Advanced Page Manager



It is hard to manage WordPress pages when it comes to have more than 10 static pages, right ? Current UI makes it difficult to manage a whole tree of pages. Advanced Page Manager aims to create a totally new Page Manager Panel designed to help you get the job done.

Discover how in 3 minutes (better in HD or 480p).

So, what should you expect from this plugin ?

  • An easy understand tree. All your pages are presented in an easy to understand tree with all necessary actions to take care of them.
  • Browse, Show/hide subpages. The plugin even remembers the state of each page so that you won’t have to browse again and again the tree to find the same page.
  • Classic actions. Of course, classic actions such as Edit, Preview/View are still there !
  • Add, move and delete pages from within the tree. But you will also be able to add, move and delete pages from within the tree. And no more cumbersome drag/drop to move pages. We have created a zen way for you to do that 🙂 Also, you don’t have to edit to add a page anymore. Just click the Add New button.
  • New Status for pages. WordPress Status are fine for posts but sound odd for pages. With APM, your pages are online or… offline. Simple no ?
  • Publish/unpublish. Push online (or pull offline) one or more pages directly from the tree.
  • Template Management. Affect or change template for 1 page or any selected range of pages.
  • Select pages. We also provide an easy way to select all subpages for a given parent page.
  • Where is my page ? From the Edit panel, the result lists or even the theme itself, you’ll be able to find your page in the tree thanks to the Where my page? button.
  • Search and filter. Search for pages. Filter to get the list of all online or offline pages. Sort by column in result lists.
  • No clumsy interface. As you, we love the WordPress UI. You’ll feel at home with APM. The plugin interface matches WordPress standards.
  • Theme integration. We also respect your theme. Pages are still pages even managed by APM. No need to change your templates.
  • Template Tags. However, we provide a new set of Template Tags to handle pages in your themes. Feel free to use them if you need to.
  • Don’t like it ? Under the hood, it’s still WordPress. If you uninstall APM, your pages will be there because it’s your content and we care for it.
  • Don’t speak English ? APM is also available in French. Want it in your language ? All strings are available to translation in the WordPress way.

Download and install Advanced Page Manager to fully enjoy it !



Add custom columns


  • Type filter
  • Purpose : allows to add or modify columns to display on the APM pages tree and lists
  • Takes one argument / return value
  • $apm_columns : associative array where keys are the name of the columns, and values are the header texts for those columns
  • The usage is the same as the native “manage_pages_columns” WordPress hook


  • Type : action
  • Purpose : displays the custom column information for each page row in the APM tree.
  • Takes 3 arguments
  • $column_name : column name (string)
  • $post_id : WordPress ID of the page row being displayed (int)
  • $apm_node : APM specific data about this page (object)
  • The usage is the same as the native “manage_pages_custom_column” WordPress hook

Example : create and populate a new column in the APM tree
add_filter(‘apm_manage_pages_columns’, ‘add_my_custom_column’);
function add_my_custom_column($apm_columns){
$apm_columns[‘my_new_column_name’] = “Header text (or HTML) for that column”;
return $apm_columns;
function apm_manage_pages_custom_column($column_name,$post_id,$apm_node){
if( $column_name == ‘my_new_column_name’ ){
Display here the content of the column for the page with ID = $post_id

My action

Sorting Custom Columns


  • Type : filter
  • Purpose : Define the SQL “order by” for a custom column
  • Takes 3 argument
  • $order_by_sql : mysql order string to return (eg. “p.post_modified DESC”)
  • $orderby : curent column to sort on (eg. “apm-last-modified”)
  • $order : mysql order (ASC or DESC)


  • Type : filter
  • Purpose : Define the SQL “JOIN” statement needed for sorting a custom column
  • Takes 2 argument
  • $join : SQL join string (eg. LEFT JOIN $wpdb->postmeta AS my_pm ON my_pm.post_id = p.ID AND my_pm.meta_key = ‘_my_meta’)
  • $orders : key => value array of sql orders for the current query

Last Modified addon


  • Type : filter
  • Purpose : change the column label
  • Takes 1 argument
  • $column label : column label (string)


  • Type : filter
  • Purpose : change the format of the modified date
  • Takes 3 arguments
  • $page_modified_html : final modified date HTML
  • $page_modified_raw : modified date in the native WP format for pages lists
  • $page : WordPress page object

Who’s behind this plugin ?

