AIO Forms – Your #1 companion for those difficult forms


Do you want to create a complex form? and with that i mean a form with many calculations, conditions and weird behaviors? If so you are in the right place. this plugin whole objetive is to conquer those difficult forms so you have an easy time creating them and without coding a thing.

Here’s how we help you beat down those complex forms

40 Fields at your disposal (and we’re just talking about the free version, the full version has even more!)

To cook something you need tools and the more tools you have the more dishes you can prepare. Well, for a form builder the fields are like your tools that’s why we give you +40 fields and that’s only the free version (the full version has even more!). And we keep creating more fields constantly. Didn’t find the field you needed? Just let us know and we will create it for you.

An spectacular calculation builder that you’ll love (and yes all this is also available in the free version)

Creating complex form can be frustrating. The problem is that you can fit all the form builder in one of these three categories:

  • They offer very basic calculation support: They can just sum up some specific “payment” fields.
  • They offer a very limited calculation builder: You can do some basic operations (addition, multiplication etc) and if you are lucky maybe even some basic conditions
  • They straight up require you to become a developer: They support everything that you are able to code yourself. For example, do you want to change the minimum value of a numeric field depending on a calculation? Be ready to learn how to listen to the change events of the field so you can change the attribute manually.

That’s why we crafted this plugin from the ground up to make the creation of calculations as easy as possible, here are the main benefits you will find by using this plugin:

  • You can use any field to create a calculation: Do you want to use the repeater or survey field to calculate a quiz result? Sure go ahead. What about using the google maps field to calculate the distance between two points then calculate a price? Yes, that can be done too. Date pickers, group panels every field can be used AND you don’t need to learn to code.
  • You can use calculations to customize your fields too: For example, you could use a calculation to define the minimum date of a date picker or to set the text of a html or text box.
  • Smart calculation builder: The plugin will accompany you while you are creating your calculation and will inform you of any issue and even give you suggestions for an easy stress-free time in creating calculations.
  • And more: Like calculations inside conditions, functions and (if you are a developer) a complete javascript and php api.

The full version has even more ways to help you in creating calculations so don’t forget to check the full version features.

A conditional logic for all your needs

All other plugin has conditional logic to show and hide fields but once you want to do something more complex, lets say changing the price of the options of a dropdown conditionally, you will need to use your javascript expert hat or hire a developer to do that. With AIO Forms this is not needed as every field has it’s own set of conditions so you have an easy time creating your forms.

A sophisticated style designer

You can create a professional looking form with your own colors and styles without coding a thing using the style designer.

Technical details

Want to see some demos or try the plugin without actually installing it? Click here

In detail, what is included

A bunch of fields at your disposal

  • Text Box: Add one line of text.
  • Multiple Box: Add multiple lines of text.
  • Radio: Select from a list using radio buttons.
  • Checkbox: Select one or many options from a list.
  • Dropdown: Select from a list using a dropdown.
  • Single Label: Add additional text to the form.
  • Divider: Separate the extra product fields in sections.
  • Datepicker: Select a date from a calendar.
  • Daterange: Added to display a start and end date picker
  • Masked Field: Allow to input text in a predefined format.
  • Color Picker: Select a color form a dropdown.
  • Slider: Slider control.
  • Button Selector: Select from a list of options.
  • Switch: Turn on/off control.
  • **Simple Text: A field that let you add formatted text with your form (excellent for displaying instructions).
  • Signature: Signature control.
  • Recaptcha: Use a recaptcha to protect agains bots
  • Action Button: Added to create a custom button that can submit or clear the form
  • Color Swatcher: Select from a list of colors.
  • Term of Service: Add a term of service checkbox.
  • Textual Image: Dynamically add text to an image.
  • List: Add a list that can be increased or decreased by the user.
  • Group Panel: Create sub sections and display a sub total in each of them.
  • Repeter: Create a list of fields that can be repeater with a buttons.
  • File Upload: Upload files.
  • Hidden: Hidden field that is not visible by the user but can be seen in the entries screen or email.
  • Image Picker: Select one or many items from a list of images.
  • Slider: Select from a range of numbers using an slider
  • Survey: Create a survey table.
  • HTML: Add a custom html code.
  • Address: Create an address field.
  • Email: Create an email field.
  • Image: Adds an image to your form.
  • Name: Create a name field.
  • Numeric: Add a box that support only numbers.
  • Total: Show the total amount of your form.
  • Float: Add a floating panel.
  • Google Maps
  • Chained Select
  • Rating
  • Multiple Steps: Split long forms into steps making them easier to fill

Conditional logic

Do stuff like hiding fields, change the option price or make a field invalid depending on conditions


Do arithmetical operations like summing and multiplying fields to calculate a value.

You can even use formulas to create conditions and do neat stuffs like (just to give an example) making a field invalid if the number of days between two dates is less than 10.

Robust price calculation system

One of the most frequent uses of a form is to calculate a price, this is use in a lot of different forms like order forms, inquiry forms, donation forms etc. The plugin is prepared to handle this kind of situations and it has a lot of features to make it easy for you to create them.


