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If you are looking for an easy to use way to manage all your adverts from the dashboard you have come to the right place. AdRotate is easy to set up, easy to use and is built for your website.
AdRotate is designed to be simple to use, yet offers a professional set of features for newcomers and experienced users alike.

With AdRotate you can easily set up your own adverts and campaigns with standard HTML and/or Javascript code or use adverts from your favorite Ad Server such as, Blind Ferret, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Chitika, Doubleclick, JuiceAds and many more similar ad servers and affiliate programs.

Some of the AdRotate Features

  • Works with any advert
  • Place random, or selected, adverts anywhere on your site
  • Easily manage Adverts
  • Easily manage Groups
  • Easily manage Assets and media
  • Track clicks, impressions and calculate the Cick-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Disguise adverts from ad blockers so they’re less likely to be blocked
  • Automagically disable Ads after they expire
  • Use shortcodes anywhere they are supported in WordPress
  • Place widgets for single adverts or groups
  • Insert PHP snippets in your theme files to put Adverts anywhere on your site
  • Dashboard and Email notifications when Adverts are about to expire or need attention
  • Easily set up groups of Adverts in a grid, column or row
  • Preview Adverts when editing
  • Advert statistics
  • Automatically delete short running adverts and stats after they expire
  • Advertisers can add/edit/manage their own Adverts
  • Geo Targeting for every country and city
  • Mobile Adverts
  • Portable Adverts
  • Export statistics to CSV files

AdRotate and AdRotate Professional share many features. But some features are exclusively available in AdRotate Professional. Learn more about AdRotate Professional on my website.


  • English (default)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Other translations available are provided by the community


  • The AdRotate menu
  • Managing adverts and general overview in AdRotate
  • Error checking for adverts in AdRotate
  • Easily create and edit your advert campaigns with AdRotate
  • Schedule you advert to the minute with AdRotate
  • Manage groups, which can act as locations or slots on your website via AdRotate
  • Create groups to easily place multiple adverts in one spot on your site with AdRotate
  • Customize your group and select adverts from the group settings with AdRotate
  • Set up groups to do exactly what you want with AdRotate


Installing AdRotate is as easy as searching for “AdRotate Arnan” or simply “AdRotate” in your plugin dashboard and clicking the “Install Now” button in your dashboards plugin page. Just like every other plugin.
Once activated, a new menu called “AdRotate” appears in the WordPress navigation from which you’ll handle everything in AdRotate.

For more detailed instructions check out the installation steps on the AdRotate website.


How do I use AdRotate?

Take a look at the user guides.
You can also post your questions on the forum.

I need help with this plugin

The best place to ask your question is on my support forum or you can send a message through Telegram.

Does AdRotate offer click tracking?

Yes, AdRotate counts clicks and impressions.

Can I use my adverts from Google AdSense?

Yes, usually you can use their code as-is.
Most adverts work without special tricks or tweaks.

Does AdRotate support HTML5 adverts?


This is cool, do you have more plugins?

Yep, check out my website AJdG Solutions

Why do some dashboard notifications look so ugly

If a dashboard notification misses its layout or looks out of shape try clearing your browser cache.
Some ad blockers block parts of the AdRotate dashboard, check out this page to make an exception for your website in adblockers – Whitelist your site.

Is AdRotate compatible with Yoast SEO or other SEO plugins?

Yes, Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO pack and all other SEO plugins work fine with AdRotate.

Is Jetpack compatible with AdRotate?


Does AdRotate work alongside caching plugins?

AdRotate works best with Borlabs Cache and W3 Total Cache.
Personally I prefer Borlabs Cache.
Other plugins such as WP Super Cache, WP Rocket or WP Fastest Cache may work, but are untested.

Does AdRotate work with WooCommerce?


Does AdRotate work with bbPress?



May 15, 2021
For a while (3+ years) I was manually managing ads. Now I'm using AdRotate, and I doubt I'll ever look back. If you have one or two Google Ads, sure, your own is fine. I've got a bunch now, multiple ad networks too, and they often have expiry dates. AdRotate makes it easy to get all that done! Why four stars? It's cosmetic. 1. The sidebar icon is green and not an SVG that can match the color pattern of my wp-admin screen, so it stands out unnecessarily. 2. Every page promotes AdRotate Pro. I get it, I do, but I don't need it yet, and all those reminders feels naggy, especially since the first two menu items are promotional. 3. The middle section of options on the per-ad edit page are greyed out (being pro or features I don't use) and I can't hide them or dismiss them. Which means when I add a new ad, I do the basic work and then scroll all the way down to set the groups. 4. Usage is repeated multiple times on the per-ad edit page. 5. It would be nice that if statistics (in settings) is set to DISABLED, that the menu item went away. 6. The Dashboard Banner for notifications is on every page. It would be nice to just have a Main Dash widget ( ) But again, those are ALL cosmetic. None interfere with anything functional, and I am happy as two clams with this decision to use AdRotate.
May 6, 2021
I'm a beginner in wp, and for what i need now it's a free version. It's works, it's simple, it's easy. Enough for now. But in future, after grow, if i need more it's possible buy the premium version.
April 9, 2021
Aunque genera algunas configuraciones raras, luego de que le coges el ritmo te funcionará perfectamente
March 8, 2021
great ad manager taking that is free. would really love to be able to manage the time of the gif for each ad display on the group since not all the gifs time length is the same.
March 1, 2021
Funciona muy bien y ofrece estadísticas muy interesantes. Yo estaba usando una opción de pago, pero me parece que este plugin cubre perfectamente todas mis necesidades, tanto de Adsense como de anuncios con imágenes.
February 17, 2021
Don't buy the pro version of adrotate... except if you plan to loose some money if things don't work like they should. Can't access dashboard for advertiser. Ads not showing up. I have so many problems. I just asked for a refund. »But that’s not how sales/refunds work, without giving me a chance to help you out a refund is not even on the table for consideration» I have send an email pointing out that advertiser dashboard is not working... their solution .... «navigate to it’ll work.» Seriously? Really?! This is not a solution. I give you a chance to help me out, and I receive this answer in my email! Come on! It just doesn't work!! What can I do more? After that email I have received, I ask for a refund, because things don't work like they should, i'm not satisfy!! They reply back offering me some help!!! It's too late! I just asked for a refund because i'm not satisfy with this plugin.. because too many thing don't work! I just don't have any more time to loose! With Adrotate, customers satisfaction is not a priority. Money is the only priority. Allright Take my money.
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AdRotate 5.8.18

  • [i18n] Added Portuguese translation (pt_BR)

AdRotate 5.8.17

  • [fix] Labels for all checkboxes
  • [update] HTML dashboard code cleanup

AdRotate 5.8.16

  • [change] Dashboard tweaks
  • [i18n] Updated Dutch, French, German and Italian translation texts
  • [i18n] Updated Polish translation strings

AdRotate Professional 5.8.13

  • [fix] Disabled AMP group option
  • [new] Assets now list generated reports
  • [new] Post Injection up to 20 paragraphs
  • [update] Asset and media dashboard
  • [update] Reworded error when deleting a file fails
  • [change] Silently fail when deleting a non-existing file
  • [change] Removed option to disable dynamic mode on mobile
  • [i18n] Improved Italian translation (Thanks Davide)

AdRotate Professional 5.8.12

  • [fix] Labels for all checkboxes
  • [new] Labels for all radio buttons
  • [update] HTML dashboard code cleanup

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