January the 21st, 2013 – Advanced Page Manager has been designed and developed by a group of WordPress addicts doing professional WordPress projects (among other things like living a normal life). The idea of Advanced Page Manager emerged as we were working on news sites with a lot of pro contents that were… not news but kind of knowledge base (eg. best practices, tutorials…). It was obvious that we could do those contents with standard posts but we had also to twist them in a way we felt as not as a good way to go. So we decided to give a boost to WordPress pages to match a more CMS like management. But we also felt that we had to respect WordPress (UI of course and also technically speaking). We are very happy to release it after 4 months of hard work and hope that you will enjoy it in your own projects.

We’d like to thank the Groupe Moniteur, a french B2B news company, that allowed us to develop this project. More specificaly, we thank Caroline Tessier and Claire de Smedt, both wonderful project managers for their help (and patience).

  • Benjamin Lupu : interface design, project management
  • Mathieu Le Roi : lead developer, technical design
  • Maxime Breton : frontend development
  • Adrian Koss : web design, icons

Advanced Page Studio logo : © – | Uncategorized Creations logo : © –


  • Pages are presented as a nice tree. Clicking on the arrow will fold (or unfold) subpages.
  • Rollover a page will reveal the Action Menu for this page : Rename, Preview/View, Publish, Edit, Template, Move and Delete (if you're connected with the admin role).
  • You can select a page. And, if it has subpages, you have access to a submenu to select/unselect its subpages.
  • By default, new pages are offline. Clicking the Publish action link will publish/unpublish it instantaneously.
  • Clicking on the Template action link opens a side panel where you can change the page template.
  • You can select several pages and apply one of the bulk actions : Publish/Unpublish, Change Template or Delete (if you're connected with the admin role).
  • Click on the Add New button (on the right of each page), it opens a side panel to add one (or more) page(s). You can choose the template to apply, the position of the new page and you can also create more than one page at a time.
  • To move a page, click the Move action link. Then browse the page tree and decide where to drop the selected page.
  • You have access to the lists of all pages online or offline. You can also search. In result lists, the Where is it? button allows to switch back to the tree where the page is displayed in context.
  • When editing a page, the Page Attributes metabox allows to change template. You have a Where is it? button to switch back to the tree and you can edit next, previous, parent and subpages without returning to the tree.



Advanced Page Manager doesn’t require specific action to be installed. Just follow the regular process :

  1. Upload advanced-page-manager to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

  3. Click the standard Pages item in the admin menu to access the new management panel

If you like to activate addons :

  1. Go to Settings panel (in the Pages admin menu)

  2. To activate an addon, choose Activated in the corresponding dropdown list

  3. Clic the “Save Changes” button (of the Addons box)


Installation Instructions


Advanced Page Manager doesn’t require specific action to be installed. Just follow the regular process :

  1. Upload advanced-page-manager to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress

  3. Click the standard Pages item in the admin menu to access the new management panel

If you like to activate addons :

  1. Go to Settings panel (in the Pages admin menu)

  2. To activate an addon, choose Activated in the corresponding dropdown list

  3. Clic the “Save Changes” button (of the Addons box)

What happen to the regular WordPress pages when the plugin is installed ?

Well nothing at all. The plugin creates a new management panel and still relies on the regular WordPress pages. However we do use a new way to store page relationships to speed up display. Also we don’t create any new database table and regular relationships are maintained. If you uninstall the plugin, pages will be there safe and sane.

Does the plugin have hooks ?

Currently, APM has some hooks but not in a consistent way. We are going to develop a lot more hooks in the post 1.0 era. Currently, hooks are available to add custom columns and action links (see Other Notes tab)

What are addons ?

Addons are optional functionalities you can activate from the Settings menu (see Installation tab). Think them as plugins for… plugin. At the moment, there is only one addon which allows to add a Last Modified sortable column in panels.

Is the plugin compatible with the WordPress menu builder ?

Yes. The plugin manages regular pages and the menu builder has still access to them.

Do I have to modify my theme ?

No. Regular page template tags and functions still work. Regular page template and permalinks are also supported. We do have new template tags, however it is not mandatory to use them.

Does the plugin support extra columns in the page tree and lists ?

We’ve looked at the WP core itself and to several plugins making use of those extra columns (as Simply Exclude or WordPress SEO for example). We found 2 things. First, using the WP hook is very difficult as it expects to be on the original panel. Second, plugins insert themselves in many ways into the Pages panel (eg. bringing new scripts testing the current URL). So unfortunatly, we came to the conclusion that we won’t support extra columns as it will introduce to much specific and unstable code in our plugin. However, we perfectly understand the importance of this feature for the users and the developpers. So we’ve added following hooks to add extra columns : apm_manage_pages_columns, apm_manage_pages_custom_column and apm_load_wp_data (see Other Notes tab)

Is there known issues with other plugins?

