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With All in One Invite Codes, you can generate Invitation for various uses and purposes.
Create a closed invite-only community, generate special sales for individual customers, or manage your communities with the User Tree and the Code Tree, and track your user’s activities to know them better.

Use Invite Codes in WordPress

Use it for Marketing

Use to reward the loyalty of your customers by giving away product codes from your shop.Perfect for any launch of a community site. Get a great benefit from the snowball effect.The WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and BuddyForms integrations expand this plugin’s capabilities.

Know your user

With the User Tree, you have a visual representation of all the users in your community and who invited who, generating branches of users. With this, you can know, based on their behavior, how are your users and who can be the ones they invite. “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, right?

Security and transparency

With the Invite-Only registration, you can make sure that only the people you want are in your community. With the User Tree and Codes Tree you can track your user’s activities and invites. Starting from here you can implement a reward system where the behaviors you want are rewarded and the unwanted are corrected. Ban, silence, suspend, or warn any misbehavior and track the Tree Branch they are part of so you know who invites the problematic users.

The User Tree can be partially visible for all the users to know who invited who in the community in the event of a good or a bad event.

Keep your users away from fake news, hate speech, illegal activities, or any either kind of unwanted behavior.



All In One Invite Codes plugin is in constant growth based on the feedback the community of users gives us in the support channel.


We have a great capacity to support all your doubts on installing, implementing, and on any of your projects. Our developers work hard to answer all our customer’s questions, doubts, features requests, and everything, really.


Our already extensive documentation available for everyone is always growing in size and deep, so you can help yourself when you have a doubt or any blockage in your development way.

Documentation here: https://docs.themekraft.com/collection/679-all-in-one-invite-codes

Hotline Bling

With the ClubHouse excitement, everyone wants to be a part of an Invite Only community, where your users can interact with people knowing they are alike.

Addons Expandable

With the expansion, our add-ons offer you can use All In One Invite Codes in many different ways like in the checkout of WooCommerce, on the BuddyPress registration page, and integrate it with the profile page, and with any form from BuddyForms. This generates a whole new universe of capabilities, opportunities, and possibilities.


Sell Products to invitation only. Ideal for a product release if you want to limit the user access at the beginning or get a social snowball effect by limiting the access to invite-only.You can use the Invite Codes for the WooCommerce checkout so you can giveaway products and offer customized sales to individual customers.


Use Invite Codes in any BuddyForms form and limit Contact, Registration, and Post Forms for users with an Invite Code. A perfect tool to allow “User Generated Content” on your site for people with an Invite Code only.


Integrates the Invite Codes with the BuddyPress plugin so you can use its registration page and allow your users to manage their invite codes from the BuddyPress profile page.


Add-ons coming soon

MyCred IntegrationGive your users credit for their used coupon codes or if they invite their friends. We build some nice roles so you can increase the engagement of your users to invite others by giving them points


You create the first bunch of invite codes and define how many new Invite Codes get created for a new user. Also, no new invite codes are possible if you want to only invite people without letting them invite their friends. In case you allow your users to invite their friends. The new user gets a list of invite codes and can buy himself invite others. If the friend registers with the invite code, he will again get new invite codes generated and so on. With this technique, you can quickly build a user base of one particular user type.

Display the invite codes to invite others in any Page or BuddyPress Profile

Let your users write a custom invite message or use a predefined message

Use Cases

  • Make your site launch more attractive

  • Keep your member flow transparent

  • Create a homogeneous user base

  • Use for Marketing to generate a Snowball effect.

  • Invite people to write on your site

What should we do next?

Please answer this short survey so we know what the future of the plugin should look like!



Install like any other WordPress plugin.
Upload the entire folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Have fun!


Can I create invite codes for one specific eMail Address?

  • Yes

Can I define how many new Codes get created for each new user?

  • Yes

Can I use this out of the box with the WordPress Registration

  • Yes


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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress All in One Invite Codes from ThemeKraft” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.9 – 8 Mar 2021

  • Added new feature to trace start to end of the invite codes information.
  • Added shortcode to tracker who invited user from Front-end.
  • Tested up with WordPress 5.7

1.0.8 – 26 Jan 2021

  • Added first styles

1.0.7 – 28 Dec 2020

  • Added new filter all_in_one_invite_code_custom_email to allow developers email modifications.

1.0.6 – 14 Sept 2020

  • Update the minimum wordpress version.
  • Update the minimum wordpress version.

1.0.5 – 28 April. 2020

  • Fixed case sensitive email validation
  • Fixed email template and registration link
  • Updated the language files.
  • Fixed send email when create invite code
  • Fixed Add the front end assets to the all_in_one_invite_codes_list_codes_by_user shortcode
  • Created invite code from profile
  • Added the localization files.
  • Added victor as contributor of the plugin

1.0.4 – 29 Jan. 2020

  • Fixed several smaller issues reported by users.
  • Update to the latest Freemius SDK

1.0.3 beta – 08 Jul. 2019

  • Set the invite code to active if created
  • Fixed some js issues.
  • Moved the js from the shortcode into the front js file
  • Added a new admin option pages for the tree view and statistics
  • Added new function to update the invite code after registration
  • fixed an issue with the avatar in the user statistics
  • Added the invite code as title
  • Merged functions and clean up the code
  • Fixed a issue with the invite code disable ajax

1.0.2 beta – 26 Jun. 2019

  • Fixed a validation issue in the invite codes validation on the server site

1.0.1 beta – 24 Jun. 2019

  • Added front js
  • Fixed the invite code link in the email
  • Fixed some issues in the shortcode to display user invite codes
  • Changed the message text
  • Added a new status “Active” to the invite code
  • remove print_r outputs from the settings pag

1.0 beta 1 – 14 Jun. 2019

  • First BETA version