Add Expires Headers & Optimized Minify


Plugin will improve your website loading speed by caching various types of static files in browser of User along with this it also offer minification of resources which reduce data size of page and reduce number of http requests hence improve performance of page. It is light weight plugin but its impact on page loading speed in very crucial and easy noticeable.


1) Serves static assets with an efficient cache policy helps to leverage browser caching.

2) Reduces page loading time of website.

3) Improves user experience as page loads very quickly than before.

4) Decreases total data-size of page.

5) Larger band of predefined file types are covered so it will increase bandwidth of files which can have expiry headers.

6) You can have different expire time for cache base on type of resources.

7) Merge multiple CSS files into one helps reducing http requests and improving page load speed.

8) Async loading of processed CSS files.

9) Minify CSS files which reduce data transfer requirement hence increase page load speed.

10) Inline small footer CSS files which helps to improve page speed.

11) Escape admin users from minification to avoid page builders related issues.

Pro Features

1) Ability to add expires headers to External Resources

2) Adding new file types for adding expires headers

3) Refresh cache periodically

4) Unset Entity Tags

5) HTTP(Gzip) compression

6) Prevent Specific files from caching

7) Removing version info from files

8) Inline google fonts helps to load page faster and reduce external http requests.

9) Merge multiple JS files into one helps reducing http requests and improving page load speed.

10) Minify JS files which reduce data transfer requirement hence increase page load speed.

11) Plugin offers Defer scripts option to speed up rendering process.

12) HTML minification helps to reduce overall data size of page.


For Plugin documentation, please refer our plugin website.


1) Make sure that the “mod_expires” module is enabled on your website hosting server.

2) It is necessary to have read/write permission of .htaccess file to plugin. If not then update file permissions accordingly.

3) check status page of plugin for more info.


To use this plugin do the following:

1) Firstly activate Plugin.

2) Go to plugin settings page.

3) Check Files types you want to have expires headers and also add respective expires days for mime type using input box and make sure you enable respective mime type, for which group of files you want to add expires headers.

4) Once you hit “submit” button all options you selected in settings page saved database of website and accordingly .htaccess file will updated and add expires headers for respective selected files.

5) For Minification check respective settings at Minification Tab of plugin settings page.


  • Cache Settings
  • Minify Settings


1) Deactivate and uninstall any other expires headers plugin you may be using.

2) Login as an administrator to your WordPress Admin account. Using the “Add New” menu option under the “Plugins” section of the navigation, you can either search for: “add expires headers” or if you’ve downloaded the plugin already, click the “Upload” link, find the .zip file you download and then click “Install Now”. Or you can unzip and FTP upload the plugin to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/).

3) Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress administration panel.


Does this plugin have custom expiry time for different resources?

Yes base on Mime Type you can have different expiry time.

Does this plugin help in gzip compression of output html?

No, But if you upgrade to pro version you will have facility for same.

Can we add custom file types for adding expires headers?

No, But with upgrade you can have facility to add custom file types.

Can I do CSS files minification and merging using plugin?

Yeah, Plugin by default provides minification and merging of CSS files. You can enable or disable this functionality from plugin settings under Minification Tab.


July 8, 2020
I initially bought the premium version and it wasn’t working. I emailed AEH and requested a refund. I showed them my results using the plugins and they responded and asked if I could give them access to my site. I created a user for them and they found out what was causing my issue. It ended up being a plugin (Autoptimize) that was causing my issue. The rep went and found a replacement plugin to substitute Autoptimize and now my GTMetrix scores are great (100/100). I couldn’t be happier with this plugin and support.
May 13, 2020
After installing this, I noticed that I could not open Settings on any plugins. Then I could not edit any of my articles; it just sent me to the Dashboard. I uninstalled it and now everything works fine again, so there ya go. Also, it made no difference in my GT Metrics score. I might have need to configure it, but since I couldn't open the settings, makes no difference.
April 14, 2020
Please don't download this plugin. It crash my website and it can't fix any more.
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Contributors & Developers

“Add Expires Headers & Optimized Minify” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Initial Version of Plugin


Added Activation and Deactivation hooks.
Added Settings link on plugins page.


Adding functionality to disable Etags.


Basic feature for adding expires headers for pre define file types
Ability to have Pro-Version


Adding functionality for caching and adding expires headers to External resources
Added Plugin compatibility status page
Added more file formats


Upgrading facility to serve static assets with an efficient cache policy.
Increasing default values for plugin cache life for various types of files.


Adding Minification Functionality to Plugin.
Adding more power to browser caching and better compression of resources.


Adding html minification and inlining google fonts functionality
Updated third party library for minification


Adding support for async loading of processed css files