Yes. Notably, we don’t support Advanced Access Manager and WPML.

How do I report a bug ?

Please, use the Support tab. However, remember this is not a commercial support of any kind. We check regularly the coming requests and questions and try to keep up with answering them. But we also have regular jobs and… lifes. One more detail : at the moment, we’re all located in France. So if you are in another timezone, remember that even french sleep (yes I know, weird).

Do you accept patches ?

Yes (and we thank you in advance if so). All patches will be validated by our lead developer (yes that’s you Mathieu). If accepted, you’ll be mentionned as contributor to the plugin (if you accept so). To submit a patch please report in the Support tab.

Do you have a website for this plugin ?

Yes and… no 🙂 Home for APM is here : At the moment, it’s a single page with a logo. You can leave your email address to get fresh news about APM. In far distant future, it might be a complete website. In the meantime, you can also follow us on Twitter : @uncatcrea.

Which version of WordPress do you support ?

We support WordPress 3.4.2 to the 4.0. We don’t plan to support earlier versions.

Which version of browsers do you support ?

All developments have been done under the last version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (Windows 7).

Which language do you support ?

By default, APM is in English and French. If you wish to, you can translate the interface in your own language in the standard WordPress way. You’ll find all translation here:

What is Uncategorized Creations ?

Uncategorized Creations is the name chosen by a bunch of (french) WordPress addicts (technical or not). Advanced Page Manager is their first creation. Please see the Other Notes tab for more details.


Has a number of drawbacks

In using this plugin I found the following:

It removes the link to the default WP Pages screen. A number of plugins like Yoast SEO add important SEO information columns to the WP default Pages screen. Columns such as Readabilty, Meta desc, etc which are all very helpful in creating a good SEO site.

This plugin completely removes access to this information.

Furthermore, the default WP Pages screen in and of itself is still useful even if using another Page tree organizer plugin.

Many if not most other page tree organizers create a separate link for their own page and do not hijack the default Page admin link.

The developer seems to have a dislike of the “Move to trash” functionality of WP:

The plugin does not have a “Move to trash” link in its Page management screen. Why not have the link there, and allow the user to decide if they want to use it or not?

The plugin seems to remove the “Move to trash” link in a page EDITING screen (This page has nothing to do with page management). So the plugin is modifying the default functionality of other pages in WP.

In other words the developer has taken the liberty to start modifying default functionality of WP even on pages that are not related to the plugin’s functionality. I don’t think a developer should take those steps.

Some other issues as well – I posted those issues as well as the issues above about 3.5 weeks ago to give the developer an opportunity to respond before I review and I did not get any responses. So this rating also reflects the lack of response.

Good tree, bad support

In general, good plugin with a good tree and usability.

But pages are deleted permanently which is a known problem, but by the time I think this will never change.

I asked for an example for THEIR hooks 2 month ago and I got no answer. So zero points for support. Therefore I need to search for another plugin which makes it easier to customize.

Nice 🙂

3 Stars from me:
When i activate this plugin i become limited at editing pages.
For example i cant change between visual or text editor, i cant add links or pictures either.
It seems like all buttons at the editor wont work.
I am using the Theme Graphene, i did not test if it works with other themes.

I really like it, it makes page managing easier, but its too troublesome for me to disable it whenever i want to edit my pages.

Edit at: 2016-05-22
Giving 5 Stars now couse it is a really awsome plugin (when it works haha). I am still not sure why it didnt work with the theme Graphene, but since it works well with other themes i guess that the fault doesnt reside within the Plugin.
I changed my Theme to GovPress, it look similar to Graphene and has everything i need and want. And the plugin works fine with this theme.

