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Advanced Post List

Create custom post lists to display various content. Easy to use Filter & Design as well as highly configurable and extensive.

Highly customizable plugin for designing a large variety of post lists. Allowing the Webmaster to create any design for displaying Recent Posts, Related Posts, Future Posts, etc., and easily positioning it with a shortcode inside a Page or Post. All that is required is you know HTML, but the plugin can also use CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Version 0.3 post query was switch to WP_Query to take advantage of the Custom Post Types and Taxonomies featured within WordPress, and also has additional filter settings added to further reach alternate methods of displaying posts.

APL's Documentation/Wiki is located on GitHub Wiki.

Discovered a bug or an enhancement? Please submit thread/ticket at WordPress or GitHub Issue Tickets.

When designing site with better navigation. This plugin accomplishes 3 main tasks when displaying the site’s content through various lists.

Content of the post list

  • Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Support – New addition adds the ability to add even more posts and/or pages to your lists. Display any page from any post type and has even more filter options with any additional taxonomies that have been added.
  • Add/Require Any Number of Terms – Create diverse post lists through any configuration of terms within different taxonomies, and show any posts/pages that has one related term, but if needed, post lists can be required to have all terms selected.
  • Show Page Children – Once only able to display one page’s children pages from one hierarchical post type (WP built-in Pages). This plugin can now display multitude of children pages from multiple pages from multiple hierarchical post types. Making it easy to display sub-pages
  • Dynamically Add Terms and Page Parent – Sometimes pages are expected to change, and some area’s like the header, footer, and any sidebars are expected to change. So it’s just plain simple and nice to have one configuration that changes according to the visitor’s/user’s current page/post.
  • Show Content from Private, Future, Published, and More – A new addition added to show posts/page from not only publicly published posts/pages, but from any status. Opening up the ability for creating private sections on a website for users.

Style of the post list

  • Customizable Loop – Any plugin of this design has to have a loop of some kind to list the posts and/or pages. Most have their own style of design, but this plugin gives the webmaster the tools to create his own style.
  • Shortcodes for Post/Page Content – Part of the heart of the Customizable Loop, shortcodes have made it possible to pull content from each post/page and add it to the post list.

Location of the post list

  • Post List Shortcode – User friendly method of adding any post list to a section of a site.
  • PHP Hardcode – Add post lists where some situations require a more technical use where WordPress features and functions aren’t fully present.
  • Sidebar Widget – Easy to use, but shortcodes allow post lists to be added with a text sidebar.

This is an alternate version of Kalins Post List which was unfortunately declared abandoned. Most of the credit for creating an extraordinary plugin like this goes to Kalin. Currently, the plugin is still in the first stages of its target design. Version 1.0.0 will feature many of the functionalities that Kalin and others have mentioned, and will have a complete new layout to accommodate for the extra tools that will be added.

Pre-Release Projects for Version 1.0.0

  • (Completed) Import/Export.
  • (Completed) Custom Post Type & Taxonomies Support.
  • Additional sort methods for 'Orderby' combo box.
  • (WIP) Additional shortcodes.

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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