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Transform your Elementor page building experience with over 90 innovative elements and extensions. Elevate your website builder to the next level by incorporating our user-friendly Elementor widgets and pre-designed templates. Experience the ease of designing stunning WordPress pages and posts like never before. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your website to the next level!

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  • 70+ Free and Premium Widgets
  • Fast Loading
  • Essential WooCommerce Widgets
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Fully Responsive
  • Quality Code
  • Proven Support
  • Enhance Theme


Essential Business Addons

  1. Dual Color Heading – Use dual colors and multiple fancy, custom styles to highlight your headings

  2. Creative Button – Add stunning buttons with customizable text, colors, and CTAs. The Pro Version provides additional effects and features.

  3. Call to Action – Design the Elementor Call To Action buttons in a more attractive and elegant manner

  4. Team – To showcase the entire team.

  5. Testimonial – The modern Testimonials Widget is available with many customization options.

  6. Service – Check out our interactive and customizable service layout, which is available with many options for customization. It’s also draggable for added convenience.

  7. Portfolio – Present portfolio entries in an attractive layout design with various styling options.

  8. Filter gallery -Display your recent photos, company environment, events, etc. The Pro Version offers additional layout and styling functionalities.

  9. Author – Add an informative section about the authors, including images, social proof, and additional styling functionalities.

  10. Author list – To display the author in list format with different layouts.

  11. Image Hotspot – Create image showcases with interactive hotspots that reveal information when hovered over.

  12. Price Table – Present your pricing plans using the Price Table widget in Elementor to showcase them in a stylish table layout.

  13. ** Flip Box** – To display animated Flip Boxes in Elementor and highlight any content on your page, use the Pro Version for extra layout and styling functionalities.

  14. ** Progress Bar ** – Add a progress bar in Elementor with pre-defined skins that can be customized accordingly.

  15. **Content Timeline ** – Create visually appealing chronological lists of events and customize them to fit your style.

  16. Business hours – Experience the convenience of showcasing business hours with a pre-defined layout and enhanced customization and styling features.

  17. Ads Banner – Present your ads and content on your page with a customized layout.

  18. Feature – Displaying the features of a product or the services offered by an agency or business..

  19. Price Menu List – Present your restaurant’s or hotel’s pricing plan with predefined layouts. The Pro Version offers extra layout and styling functionalities.

Essential WooCommerce Addons

  1. **WooCommerce Product slider ** Display WooCommerce products in slider layout.

  2. WooCommerce Product Grid Showcase your WooCommerce products with style using the WooCommerce product grid widget for a stunning and responsive grid layout.

  3. WooCommerceProduct Category Tab Showcase your WooCommerce products in a sleek tabbed layout, categorized for effortless browsing and enhanced user experience.

  4. WooCommerce Product grid with nav Present your WooCommerce products in an engaging, responsive grid layout complete with seamless product navigation.

  5. WooCommerce Mini Cart Add a mini cart icon to your website’s header/menu with Elementor.

  6. [ WooCommerce Cart Page ] Enhance your WooCommerce Cart page effortlessly with the free version of Elementor. Style every element of the product table, buttons, and input fields to create a seamless shopping experience.

  7. [ WooCommerce Checkout Page ] Build attractive WooCommerce Checkout pages

  8. WooCommerce search Add a search form to your website to allow searching for any WooCommerce product or related post

Essential Blog / News / Magazine Addons

  1. Blog Post Blog Posts Widget comes with a modern style, advanced post filtering options, and extra styling features.

  2. Blog Post List Utilize the power of the Blog Post List widget in Elementor to elegantly structure your blog posts in a listed format.

  3. Blog Timeline Create an eye-catching horizontal timeline in Elementor for your posts.

Most Functional & Free modules

  • [Header and Footer Builder]

Essential Premium Business Addons:

  1. Slider (Pro) Transform your images with captivating sliders that drive engagement, conversions, and sales. With adjustable layouts, stunning overlays, versatile styling options, and enhanced typography support, you can showcase your images in a multitude of exciting ways.

  2. Service Carousel (Pro) Experience the dynamic display of services with our slider format featuring a variety of advanced layouts.

  3. Testimonial carousel (Pro) Utilize the responsive touch-enabled slider that cycles through testimonials.

  4. Portfolio carousel (Pro) Showcase products using a dynamic carousel format featuring various layout options.

  5. Image comparison (Pro) Easily create vertical or horizontal image comparisons using this amazing widget with different layouts.

  6. *Team Carousel (Pro)** A wide variety of options for showcasing all team members in a Carousel Format

Essential Premium WooCommerce / WooCommerce Single Page Addons:

  1. Product category slider (Pro) A WooCommerce product category slider is an excellent method for presenting your WooCommerce products by category. You can effectively showcase your WooCommerce products in a stylish and eye-catching manner. Additionally, customers can easily scroll through your WooCommerce products using a WooCommerce product category slider.

  2. Product category Grid (Pro) A WooCommerce product category grid is a excellent method for showcasing your WooCommerce products in a grid format.

  3. Product Title – (Pro)

  4. Product Description- (Pro)

  5. Product Category – (Pro)

  6. Product Tags – (Pro)

  7. Product Image – (Pro)

  8. Product SKU – (Pro)

  9. Product Stock – (Pro)

  10. Product Quantity – (Pro)

  11. Product Buttons – (Pro)

  12. Product Price – (Pro)

  13. Product Details – (Pro)

  14. Product Ratings – (Pro)

  15. Related Product – (Pro)

Essential Premium Blog / News / Magazine Addons:

  1. Blog Carousel (Pro) Eye-catching carousel sliders are perfect for showcasing your posts in various versatile ways.

  2. Featured Blog Post (Pro) Featured Blog Posts Widget features a modern style, advanced post filtering options, and the ability to create post carousels.

  3. Express Blog Post (Pro) The combo widget offers grid and list designs to stylishly present articles.

  4. Blog Post Category list (Pro) Showcase a blog post category with a background overlay, image, and full styling functionalities.

  5. Single category (Pro) Design your blog posts single post category with a diffrent layout and full styling functionalities.

  6. Post Category Tab (Pro) Display your post category data in both vertical and horizontal tabs with a wide range of styling features.

  7. Post Ticker (Pro) The versatile Post / News ticker widget is designed with a wide range of style options to help you elegantly display your latest posts.

  8. Post Tags (Pro)

  9. Related Post(Pro)

PRO Modules in premium Addon version

  • Cross-Domain Copy Paste (PRO)


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