Advanced Post List


Highly customizable plugin for designing a large variety of post lists. Allowing
the Webmaster to create any design for displaying Recent Posts, Related Posts,
Future Posts, etc., and easily positioning it with a shortcode inside a Page or Post.
All that is required is you know HTML, but the plugin can also use CSS,
JavaScript, and PHP.

Version 0.3 post query was switch to WP_Query to take advantage of the Custom Post
Types and Taxonomies featured within WordPress, and also has additional filter settings
added to further reach alternate methods of displaying posts.

APL’s Documentation/Wiki is located on GitHub Wiki.

Discovered a bug or an enhancement? Please submit thread/ticket at
WordPress or GitHub Issue Tickets.

When designing site with better navigation. This plugin accomplishes 3 main
tasks when displaying the site’s content through various lists.

Content of the post list

  • Custom Post Type and Taxonomy Support – New addition adds the ability to
    add even more posts and/or pages to your lists. Display any page from any
    post type and has even more filter options with any additional taxonomies that
    have been added.
  • Add/Require Any Number of Terms – Create diverse post lists through any
    configuration of terms within different taxonomies, and show any posts/pages
    that has one related term, but if needed, post lists can be required to have
    all terms selected.
  • Show Page Children – Once only able to display one page’s children pages
    from one hierarchical post type (WP built-in Pages). This plugin can now display
    multitude of children pages from multiple pages from multiple hierarchical
    post types. Making it easy to display sub-pages
  • Dynamically Add Terms and Page Parent – Sometimes pages are expected to
    change, and some area’s like the header, footer, and any sidebars are expected
    to change. So it’s just plain simple and nice to have one configuration that
    changes according to the visitor’s/user’s current page/post.
  • Show Content from Private, Future, Published, and More – A new addition
    added to show posts/page from not only publicly published posts/pages, but from
    any status. Opening up the ability for creating private sections on a website
    for users.

Style of the post list

  • Customizable Loop – Any plugin of this design has to have a loop of some
    kind to list the posts and/or pages. Most have their own style of design, but
    this plugin gives the webmaster the tools to create his own style.
  • Shortcodes for Post/Page Content – Part of the heart of the Customizable
    Loop, shortcodes have made it possible to pull content from each post/page and
    add it to the post list.

Location of the post list

  • Post List Shortcode – User friendly method of adding any post list to a
    section of a site.
  • PHP Hardcode – Add post lists where some situations require a more
    technical use where WordPress features and functions aren’t fully present.
  • Sidebar Widget – Easy to use, but shortcodes allow post lists to be added with a text sidebar.

This is an alternate version of Kalins Post List
which was unfortunately declared abandoned. Most of the credit for creating an
extraordinary plugin like this goes to Kalin. Currently, the plugin is still in
the first stages of its target design. Version 1.0.0 will feature many of the
functionalities that Kalin and others have mentioned, and will have a complete
new layout to accommodate for the extra tools that will be added.

Pre-Release Projects for Version 1.0.0

  • (Completed) Import/Export.
  • (Completed) Custom Post Type & Taxonomies Support.
  • Additional sort methods for ‘Orderby’ combo box.
  • (WIP) Additional shortcodes.


  • A few samples of the plugin.
  • Insert saved presets via shortcodes to display it on a page/post.
  • A basic view of the Admin UI.
  • General options and support.


  1. Upload zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings->Advanced Post List to access the settings.


Where is the settings page?

Inside your admin dashboard under Settings->Admin Post List.

How do I display the post list that I created?

You need to locate and copy the shortcode which is in the Advance Post List – Settings
page on the saved preset table. Then create a page/post and paste the shortcode on your
page/post (e.g. [post_list name=’some-preset-name’])


good plugin, in the beginning somehow difficult

Except of the images that don’t work and my first missunderstanding about the “do-it-yourself” html Syntax.
This plugin seems to be very powerfull. Up to now i had not the chance to explore all of them. And for some features i will may need further assistance we will see.

Great tool for filtering and displaying

This plugin helped create a site featuring running news items. We could display just posts within preset tags and categories and date, etc. Also the plugin was fairly easy to customize with css to modify the look.

