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Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Easy responsive video embeds via URLs or shortcodes. Perfect drop-in replacement for WordPress' default embeds. Best plugin for videos?

The best WordPress plugin for videos? Supports close to everything you can imagine, still keeping it easy & simple.

This is very likely the one and only plugin you will ever need to handle video embeds on your WordPress site(s)

Simple • Lightweight • Responsive • Customizable

Please check the migration guide after updating to version 6.0.0+.

Please report issues on community.nextgenthemes.com and not on the wordpress.org forums.


  • Embeds via pasting the URL in its own line just like WordPress!
  • Optionally use Shortcodes instead
  • One single button for all providers (for most providers not required because of URL embeds, but allows to create custom shortcodes with advanced features within seconds)
  • Responsive embeds with CSS, much better then with JS IMO
  • Tries to be as unobtrusive as possible, sets 'hide brand' variables if supported, disabled related videos at the end ... to help keep people on your Site rather then going to YouTube or keep watching videos
  • Clean Shortcode syntax [vimeo id=123456 ] no ugly URLs, no unnecessary Shortcode wrapping.
  • Autostart (for providers that support them)
  • Custom URL Parameters to use all options providers offer
  • Optional maximal width
  • Video alignment
  • General iframe support for any provider that not included that support responsive iframe embeds or any URL you with to display in a iframe.
  • Detailed description of options in-place, also available translated into German, French and Spanish.
  • Custom Aspect Ratio

Additional Features with the Pro Addon

  • Feel good about yourself for helping me support my long time work on this plugin. Tons of hours, weekends ... always worked on improving 3+ years.
  • Lazyload mode: Only load a preview image on pageload instead of the Video itself, makes you site load faster.
  • lazyload -> Lightbox Shows the Video in a Lightbox after clicking a preview image.
  • Lazyload -> HTML5 Fullscreen: (experimental) This is a dream come true for me. Be aware that this has a Issue of going fullsceen a 2nd time from within fullscreen and fullscreen Buttons not working as expected.
  • Lazyload -> Half Screen Sticky: (experimental) Video that fills about half the screen/window and lets users continue to scroll and read the site, start writing a comment ... while watching a video. This relies on modern HTML5 features (calc, vw + vh) and may not work everywhere.
  • Link -> Lightbox: Make

Supported providers

  • iframe (General support for any provider that not included that support responsive iframe embeds)
  • 4players.de
  • archive.org
  • blip
  • break
  • CollegeHumor
  • Comedy Central
  • dailymotion
  • flickr
  • Funny or Die
  • gametrailers
  • IGN
  • kickstarter
  • LiveLeak
  • metacafe
  • movieweb
  • myspace
  • MyVideo
  • snotr
  • spike
  • TED Talks
  • twitch
  • veoh
  • vevo
  • viddler
  • videojug
  • vine
  • vimeo
  • XTube
  • Yahoo Screen
  • YouTube

Quick Introduction

URLs like https://vimeo.com/124400795 on its own line will produce full responsive embeds. If you already use this with WordPress default, this is the perfect drop-in replacement to make everything responsive, no need to do anything.

Extremly customizable with support for anything providers offer to customize embeds. Other plugins offer some of this features with huge bloated dialogs, ARVE is different, it just lets you do anything you want if you have a few seconds to look up what the parameters do.

Here we are starting the video at the 30 seconds mark, disable the fullscreen button, switch to YouTubes light theme and set the aspect_ratio to cinemascope.


the same thing can be done with a shortcode:

[youtube id="Q6goNzXrmFs" parameters="start=30 fs=0 theme=light" aspect_ratio="21:9" ]


Pro Addon Feature Demonstration

[vimeo id="124858722" mode="lazyload" maxwidth="400" align="left" ]] This is a demo of a aligned lazyloaded video [...]

This is a demo of a aligned lazyloaded video that has a maximal width set and will grow on click before loading the video.

You can open up a lightbox with a normal link [youtube id=Q6goNzXrmFs mode=link-lightbox link_text="click me" ] with this sortcode:

[youtube id="Q6goNzXrmFs" mode="link-lightbox" link_text="click me" ]

We can also center videos and open then inside a Lightboxbox.

[youtube id="Q6goNzXrmFs" mode="lazyload-lightbox" maxwidth="600" align="center" ]

Lazyloaded Preview Images in HD

Contrary to what you might think, thumbnail in ARVE does not nessasary mean small images. You can provide your own images with thumbnail="https://your.image.url" or thumbnail="1234" where 1234 is the ID of the image in your WP Media Gallery. Most providers, which support automatic thubnails also support HD thumbnail images and this plugin will get the highest aviable size.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Finally something that works

So I have a responsive theme but on pages with you tube videos it wasn't making the you tube videos fit in the mobile screen. I have spent the last hour trying many plugins and researching on google and finally I installed this. And I didn't have to update any settings or anything just refreshed a post with videos and all the sudden it is beautiful and responsive on my mobile phone!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! review by happyecho

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Only Plug-in that worked

I used a lot of high ranking plug-ins but they still broke my design. Downloaded this and worked right away. Thanks! review by crconnell89


  • Support for self-hosted videos.

Requires: 3.3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 2015-10-1
Active Installs: 40,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


3 of 4 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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