Allows plugins and themes to be updated using the standard WordPress plugin or theme update process.

When you want to update a custom plugin or theme but don’t have an automated process
then you can use this plugin to allow you to install a new version of a plugin or theme
without having to delete the existing plugin or theme.

Tested with WordPress 4.7 and WordPress MultiSite.


  • Try again after activating the allow-reinstalls plugin
  • Upload succeeds this time.
  • Upload fails when allow-reinstalls is already installed but inactive


Does this work on WordPress MultiSite?

Yes. Use it as a super administrator.

Can I downgrade a plugin or theme?

You’ll be able to do it, but whether or not the system works afterwards depends on the plugin or theme.

Can I leave the plugin active?

No point.

Why doesn’t WordPress allow this anyway?

Safety and security; just in case you overwrite the latest version with a back level.

WordPress expects to receive most of its updates automatically, not via a manual upload process.

Where can I read more?

allow-reinstalls on oik-plugins



  • Changed: The PHPUnit tests in the GitHub version for WordPress 4.7 compatibility. See [github bobbingwide oik-batch issue 16]
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.7


  • Changed: Added PHPUnit tests in the GitHub version [github bobbingwide allow-reinstalls issues 1]
  • Tested: With WordPress 4.6


  • Added: New plugin – to allow oik-weightcountryshipping-pro to be updated using WordPress Plugin Install

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