Advocate Marketing Software


Heads up! Portions of this plugin require a paid http://SwiftCloud.IO account to be of use.

Some of the basic functions of this plugin are free.

This system will… (free features)

  1. Easily generate customer satisfaction surveys in a variety of styles
  2. For happy customers, easily add one-click sharing of that review to help word spread
  3. For unhappy customers, open a trouble ticket in SwiftTasks / SwiftHelpDesk so you can try to make it right
  4. See some basic reporting and rolling averages

Paid features…

  1. More options on everything – anonymous forms, more styles,
  2. Viral Marketing software. Each shared review has a tracking URL so you can see top influencers and ambassadors
  3. Referrals and automation to both referrer and referrals of sequences using SwiftCloud’s MAGNET autoresponders
  4. Optionally add a Photo / Video contest for users to, say, tag you in an instagram photo to win a prize, or upload a video testimonial which you can use in marketing
  5. More advanced options for publishing reviews i.e. certain categories only (i.e. for a specific help agent, specific franchise location, etc.)

Enterprise Options

  1. Scheduled Purging (for site performance & large scale data, as well as medical HIPAA data handling rules)
  2. Variable Rolling Averages, or time-window based averages i.e. 90 day average or last 30 votes averages.
  3. API to track nonresponders – a non-response score varies by organization but is usually somewhere “passive” or lower. By tracking non-responders with those who do, you’ll have more accurate insight into real-world stats.
  4. Scheduled Reporting – automatically receive a PDF, with recipient specific to category i.e. for multiple locations or varied stakeholders
  5. Repeat-Reviewer Trend Tracking – auto-merging repeat reviewers to compare history
  6. SMS Conversational Reviews unified with your web and/or phone stats
  7. Twilio Phone API for Voice-based reviewing unified with your web stats



  1. Enable the plugin
  2. Create an account


Installation Instructions
  1. Enable the plugin
  2. Create an account


Powerful – yes, I’m biased

We wrote this, so of course I’m biased – but we’re aiming for 100%.

Note this is part of a paid software system to manage customer feedback, however, if you don’t need the automation, you can use the plugin for free and still get tremendous value.

For anyone who does have any issues, please let us know at http://Support.SwiftCloud.IO and we’ll get right back to you.

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Contributors & Developers

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  • Updated deactive and uninstall hook


  • UI Improvements


  • Added Widget position feature


  • Bug fixing


  • Added GMT Timezone in swift form.


  • Added shortcode [swift_review_refer_to_friend]


  • Added dashboard with RSS feeds.


  • Added option meh in Yes/No rating style.
  • UI changes.


  • Allow anonymous reviews.


  • UI changes.


  • Added new rating type.


  • UI changes.


  • Basic setup.