Are you a developer? if so you will be pleased to know that you can use both our javascript and php api to manipulate the form and its entries by code.

Other features

  • QRCode Support: Add customized qr codes to your emails and confirmation messages
  • Advance emailing: You can not only create a fully customized email but you can also use advance features in it like adding a qr code or include a section only when a condition is met.

Premium Extensions

Our free version is great but our full version is the absolute best (and has more features that any other form builder!), here are some of its features:
* Full Entries screen: View, export to csv or edit the previously submitted entries
* Paypal: Accept payments with paypal
* Stripe: Accept payments with stripe
* PDF: Create pdfs using the entry information and attach it to the emails
* Pages: Create pages using the entry information
* Attachments: Attach uploaded files within the emails sent.
* Auto Save: Save the filled information so the user can continue filling the form later
* Confirmation: Add a review/confirmation page before submitting
* Register users: Create a user account on your site when a form is submitted
* Google Sheets: Send the form information to a google sheet
* Lookup fields: Create a field that can be filled with information from another form Check tutorial.
* Product fields: Create a list of products that your user can pick from Demo
* Appointments: Let your user select a time from a list of available slots Demo
* Input Table***: A table with fillable boxes Demo
* **Collapsible
: A field container that can be collapsed Demo
* Currency: A field that can format a number as a currency or any other format Demo
* Popup: A field that can show a popup when the user clicks on it Demo
* Autocomplete: A field that can autocomplete the user input using a list of values Demo
* Automation: Execute custom actions (like sending an email or updating an entry) when an action is performed Tutorial
* Custom DropDown: A dropdown with a custom formatting Demo

Form Templates

You can view and download the form templates Here

Printing Order Form: A form that calculate a price depending on the number of characters to print
Change order form: A form used to request changes in a project
Order form: Form used to purchase products, you can select one than one product and quantity
Lab requisition form: Form used for lab requisitions, it can be signed and has term of service that need to be agreed by the user
Research Consent Form: A consent form with signature and term of services
Employee Evaluation Form: An evaluation form with a dynamic date and survey field
Simple Personnel Action Form: Form for managing employee actions, used for hr
Patient Intake Form: Used to manage patient details
Multiple Steps Contact Form: Contact form with multiple steps
Contact Form With Term Of Service: A basic contact form with term of service and sign up to newsletter
Repeatable form: A example form that uses the repeater field
Multiple Step Form: Example form with multiple steps
Basic Contact Form: A simple contact form
Conversational forms: Create forms that display one field at a time and the user can navigate between them. This increase user engagement and submission rate. Check Demo

Recent Tutorials

Creating an approval Workflow
Getting Values from url
Using formulas to calculate a price
Using formulas in field settings
Learn how to use formulas to do stuffs like setting the text of a field or changing the minimum date of a date picker



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  • AIO Forms - Your #1 companion for those difficult forms


September 20, 2023
Works perfect and I love how you could customize the email answers
September 14, 2023
Very good, even in the free version, it's top notch, I've just done the French translation, it may not be 100% good, I hope it'll be integrated soon.
September 14, 2023
Very happy with this form builder, it has all the facilities you need. An excellent choice for anyone who previously used the old Caldara Forms
August 17, 2023
This is one of the best forms software out there. We use a lot of forms on our website and AIO Forms meets all of our needs. Customer Service is also top notch! Any and all issues have been resolved quickly! Highly recommended!
July 13, 2023 1 reply
Unless you're trying to do something really weird, this is the form plugin you need. Almost every input field type you could want, conditional logic right out of the gate, and you cannot beat the price. This is gonna get some use!
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Contributors & Developers

“AIO Forms – Your #1 companion for those difficult forms” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



All in one forms 1.2.124

  • Fixed issue with restrictions
  • Added support for conditional formulas

All in one forms 1.2.123

  • Changed review message

All in one forms 1.2.122

  • Added copy/paste feature
  • Fixed issue with formulas used in conditional logics

All in one forms 1.2.121

  • Fixed issues with the custom dropdown

All in one forms 1.2.120

  • Preparing the style generator to support the upcoming custom dropdown field

All in one forms 1.2.119

  • Changes to the repeater and group panel field so they support more features in the woocommerce add on

All in one forms 1.2.118

  • Fixed issue with edit and preview actions of the aio forms list

All in one forms 1.2.117

  • Modified the license box to mask it

All in one forms 1.2.116

  • Fixed issue with input table

All in one forms 1.2.115

  • Added feature to include an image in each step

All in one forms 1.2.114

  • Added input table

All in one forms 1.2.113

  • Fixed issue with image picker
  • Fixed issue with restricted condition

All in one forms 1.2.111

  • Introducing behaviors, a new way to customize the fields

All in one forms 1.2.110

  • Added support to fonts in simple texts

All in one forms 1.2.109

  • Added and option to include post id in the shortcode formula

All in one forms 1.2.108

  • Fixed issue with switch field

All in one forms 1.2.107

  • Fixed styling issues

All in one forms 1.2.106

  • Added redirect after confirmation setting

All in one forms 1.2.105

  • Allowing to add coma separated emails in a text field
  • Changed plugin logo and banner to an Schnauzers mascot (because it is a more appealing logo and i love schnauzers)

All in one forms 1.2.104

  • Added feature to be able to style rows and the form
  • Added feature to add background images and background gradient to field, rows and form.

