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Easily embed tables and charts of current Altos Research real estate statistics on your website.


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  • Updated to support the WP_Widget() class, in WordPress® 2.8.4+. This provides multi-widget capabilities.
  • Updated to support multi-widget Chart locations; and also transition effects for multi-widget Chart locations.
  • Updated requirements to WordPress® 2.8.4+. Altos Widgets are no longer compatible with back-dated versions of WordPress®.


  • Added support for WordPress® 3.0 wp_loaded.
  • Fully tested in WordPress® 3.0, including with MULTISITE ( i.e. networking ) enabled. Everything looks good.
  • Added support for 2-year/3-year chart timespans.


  • Bug fixed in validate_pai() method. This function now returns null on failure.
  • Support for both file_get_contents(), and a fallback on cURL has been established through a new method, fetch_url_contents(). This makes the plugin compatible with GoDaddy, Dreamhost, and other hosts that disable allow_url_fopen by default.
  • A new administrative notice is displayed on the Plugins Panel whenever pai authentication is non-existent or invalid.


  • Initial release on

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