This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Provides a simple chat system integrated into your blog. It adds a bar with a height of 20 pixels
across the bottom of the browser’s viewport. The div for the bar is position:fixed. This means that older browsers,
Internet Explorer 6, for instance, may not display the bar at all. I may create a work-around for IE6 in the future.
This plug-in is in the early stages of development (as of 2010-06-01). Any ideas/suggestions/bugs can be submitted to me


  • A view of the integrated chat bar with chat window closed.
  • And with chat window open.
  • Version 0.5.0
  • Chat box "popped out"


  1. Upload ajaxchat directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


The bottom bar doesn’t show up at all!

I’ve run into this problem with people using themes that don’t properly call wp_footer(); in their footer.php
Please ensure you have this line in footer.php in your wp-content/themes/whatever/footer.php file:

The bottom bar shows up, but I click on the Chat button and nothing happens.

This is usually some sort of JavaScript error, ensure your theme has <?php wp_head(); ?> in it’s wp-content/themes/whatever/header.php` file.

Is Internet Explorer 6 Supported?


Such & such doesn’t work

Email me!

It complains that it can’t find wp-config.php

AjaxChat searches for your wp-config.php by looking three directories up. So, if you put AjaxChat in /var/www/wp/wp-content/plugins/ajaxchat, it will look in /var/www/wp for wp-config.php. If it’s not finding it try to put ajaxchat under wp-content/plugins/ or change any references to wp-config.php by hand.

Contributors & Developers

“AjaxChat” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Bugfix: Don’t assume default timezone. That’s rude.


  • Bugfix: check for weird issue where ajaxchat_ping.php returns “0”


  • Bugfix: remove any assumptions about short_open_tags


  • Bugfix: broken reference to myName variable.


  • Bugfix: lacking brace in JS file anonymous function.


  • Change silly aliases for jQuery. Map jQuery to $ inside anonymous function.


  • Refactored javascript mess. It’s still pretty messy but I’ve started cleaning it up. A lot of this old code is ready for a refactor.


  • Updated to use display name when logged in rather than username as per user suggestion.


  • Added ‘pop out’ feature to position the chat window anywhere in your viewport.
  • Added position tracking so the window stays in the same place even upon new page load.


  • Minor change to fix bottom offset of ac_window when ajaxIM div is larger than expected.
  • Change z-index of ac_window to overcome greedy images and such.


  • Couple of minor changes to make it work with the latest version.


  • Previous bugfix for headers already sent did not work, this one should.
  • Suppress errors when sending headers, this was causing js/css to be parsed incorrectly.
  • Output buffering to send the headers at the appropriate time, IE: the beginning. 😉


  • Bugfix for ‘headers already sent’ error.
  • Reintroduced online count


  • Did away with wordpress database calls in ajaxchat_ping.php, improved db performance.
  • Cut down on tx/rx
  • Lots of little efficiency/speed improvements improvements


  • Fixed CSS issue with default theme for WP 3.0


  • Fixed foreign character issues.
  • Use POST when sending messages instead of GET


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added options for setting AjaxChat colors


  • Added a blinking bar notification when the chat window is closed and new messages are received.
  • Remember window state when moving around blog, ie (open/closed)
  • More efficient use of bandwidth. Only fetch new messages, not all messages every second.


  • Changed versioning scheme, apparently wordpress didn’t like the previous one.
  • Couple of bug fixes. Going to try to keep new features in trunk/ and keep the releases stable.


  • Sanitize user input for SQL statements using wpdb::prepare
  • Do error reporting on failed name change
  • If user is logged into wordpress, use their display name as their nickname


  • Added <?php tags instead of short_tags ‘<?’ for people with out short_open_tags=on
  • Added compatibility for wordpress installations that are not in the root of the domain.


  • First version, just beginning so take it easy on me 🙂