All in one forms 1.2.103

  • Fixed issue with switch condition

All in one forms 1.2.102

  • Fixed issue with changing color of email text
  • Added feature to set a font size to the textual properties

All in one forms 1.2.101

  • Internal changes to support some workflow features

All in one forms 1.2.100

  • Fixed issue with the entries api

All in one forms 1.2.99

  • Added formula function to get values from the url

All in one forms 1.2.98

  • Fixed issue with cloning group fields
  • Added support for field templates

All in one forms 1.2.96

  • Included little version of the entries screen

All in one forms 1.2.95

  • Fixed compatibility issues with php 8.0

All in one forms 1.2.94

  • Preparing the plugin to support formulas in lookup fields

All in one forms 1.2.93

  • New feature: setting a field as required depending on a condition

All in one forms 1.2.92

  • Added user role information to conditional logic configuration

All in one forms 1.2.91

  • Added more options to the server side api

All in one forms 1.2.90

  • Fixed issue displaying user information in emails

All in one forms 1.2.89

  • Added support for pop up field

All in one forms 1.2.88

  • Fixed compatibility issue with stripe add on

All in one forms 1.2.87

  • Fixed issue with the condition “change options depending on a condition”

All in one forms 1.2.86

  • Internal changes to support the new Collapsible Group Field

All in one forms 1.2.85

  • Fixed issue in show/hide logic using fields in a group panel
  • Fixed issue with repeater fields not showing up in formulas

All in one forms 1.2.84

  • Added formula support for min and max value of numeric field

All in one forms 1.2.83

  • Fixed issue with subject field

All in one forms 1.2.82

  • Fixed issue with translation of months
  • Fixed emailing issue

All in one forms 1.2.80

  • Fixed issue with address field
  • Added support to product fields

All in one forms 1.2.79

  • Fixed issue with option condition

All in one forms 1.2.78

  • Added support for repeaters in lookup fields

All in one forms 1.2.75

  • Added material theme

All in one forms 1.2.74

  • Added qr code support to email and confirmation message

All in one forms 1.2.73

  • Fixed issue with conditional logic using fields inside a group field

All in one forms 1.2.72

  • Added formula support to datepicker conditions
  • Minor fixes to how the signature field is displayed
  • Internal changes to support new features in the pdf builder and page builder

All in one forms 1.2.68

  • Updating the formula logic to support lookup fields

All in one forms 1.2.67

  • Fixed issue with file upload field

All in one forms 1.2.66

  • Fixed issue with hard breaks.

All in one forms 1.2.65

  • Fixed issue with translation file

All in one forms 1.2.62

  • Added chained select field

All in one forms 1.2.61

  • Fixed issue with repeater field in csv export and entries screen

All in one forms 1.2.60

  • Fixed issue with compatibility with the entries screen

All in one forms 1.2.59

  • Fixed issue with name field

All in one forms 1.2.58

  • Website field

All in one forms 1.2.57

  • Fixed issues and added new hooks

All in one forms 1.2.53

  • Fixed issue with autosave add on

All in one forms 1.2.52

  • Fixing bugs in the form generation.

All in one forms 1.2.48

  • Added smart tags for user meta

All in one forms 1.2.47

  • Added properties to the address field so each item (liket address,state,country etc) can be accessed individually in a formula

All in one forms 1.2.46

  • Added bulk create options to multiple items fields (like dropdowns, checkboxes etc).

All in one forms 1.2.43

  • Fixed issue with required address field

All in one forms 1.2.43

  • Fixed issue in form submission

All in one forms 1.2.42

  • Fixed issue with translations
  • Added logging to the emailing process
  • Added first day of week setting to date picker and date range

All in one forms 1.2.39

  • Fixed issue with settings screen

All in one forms 1.2.37

  • Fixed issues with repeater field

All in one forms 1.2.36

  • Added tutorial for pricing settings
  • Added documentation for using formulas in your form

All in one forms 1.2.35

  • Fixed issue with formula designer

All in one forms 1.2.34

  • Making paragraph field to calculate price on input instead of blur

All in one forms 1.2.33

  • Fix issue with price per word and price per char calculators

All in one forms 1.2.30

  • Fixed issue with formulas in numeric field
  • Make designer scroll to added fields if needed

All in one forms 1.2.31

  • Fixed issue with tooltip

All in one forms 1.2.29

  • Making inline editor edit the first label of each field by default

All in one forms 1.2.28

  • Improved Inline Edition

All in one forms 1.2.25

  • Added inline edition

All in one forms 1.2.24

  • Added search field box

All in one forms 1.2.22

  • Fixed issue with conditional logic

All in one forms 1.2.21

  • Added Entries Screen

All in one forms 1.2.20

  • Fixed issue with multiple steps form