Make logout with ajax available
  • Add Avatar to ajax login response
  • Use mobile friendly password reset codes
  • Fix admin styling for checkboxes
  • Bug fixes
  • Update EDD SL


  • Bug fixes to help activating licenses


  • Add back javascript upload settings for v2
  • Remove extensions feed page


  • Big changes for AppPresser 3 AppPresser 3.0
  • Many plugin settings have been deprecated in version 3. If you are still using version 2, settings have been moved, but are still the same. You do not need to make any changes.
  • New settings for version 3: site slug and app ID
  • Integration with WP-API for AppPresser 3


  • Display a message when the getCurrentPosition timesout when getting GPS location
  • Fix notification alert for iOS


  • fix redirect on settings page


  • Fix customizer compatibility issues with WordPress 4.7
  • Add filters for custom login/logout redirects
  • Add class for links to open In-App Browser and close it on pause to force stop audio/video on Android
  • Fix custom links for PushWoosh notifications for Android
  • Fix opening external media on touch events


  • Fix bug for geolocation places
  • Add l10n variables for AppPush
  • Fix displaying HTML in customerizer
  • Fix notification variables changes from PushWoosh plugin


  • Send open/close keyboard events to AppAds
  • Allow externally linked images to open in the In-App browser
  • Send open/close keyboard events to Ion and AppTheme to help fix copy/paste issues with iOS


  • Bug fixes
  • Allow translatable text
  • Show the KeyboardAccessaryBar on iOS
  • Add fb_id param for AppFBConnect
  • Add a custom callback for fb login


  • Add options to IAB
  • Optionally allow external links to not show the app theme, forces a page reload on return
  • Improve logic when using In-App browser for external URLs to decifer relative links, tel: and mail:
  • Fix click events related to the .swiper-container for AppSwiper
  • Read device id whether it is a string or object
  • Make AppAds check each OS separately for existing ad settings
  • Fix expired license message


  • Add the ability to use AdMob ads in the AppAds plugin
  • Bug fix: improve logic of comparing domains when opening the InApp browser


  • Enqueue jQuery to fix missing localized variable ajaxurl for AppTheme and Ion theme


  • Fix events triggering prior to iframe not yet ready
  • Clear iOS badges on app launch
  • Fix iOS bug for URL target for _system when target is IMG
  • Bail AdMob init when no ad codes are set in wp-admin


  • AppGeo bug fix for empty lat and long on checkin


  • Quick start admin settings
  • Verify THEME_SLUG
  • Add external-media class to open URLs using the Google Docs previewer
  • Kill videos on Android pause event


  • fix links with the ‘external’ class that have the same domain as the site to open in the InAppBrowser.


  • fix go back button for Android
  • add filter for Facebook graph fields
  • fix AppPresser_Logger error for multisite
  • remove wp_cron for AppPresser_Logger and use alternate method to turn off logging


  • Give developers the ability to uploads custom js files for the app in the WP Admin
  • Add AJAX login to #loginform modal (requires also updating AppTheme and Ion theme)
  • Add js to recognize css class ‘system’ to set a link’s target to ‘_system’ so links open in Safari or Chrome
  • Fix external links that should open in the In-App Browser
  • Other bug fixes


  • New features to enable offline app capabilities
  • Moves cordova files from the website to the device
  • Bug fixes


  • Include phonegap files for 3.7.0
  • Add 3.7.0 option to admin settings
  • Remove logging from multisite
  • Improve the logic around creating the log file
  • Add an admin nag for log file which each admin can dismiss
  • Fix log file URL
  • Verify backbutton event before calling maybeGoBack
  • Fix typos in readme files


  • Add noGoBackFlag feature to allow any app to stop the mayGoBack function (appbuddy 0.9.9 initially)
  • Fix Android back button when ‘disable dynamic page loading’ is enabled


  • bug fix: Android back button


  • Remove static homepage option from customizer
  • Add option for posts on mobile homepage
  • Standardize text-domains
  • Add logging for debugging and customer support


  • Stop youtube videos on app exit
  • Fix undefined index error
  • Add ajax functions for AppTheme


  • Support for Facebook Connect extension
  • Remove unneeded files


  • fix license activation bug


  • add back missing front page setting


  • fix broken customizer link


  • security fixes


  • Roll back script optimization to fix push notifications and other bugs


  • Fix for splashscreen hide


  • Enhancement: optimize cordova scripts to only load when needed
  • Moved app menu settings to theme customizer exclusively
  • Hide app splashscreen on load
  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fixed annoyance of settings page not returning to the tab you were on when you clicked ‘save.’
  • Enhancement: New filter, “apppresser_sanitize_setting_$key” for registering your own sanitization callback to override AppPresser’s.
  • Enhancement: New filter, “apppresser_field_override_$type” for registering your own field type view callback to override AppPresser’s.
  • Enhancement: Added CMB. Settings API will be re-worked in next versions to use CMB.


  • Bug Fix: App-theme settings were not getting displayed if the theme was not active (despite being set as the App-only theme)


  • Bug Fix: Theme_mod settings would get the non-theme_mod setting warning asterisk if no value had been saved to them yet.
  • Bug Fix: If the “Load AppPresser for Admins Only” setting was not checked, the theme customizer would try to activate the app theme from the customizer.


  • Enable theme customizer for the App-only theme while theme is not active. There is now a link to customize the theme below the select dropdown.


  • Enhancement: New filter apppresser_theme_settings_file that allows you to set the location of your theme’s AppPresser settings registration (so your settings show when the theme is not active). Will fallback to looking for appp-settings.php file in the theme root.
  • Enhancement: New filter apppresser_notifications, allows other plugins/themes to add their own notification count.


  • Enhancement/Bug Fix: Don’t delete license keys and other options if a particular plugin is deactivated at the time of saving.
  • Enhancement/Bug Fix: AppPresser “App only theme” option now works with child themes.
  • Enhancement: Add a apppresser_tab_top_$tab hook to match the apppresser_tab_bottom_$tab hook.

  • Remove “App only theme?” front-end error.


  • Extensions submenu highlighting available for AppPresser add-ons.
  • Addressed some pre-PHP 5.3 notices.
  • Bug Fix: White-screen on the front end if selecting a theme in the “App only theme?” setting that does not support AppPresser. An error will now be shown.
  • Improvement: appp_get_setting() now accepts a fallback option like get_option().


  • Bug Fix: plugins_loaded firing too early causing conflicts with other plugins.
  • Improvement: Check child theme for app-settings.php file as well as parent theme.
  • Improvement: Added method for loading AppPresser theme despite aggressively cached web hosts.


  • Bug Fix: Conflict causing other themes to appear to need an update.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Add theme updater and updater API
  • Better styling for “MP6”


  • Release into the wild!