There was a learning curve, about what I would have expected. I don’t have anything negative to report, just a thank you to the dedicated co-author who kept the plugin going.

Finally a good powerful list plugin.

This plugin gives you 100% control over the list building process, with access to the entire array of post/page properties, including metas. Simply perfect (although the GUI could be improved).

Just Amazing

Truth be told, I have an aversion to plugins. I downloaded Advanced Post List to take a peek at the code. Didn’t expect it to work at all – really – as Advanced Post List – sadly – hasn’t been updated for some time. What I found was – hands down – one of the most useful, easy to use tools to generate beautifully formatted, RESPONSIVE, sortable, ajaxable grids and layouts in – literally – minutes.

What a time saver.

I can’t imagine how many thankless hours poor EkoJr put into Advanced Post List before he became discouraged from the lack of support and nasty comments – mostly from inexperienced and/or mean spirited WP users – and moved on to other things.

If you know a little somethin’ sommethin’ about CSS/JS – you can create entire page layouts with this Advanced Post List – grids, sliders, menus, custom post/page templates


I too would pay for a pro version. I am invoicing my client and will be sending EkoJr a donation via his donation button. The time and many issues this little gem saved me is astounding.

EkoJr – don’t listen to the haters.

You put a smile on my face.

Showing some love from New Orleans


This plugin is pure awesomeness!

It makes it easy to build custom designed post lists and grids in no time. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore, as the last update was more than two years ago… I wish the developer would make a pro version and give it a little love. I would definitely pay for a maintained version of Advanced Post List – it’s simply too good to be abandoned lile this.

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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Post List” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed [final_end] not updating output string.


  • Fixed [final_end] missing a param.
  • Fixed Undefined index: post__not_in.
  • Added initial Localization to prep support for multiple languages.


  • Changed Internal Shortcodes to a Class Object as a Shortcode API.
  • Changed support to Internal Shortcode to allow Attributes to be added in any order.
  • Added attributes aliases user_name & user_description for the Labels attribute in [post_author].
  • Removed attribute labels that no longer exist in WP for the Labels attribute in [post_author].
  • Added custom max size support for the Size attribute in [post_thumb].
  • Fixed extract to correctly grab img tags for the Extract attribute in [post_thumb].
  • Fixed encoding when creating an excerpt from post/page content in [post_excerpt].
  • Added [post_type] shortcode, and label attribute.
  • Added error check in [item_number].
  • Added check if other plugin is active in [post_pdf].
  • Added APL_ALLOW_PHP constant as a required varible for [php_function].
  • Removed APLCallback Class Object file.
  • Changed Dialog location for Internal Shortcode to a seperate file.
  • Added more encapsulation to initializing other class files.


  • Added Assets.
  • Added Icon to Assets.
  • Changed Screenshots directory to Assets folder.
  • Updated jQuery MultiSelect UI Widget files version 1.14 to 1.16.
  • Fixed [post_terms] grabbing a wrong param.


  • Fixed error ‘Un-Defined Variables and Non-Objects’ with Excluding Duplicates.
  • Fixed List Amount ‘-1’ Returning Nothing.
  • Fixed Any/All Selection not properly querying Terms within the Taxonomy.
  • Changed Admin Header Links in APL Admin Settings Page.
  • Updated GPLv2 Information.


  • Added ‘[post_terms]’ Internal Shortcode function to add Custom Taxonomy Terms.
  • Fixed MultiSelect Button Width using default width.
  • Updated Google APIs jQuery UI CSS version 1.8.21 to 1.11.4 to match WP 4.5.3 jQuery UI JS version.
  • Updated jQuery MultiSelect UI Widget files version 1.12 to 1.14.


  • Added Widget support.
  • Added param label to author shortcode.
  • Added param size to post_thumb.
  • Fixed warning errors with WP’s debug config enabled.
  • Fixed Taxonomy Tabs not showing category/tag text.
  • Fixed AJAX Save Preset Button not updating text.
  • Fixed Save Preset Button enlarging each click.
  • Fixed Admin Preview not showing.
  • Fixed (preview) post list dynamics on admin side.
  • Fixed Delete Database Upon Deactivation no saving to APL database.
  • Fixed jQuery UI CSS file not loading with https sites.
  • Changed APLQuery class to reduce memory load, and remove nested code.


