WordPress Restaurant Bookings Plugin: Alex Reservations


Alex Reservations is an easy-to-use WordPress restaurant reservations platform plugin.
It will streamline your entire booking process and will save time for both the restaurant and the customer.

Benefits of using a reservations system

Increased Efficiency: You can automate the reservation process, streamlining the entire process and saving time for both the restaurant and the customer.

Improved Organization: You can easily manage your bookings and keep track of who has made a reservation, when, and for how many people. This helps to eliminate double bookings and keep tabs on customer preferences.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers can easily view available times, make reservations, and receive reminders or notifications when their booking is confirmed. This makes the process much easier and more efficient for both the customer and the restaurant.

Increased Revenue: The plugin can help increase revenue by ensuring that your restaurant is never overbooked. This will help to maximize efficiency and ensure that customers are happy with their experience.

Improved Brand Image: Using a restaurant reservations platform can help to build a better brand image for the restaurant. Customers will appreciate the convenience, organization, and improved customer service that comes with using a platform like this.

Features included with the Alex Reservations Free Edition for restaurant reservations:

  • Bookings List View — Manage the daily list of reservations and create/update them from the same list. Filter them by customer, tags or status.
  • Monthly View — General view of monthly reservations. Add or update reservations directly in the view.
  • Weekly View — Jump from the monthly view to the weekly view. Show a list of daily reservations per column/day.
  • Customers List View — Easy CRM solution for customers. Filter them by tags, last reservation or number of reservations.
  • Custom Tags — Create tags for managing bookings and use them for filtering. Tag customers to know their wine preferences, identify VIP customers or know their food alergies.
  • Manage Shifts — Create multiple shifts for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Email Templates — Customer your notifications to customers.
  • Custom Widget — Multi language front widget. Mobile friendly. Customize colors and the input fields required to the customer.

Features included with the Alex Reservations Paid PRO Edition for restaurant reservations:

  • Multiple Restaurants — With a central dashboard for adding and editing restaurants. Add a custom dashboard for accessing reservations for every restaurant.
  • User Roles — Granular access to each dashboard. Control who can create reservations, manage customer tags and design the floor plan with the tables.
  • Multiple Users — A single user can manage from one to multiple restaurants, and can have different roles/permissions on each one of them.
  • Floor Plan View — Assign customers to tables, create new bookings, view next reservations and manage wait lists. All from a floor plan view.
  • Timeline View — Use this view to have a global perspective of all reservations with assigned tables.
  • Tables Editor — With a powerful drag and drop floor plan builder, you can create several areas for each restaurant.
  • Manage Events — Apart from the usual schedules you can create special events such as Mother’s day, Christmas Day, Live Music day, etc.
  • Multiple Widgets — Manage different widgets for Shifts and Events, for the week or for the weekends. You can also use only one widget for everything.
  • Export Bookings — Export in CSV format or print the list in PDF.
  • Export Customers — Export in CSV format or print the list in PDF.
  • Email Logo — Add your restaurant logo with a custom header and footer for all emails sent to your customers.
  • Customers Reviews — Ask for a review after the customer has finished his experience.
  • Reports — Nice reports for bookings, customers and reviews.

Getting Started with the WordPress Restaurant Reservations plugin is Easy

Use the built-in Setup Wizard to create your first Restaurant in under 5 minutes.
Next, just embed the reservations widget on your site using the widget shortcode [rr_form id='__' button='Book now'].

Who This Reservation System is For

  • Single restaurants — Restaurant owners can use this system for managing their reservations and tables.
  • Multiple restaurants — Manage from one dashboard several locations.
  • WordPress agencies — Create your own platform for reservations managing many restaurants.


  • The Restaurants Dashboard When You First Open The Plugin. The Setup Wizard.
  • List Of Daily Bookings.
  • Floor Plan With Daily Bookings.
  • Monthly View.
  • Weekly View.
  • View With List Of Customers.
  • Reports View.
  • Reports View.
  • Roles Editor View.
  • Floor Plan Designer.
  • Settings. View For Editing Schedulers.
  • Settings. Email Templates.
  • Settings. Tags For Bookings.
  • Front Reservation Form.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire /alex-reservations directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Alex Reservations through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

After Installing

  1. You’ll see a new item on the left-hand menu called ‘Reservations’. Click that to get started.
  2. Our start-up wizard will walk you through the basic settings and setting up your first restaurant.
  3. From the restaurant dashboard go to Settings -> Widget -> Form. Copy the shortcode..
  4. You may use the [rr_form id='__' button='Reserve'] shortcode on any post or page to add a reservations widget form for your customers. Just put the correct ID widget in the shortcode.

For more details, please see our detailed documentation.


How do I show the reservations form?

Embed the shortcode of the widget on your WordPress pages or posts. You can paste the shortcode from the widget editor. Settings > Widget > Form.

Where can I read the documentation?

The full documentation is available at our website.

How are bookings assigned?

The system will manage bookings depending on the seats available for every shift. The scheduler can manage seats in 4 ways:

  • Total seats
  • Seats for each slot
  • From all available seats
  • From specific tables

Can I manage events?

Yes, apart from the usual shifts, specific events can be scheduled.

Can I manage multiple restaurants?

With the free version you can manage 1 restaurants.
With the PRO version you can manage many restaurants.

Can each restaurant manage its own dashboard?

Yes, each one has its own dashboard with all the views.

Do I need a WordPress multisite?

You don’t need to use a multisite WP environment. Each restaurant has its own dashboard and they don’t need to access the WP admin dashboard.
Use a WP multisite if you want to manage subdomains with several pages for each restaurant:




Use a WP single site if you don’t need to manage subdomains and you can manage regular WP pages:




Can I define different roles for the restaurant?

Yes, you can manage three different roles, each one can have different permissions: Super-manager, Manager and Sub-Manager.

Does it provide a custom login page?

The PRO version has a custom login page that can be used for accessing the restaurant dashboard without going to the WP admin dashboard.


March 14, 2023
This is an excellent tool for managing restaurant reservations. Full of features and perfect for managing multiple sites.We're implementing this tool for a five location restaurant with a team of managers (floor/duty) on each location, and they love the access management levels and floorplan booking management. The interface is very clear and keeps WP dashboard hidden so the team can focus on managing reservations without the need to navigate through WP.Well done to the dev team that has been keen on helping get everything up and running. Definitely recommended!
March 13, 2023
I was using the Quick Reservations plugin with my clients but this one is much better. Reservations can now be assigned on a table plan and the dashboard is very intuitive. The best thing is that you can manage different schedules and organize events separately.
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Contributors & Developers

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  • New setting for time format


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  • Adjusted namespaces


  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added calendar button


  • Added closed days


  • First release.