ai12z Website AI Assistants


AI website digital assistants to answer your site visitors’ questions and guide them to their desired outcome.


Answer site visitors’ questions about your company, products, and services using a responsive chatbot.

Site visitors often encounter chatbots on websites that either fail to understand their questions or require them to wait for a live service agent. With our solution, you can quickly deploy a chatbot on your website that actually works.

  • Image Responses: See images in the chatbot’s replies or upload an image through our Image AI.

  • Ratings Data: Rate answers with thumbs up or thumbs down, providing valuable data and analytics so site owners can improve content.

  • Follow-up Questions: Ask follow-up questions where the chatbot understands the chat context.

We combine your organization’s content with a large language model’s reasoning engine so a chatbot will understand what the user is asking. Use the ai12z WordPress plugin to connect your content, and upload any additional content you may have (PDFs, Documents, PowerPoints, etc.) to our platform, enabling the chatbot to respond accurately to user inquiries without having to do extensive work.


Transform your website’s search experience with detailed summaries in response to search queries, shown above traditional link lists.

  • Detailed Summaries: Provide summaries with reference links to webpages for further exploration.

  • Smart Placement: Display summaries above search results or in a knowledge box.

  • Natural Language Processing: Utilize natural language processing to surpass basic keyword searches. Autocomplete offers quick suggestions for a smoother user experience.


Enhance your site visitors’ journey with digital assistants that offer guidance, product recommendations, and assistance in completing actions like purchases or bookings.

Our agent toolkit allows digital assistants to connect to third-party systems to access real-time data.

Agents now available out-of-the-box and their functions:

  • Google Search and Web Scraping Agent: Searches the web, retrieves, and summarizes content directly relevant to user queries.

  • Math Agent: Performs calculations as requested.

  • Stock Agent: Retrieves up-to-date stock information.

  • Weather Agent: Provides current weather forecasts and updates.

  • Email Agent: Manages sending emails.

  • Date / Time Agent: Provides date and time information.

  • CRM Integration (Salesforce, HubSpot): Accesses customer data to personalize interactions and responses.

  • Google Maps (Directions) and Google Places Agent: Offers directions with a Google Map

  • And more!

Every website can benefit from an AI digital assistant that enhances user experience and drives engagement. For instance, a travel and hospitality website can use this copilot digital assistant as a digital concierge, an education or university website can employ it as an admission representative, and an entertainment or performing arts website can utilize it as a booking assistant.


  • Chatbot
  • Semantic Search
  • Digital Assistants


  1. Install the ai12z AI Copilot plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at ap-content/plugins.
  2. Activate the ai12z AI Copilot plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the plugin
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How do I get started?

You can signup for a free trial

Where can I find a connector or project id?

*These IDs are provided by ai12z and can be found on the ai12z portal.
*Enter these IDs in the respective fields on the configuration screen.


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