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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Page Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Corrected author assignment to new pages to be current user


  • Corrected pass by reference PHP warning
  • Corrected output buffering error when activating Last Modified Column option


  • Fix Back Office XSS security issue, thanks to Jesse Clark


  • Readme update as we drop support for APM


  • WordPress 4.0 support
  • New translations: Swedish (thanks to Marcus Forsberg), German (thanks to Friedrich Seydel), Romanian (thanks to Zeno Popovici), Italian (thanks to Daniele Raimondi)
  • 0000090: Scheduled pages don’t show up in the tree
  • 0000089: Wrong Role Group


  • WordPress 3.8 and 3.9 support
  • 0000075: Target radio buttons overlap in Add New side panel
  • 0000074: Since 3.8x, slide-out menu appears under page tree
  • 0000073: Add a new page, working.., manually refreshing page before I can access new page
  • 0000065: Creating a page when multisites enabled raises warnings


  • WordPress 3.7 support
  • Last Modified addon 1.0
  • 0000072 : New hooks for 1.2
  • 0000066 : Page field “post_date_gmt” is “0000:00:00 00:00:00” even after page publication
  • 0000063 : When no page template, Where is it ? button doesn’t show up in Page Attributes box


  • WordPress 3.6 support
  • 0000061: Support for get_default_post_to_edit() function
  • 0000060: Headers already sent in options page (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • 0000059: XSS In Options Panel (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • 0000058: Hooks needed to add action links
  • 0000056: Enhanced post_status and wp_ajax management
  • 0000051: define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true) blocks pages tree loading


  • WordPress 3.5 support
  • 0000047: Add Ajax spinner
  • 0000046: Add a pointer after plugin activation
  • 0000045: After folding/unfolding subpages, Move layer disappears
  • 0000044: Add New side panel remains open after all pages have been deleted
  • 0000042: Unable to (un)fold subpages when moving pages


  • 0000040: [Wordpress 3.5.0] Edit Parent is always active
  • 0000038: [Wordpress 3.5.0] Wrong labels top padding for move layer button
  • 0000037: Cancel the… Cancel link 🙂
  • 0000036: [Wordpress 3.5.0] Wrong template dropdown liste width overflow
  • 0000035: [Wordpress 3.5.0] Wrong top margin for Add New button
  • 0000034: [Wordpress 3.5.0] No red flash feedback after actions
  • 0000029: Search label not positioned correctly
  • 0000013: Custom columns added by other plugins not supported


  • 0000033: Move link no more available after (un)publishing
  • 0000032: Page stays selected after closing the template side panel
  • 0000029: Search label not positioned correctly


  • 0000026: Selecting a row will update the Change template panel after one more click (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • 0000025: Current template message with only the last selected page which has a custom template (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • 0000009: Pages with ‘auto-draft’ status appear as empty rows when loading the tree from WP pages (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • Recent Pages list has been reactivated following user request.


  • 0000022: Impossible to fold/unfold pages after adding subpages
  • 0000021: Error message doesn’t disappear in Add New site panel
  • 0000019: After creating first page, After radio button is unchecked (thanks to Thibaut Cotti)
  • Adds Chinese (zh_CN) translation (thanks to Weiwei Guo)


  • 0000020: Clicks on After, Before, Subpage labels should check their corresponding checkboxes
  • 0000017: Move layer doesn’t scale vertically
  • 0000016: Add New layer doesn’t scale vertically
  • 0000015: Rows in tree doesn’t scale vertically properly when content is big
  • 0000014: When renaming, title field allows empty value
  • 0000012: Subpages icon is positioned under the arrow
  • 0000011: Move link available when tree has only one page


  • 0000010: Simple quotes are backslashed in french translation feedback messages
  • 0000009: Pages with ‘auto-draft’ status appear as empty rows when loading the tree from WP pages
  • 0000008: On the move layer, cancel button should be a link
  • 0000007: After creating the first page, Add New panel remains open
  • 0000006: When creating the first page, Page Selected label is displayed
  • 0000005: Add New layer doesn’t cover the whole width of the page slot
  • 0000004: Ajax layer not covering the whole width of the tree
  • 0000002: No position selected in the Add New side panel when clicking (again) the Add New button
  • Cleans and secures (nonce) the options panel
  • Forces redirection of standard WP pages list to our cutomized pages tree (if it happens that someone gets there by any other way)
  • Removes obsolete config constants
  • Uses of WP global vars to test current admin page (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • User cap from “activate_plugins” to “manage_options” for the APM settings panel (thanks to Lionel Pointet)
  • Adds Dutch (nl_NL) translation (thanks to Ron Hartman)
  • Fixes wrong “Selected” total on “Select all”
  • Updates tree data at plugin re-installation (to handle new pages added while plugin was deactivated)
  • New message when security check fails
  • Optimization : only one query to retrieve pages data, whatever their status is + one global query to load pages meta data, using WP cache on meta data
  • Handles the case where a page doesn’t exist in WP (deleted from outside the plugin) but is still in APM tree


Beta 1 released