  • Fixed Admin UI Multiselect jQuery plugin not closing.
  • Fixed Multiselect not updating values.
  • Changed Admin Header Links in the Settings page.
  • Changed Screenshots.


  • Added Label Elements to Admin Option Settings.
  • Added Info Dialogs to the General Options Section.
  • Added Updater Class Object.
  • Added Backwards Compatibility to APLPresetDbObj & APLPresetObj Class.
  • Added More Security to the Backup Feature.
  • Added Version Variable to Export Output File.
  • Added an Overwrite Confirmation Before Finalizing the Import Operation.
  • Fixed ‘Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded’.
  • Fixed Issue with jQuery UI ‘Current Page’ Parent Selector.
  • Fixed/Changed Import/Export Layout & Elements.
  • Fixed Backup (Export/Download/Import) Feature.
  • Fixed JSON Converter to Display PHP Errors Instead of Breaking.
  • Fixed Import to Update Preset(s) being imported.
  • Changed jQuery UI Dialog Messages to use a Dynamic JS Function.
  • Changed APLCore Constructor/Init & Import Upgrading Process.
  • Changed APLPresetDbObj Constructor to Optionally Create an Empty Class.
  • Changed Back-up Procedures to Use Both a Handler and a Final Function.
  • Changed Import File Uploads from Single to Multiple Files.


  • Added ‘Any/All’ term setting to taxonomies.
  • Added User/Visitor Permissions.
  • Added Author filter.
  • Added Ignore Sticky Posts filter.
  • Added Exclude Posts filter.
  • Added Exclude Duplicate Posts from Current Page setting.
  • Added an Exit Message.
  • Added database upgrade for 0.3.beta5.
  • Added additional support to scripts.
  • Added empty index.php files to all folders.
  • Fixed Post Status grabbing private content.
  • Fixed duplicate posts bug.
  • Changed ‘Post Status’ filter to carry multiple values.
  • Changed Admin Dialogs.
  • Changed jQuery register script location.


  • Fixed dynamics with post lists with ‘Include Terms’ within taxonomy and ‘Current Page’ post parent.
  • Fixed excluding current page.
  • Fixed always deleting database upon deactivation.
  • Changed ‘get’ functions for post_types, taxonomies, and terms.
  • Changed primary author.
  • Changed Plugin Page URL on admin page.


  • Fixed some ‘scrict’ errors that were being tossed.
  • Fixed the Activation, Deactivation, and Delete/Uninstall action hooks.


  • Fixed issue with script interference.
  • Fixed installing/restoring default preset settings.


  • Added Custom Post Type and Taxonomy support.
  • Added JQuery UI features.
  • Added “Post Status” setting for presets.
  • Added APLQuery class to shadow WP_Query.
  • Added a plugin database update for the change preset settings.
  • Changed “Post Parent” to carry multiple parent pages instead of just one.
  • Changed script and style handling to use wp_enqueue.
  • Changed from get_posts() to APLQuery (WP_Query) class.
  • Changed APLPresetObj class.
  • Changed import file to accommodate for new preset settings.


  • Initial v0.3 Release


  • Added a ‘General Settings’ section for core settings.
  • Added Import/Export feature.
  • Added a preset download feature.
  • Added admin.css to separate styles from admin.php file.
  • Added a new default css style button.
  • Fixed database version checking.
  • Fixed PHP hardcode string that was displayed to the admin.
  • Fixed ‘Exclude Current’.
  • Fixed Before, Content, and After TextArea to expand correctly.
  • Changed ‘Upon plugin deactivation clean up all database entries’ to a yes/no ratio.


  • Fixed including required files.


  • Basic clean up and reorganizing.
  • Added phpdocumentation to created files.


  • ‘Post Parent’ combo box was corrected to now display only pages
  • ‘Orderby’ combo box was corrected to pass values that WordPress allows with WP Query
  • Edited some of the front end designs to make it current with the plugin
  • Post data is now being correctly pulled within APL_run
  • A clean up was done on 0.1.a1


  • -Very first working version-
  • Fixed ‘Require all categories’.
  • Upgraded core functions.