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Advanced WP Columns plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface, without any short codes. Responsive layout is also supported.

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  • At this photo you can see default WordPress editor, with one new icon in toolbar which represent this 'Advanced WP Columns' plugin.
  • This photo represent the Advanced WP Columns Manager window. There you can create custom number of columns. For each of them you can specify the column size and position by simple drag and drop options on user interface, without any short codes or similar stuff.
  • At this photo you can see how your content will looks like. As you can see, even in the editor you have a preview of your columns content. If you put the caret inside some of that columns, or select some content there, you will notice that icon has been changed, so if you click again on it, 'Advanced WP Columns Manager' window will be opened, but in edit mode (with previously entered content) which you can modify and save again.
  • As you can see this is how your post or page will looks like after you publish it.
  • This plugin have few options that you can set to make it more friendly with your theme. You can navigate to that options from yours 'Settings' menu, trough the 'Advanced WP Columns' menu item. There you can set the default number of columns that you usually used, columns container width, to check the fixed or responsive columns mode, along with responsive breaking point and column per row space occupation when responsive breaking point is reached. Also there is a few options that can be useful to developers. If you want to use this plugin with your theme, you can add your own custom CSS class for columns wrapper div, or for the single columns, or even for the gutter columns.


Basic Installation

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  • Using default WordPress installer trought the ‘Plugins’ menu, or using your FTP credentials upload this plugin content to the default WordPress (‘your-site/wp-content/plugins/’) plugins directory. We recommend you to use the default folder name ‘advanced-wp-columns’ for this plugin.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • You can also check the plugin settings to modify default plugin behaviours.


A question that someone might have

No questions at the moment.


Wrong path to iframe popup HTML

I’m using BedRock and I have HTTP 404 error when open Advanced WP Columns iframe popup in editor. I have a message in popup “Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.”
In console I can see that plugin requires HTML from wrong directory.
Please, fix or add text field when users can put path to current plugin directory in Plugin Settings page in Admin.

But for One Thing This is Nice

It looks good, it’s easy to work with, but it does have a problem and could use a small change.

The problem has to do with the editor itself. You set up some columns, insert them in the editor, and start typing. As long as you don’t hit “enter” things go just fine. But when you hit “enter” you are switched to the other column. Not what I want.

Now in the pop up when you do to type and hit “enter” you stay in the original column. This is easier to work with, but I see things that could be changed.

I would like to see a way to set the column height, and add in the function where when the material placed in a column reach the bottom of that column the text etc. automatically continues in the next column. I understand that you can do this with flex box CSS.

In addition, while the pop up looks nice, I’d rather have the action occurring in the editor itself. But that’s just me.

All in all Advanced WP Columns works better than most other column plugins, with the exception of the CM CSS Columns plugin, and in one respect better than that. It is harder to use than it really needs to be, but at least it pretty much eliminates certain hassles found in other Column plugins and those plugins featuring s column shortcode.

nice interface but a lil more update needed

when i link images in post with advanced wp columns, it shows fine in the preview section. but when i browse it from other desktop, some images does not load. that is creating a little problem for me. I think its because hotlinking.
can u provide the solution for this?

I like the idea, but it simply doesn't work well

Tried this using a simple 3-column layout with an image in the first column.

Problem #1: You need to know the actual URL of the image on the site, (you can’t browse for it), and you can’t upload a new image.

Problem #2: The image doesn’t scale, despite the options to select the desired size on the image input box. Result: messed up layout.

Problem #3: Using an image specifically sized to fit the width of the column, (in this case 120px), did seem to work. It looked fine in page editing mode, but page preview showed text overwriting the image.

Conclusion: needs work, an a LOT more testing.

Good for me !

At this point.. I’m giving 5 Stars.
I used it to transform a number of my pages that were using tables that were not responsive… and these tables had tons of information, and incorporated a number of plugins with inside each “column.”

This plugin allowed my tables to now be in DIV columns that were responsive and improved my Google User Score.

I have been experimenting with it… and have not found any conflicts.

One mention in another review mentions they could not resize images.
To understand this plugin, you must not think it is the end all to your Visual Editor.
When you first use the plugin, you create your columns. There is a very “simplistic” editor view at this step. I would suggest you place some text in each of your columns.. just as a placeholder.
Click ADD Columns…. then switch back over to the Visual Editor as you would normally proceed. Where you can adjust and add more text and images at this point. Resizing etc..

If you want to get even fancier.. you can switch over to the Text Editor.. add borders, adjust padding etc..
Using another plugin, that creates Templates… you could save your styling into a template.. and easily drop in your favorite Columns design.

Yes.. there is some tweaking to be done by the user to get what you want to appear correctly.. but on the whole a very handy and useful plugin.

Thanks for your work and have a great day !

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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced WP Columns” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • First working version is released.


  • Responsive and more flexible version is released.


  • Minor grammar fix on UI


  • Added settings link on plugin page.


  • Minor calculation fix.


  • Minor HTML clearing fix.


  • Fixed HTTPS problem and small notification issues on settings page.


  • Fixed WP 3.9 compatibility problems.