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Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Easy responsive video embeds via URLs or shortcodes. Perfect drop-in replacement for WordPress' default embeds. Best plugin for videos?

The best WordPress plugin for videos? Supports close to everything you can imagine, still keeping it easy & simple.

It is very likely the one and only plugin you will ever need to handle video embeds on your WordPress site(s).

Simple • Lightweight • Responsive • Customizable

Thanks to everyone who bought the Pro Addon

I really appreciate this. I commercialized parts of this plugin because I no longer can work on this for free and donations were not really doing it. I am glad not everyone thinks, everything needs to be gratis on the Internet, especially in Open Source. The Pro Addon, like the base version here, is still Free Software - free as in Freedom! not as in gratis. Well, actually I have given 720 and counting licenses out free of charge to legacy users.

Purchase Pro Addon

Version 7 is coming

Please help testing the soon to be released beta version. You will benefit from the following new features and if you give feedback you will have a chance if getting the pro addon for free (very limited offer).

Pro Addon 1.9.14 Beta (everything since 1.4.0 Beta)

  • Fix: Screenfull error
  • Fix: Make the srcset youtube images to to protocol relative.
  • New: Responsive thumbnails using srcset the browser takes the best image resolution for the users device. This is automatic for
  • Fix: License API call.
  • New: Added support for displaying title of videos on top of the thumbnail images.
  • Improved: Rectangle animation. (thinking about removing it completely)
  • Improved: Updated lity (lightbox script) to version 1.5.1
  • Improved: Thumbnail handling.
  • Improved: Removed the 'Lazyload Maximal Width' setting to simplify things (there still is 'Maximal Width' and 'Aligned Maximal Width').
  • Improved: Removed the 'Fake Thumbnail' because I now think the entire idea was bad and real thumbnails should be used.
  • Dropped PHP Class

7.1.0 Beta (everyting since 7.0.0 beta)

  • New: Recommend and guide to users to install Shortcake (Shortcode UI) via TGMPA
  • New: Amazing catch-all shortcode [arve url="..."] that can be used for all supported providers and even with any iframe src if all unlisted providers that support responsive iframe embeds.
  • New: Support for kla.tv.
  • New: Support for youku (fulfilled request)
  • New: New Advanced Shortcode Dialog with nice UI for choose thumbnails from your WP Media Gallery, very detailed helping texts, display of default settings, hiding of fields based on need ...
  • New: WYSIWYG Preview of Shortcodes.
  • New: The two above features need the Shortcake (Shortcode UI) Plugin that is maybe moving into WordPress core later.
  • New: A default alignment can now be set in the Settings page. (fulfilled request)
  • New: 'iframe_name' shortcode parameter for <iframe name="xxxxx", useful when wanting to target ARVE embeds with links. (fulfilled request)
  • New: ARVE is now SEO friendly giving you the ability to add some schema.org microdata. Googles tools should not complain anymore. (fulfilled request)
  • Deleted Language files in favor of wordpress.org managed translations volunteers are welcome ;)
  • Improved: Got rid of PHP globals.
  • Improved: Added image upload dialog to settings page and shortcode dialog.
  • Improved: Better CSS to overwrite unwanted theme styles.
  • Improved: Lots if code improvements.
  • Improved: SSL enabled and forced when supported by provoders.
  • Fix: Prevent Dashboard Widget conflicts with WP Helpers plugin (possibly others). Thanks to Steve Bruner.
  • Fix: Issue with unwanted borders showing on embeds.
  • Fix: youtube.be URLs now detected correct in shortcode dialog.
  • Fix: All Vevo URLs are now detected correctly.
  • Fix: Bool options settings.
  • Removed blip because the service was shutdown.
  • Background-images are now applied to .arve-embed-container instead of .arve-wrapper.


  • ARVE is now SEO friendly. Letting you specify title, description, upload date to provide search engines with the schema.org data they like to have for better indexing.(in beta)
  • WYSIWYG Editor. No more messing arround with shortcodes and previewing.(in beta)
  • New improved dialog for embedding videos.(in beta)
  • Embeds via pasting the URL in its own line just like WordPress!
  • Magigally makes those url embedded videos responsive
  • No 'lock in' for the above' if you use providers WordPress already supports
  • Supports almost every video hoster that supports iframe embed codes.
  • Optionally use very powerfull Shortcodes instead
  • One single button for all providers (for most providers not required because of URL embeds, but allows to create custom shortcodes with advanced features within seconds)
  • Responsive embeds with CSS, much better then with Javascript
  • Tries to be as unobtrusive as possible, sets ‘hide brand’ variables if supported, disabled related videos at the end … to help keep people on your Site rather then going to YouTube or keep watching videos.
  • Clean shortcode syntax `[arve url="https://youtu.be/yUCFRL43Zm4"]`, no unnecessary shortcode wrapping.
  • Autostart (for providers that support it, mobile browsers prevent this)
  • Custom URL parameters to use all options providers offer
  • Optional maximal width
  • Video alignment
  • Detailed description of options in-place.
  • Custom aspect ratio

Additional Features with the Pro Addon

  • Feel good about yourself
    for supporting my long time work on this plugin. Tons of hours, weekends … always worked on improving it 3+ years.
  • Lazyload mode
    Make your site load faster by loading only a image instead of the entire video player on pageload.
  • Lazyload -> Lightbox
    Shows the Video in a Lightbox after clicking a preview image
  • Link -> Lightbox
    Use simple links as triggers for lightboxed videos
  • Custom thumbnail images
  • Custom titles on top of your thumbnails
  • 'Grow on click'
  • Responsive Thumbnails using cutting edge HTML5 technology (srcset and sizes) (in beta)

Supported providers

  • iframe (General support for any provider that not included that support responsive iframe embeds)
  • 4players.de
  • alugha
  • archive.org
  • blip
  • break
  • CollegeHumor
  • Comedy Central
  • dailymotion
  • Facebook (Only iframe embeds, Facebook have deprecated those)
  • flickr
  • Funny or Die
  • gametrailers
  • IGN
  • kickstarter
  • LiveLeak
  • metacafe
  • movieweb
  • myspace
  • MyVideo
  • snotr
  • spike
  • TED Talks
  • twitch
  • veoh
  • vevo
  • viddler
  • videojug
  • vine
  • vimeo
  • XTube
  • Yahoo Screen
  • YouTube

Make sure to check out the plugins page for more details on the plugin.

Please report issues on community.nextgenthemes.com and not on the wordpress.org forums.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Finally something that works

So I have a responsive theme but on pages with you tube videos it wasn't making the you tube videos fit in the mobile screen. I have spent the last hour trying many plugins and researching on google and finally I installed this. And I didn't have to update any settings or anything just refreshed a post with videos and all the sudden it is beautiful and responsive on my mobile phone!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
review by happyecho

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Only Plug-in that worked

I used a lot of high ranking plug-ins but they still broke my design. Downloaded this and worked right away. Thanks!
review by crconnell89

Requires: 3.3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.0
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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