Parallax Scroll


Parallax Scroll; the easiest way to get a parallax scrolling background image for an element on your page/posts.

Examples include:

  • Create a header text with a parallax scrolling background.
  • Create a full section containing any content with a parallax scrolling background.
  • Give single elements of your pages a parallax scrolling background.
  • Ideal for sites with sections.


  • Simply create the content required in the custom Parallax Scroll post type.
  • The Parallax Scroll admin page will display the shortcode required for all Parallax Scroll post types defined. Copy this shortcode, and paste it into any page or post.
  • Alternatively you can use the plugin directly in your php code. Implement it straight into your theme!
  • Thats it!


  • The options availble on the Parallax Scroll post page.
  • An example of parallax scroll being used for header text.
  • An example of parallax scroll being used as part of the page, in this instance it contains text and a google maps element.


No special steps required for installation.

Auto Install:

  1. Navigate to plugins page in your WordPress admin section.
  2. Search for Parallax Scroll by
  3. Download and activate.
  4. You will now have the Parallax Scroll menu item in your WordPress admin

Manual Install:

  1. Download the plugin files.
  2. Copy/upload the plugin folder to your WordPress Content/plugins directory.
  3. Navigate to WordPress plugin page in your WordPress admin page. The plugin will be displayed.
  4. Click activate. You will now have the Parallax Scroll menu item in your WordPress admin.


How can I use Parallax Scroll in my theme and/or PHP?

You can now use parallax scroll in your themes, using PHP. Using this method, there is no need to add a shortcode to a page or post; just simply paste the following PHP code into your PHP page where you would like your parallax to display. This method is especially usefull if you are having trouble with full width, or you would like to build it into your theme.

echo do_shortcode('[parallax-scroll id="#"]')

Where # = parallax ID number

I have no background image?

Make sure you set a featured image in the Parallax setup screen. This is usualy in the bottom right of the edit page. This image will be the background.

Full width does not work

Parallax scroll has been written to work across as many different themes as possible, however as everyones wordpress setup is different, and every theme is different it is very difficult if not near impossible to guarente that the plugin will work on every site. Parallax scroll is built and tested using the standard wordpress themes; this is the only base line that is availble to work against; therfore if you are having issues, please test it against the standard theme to check if its a fault with the plugin or the theme.

The full width issue is a common one, where the parallax does not span the full width of the page. Parallax scroll is designed to be full width out of the box. As standard it will size to the full width of the post. If this doesn’t work as required, a full width option is availble. This is a bit of a hack to resize the parallax to the full width of the content area of the page/post. Because this is a bit of a hack, it may not appear correctly for everyone.

Why is this an issue on some themes? Well some themes, even though they claim are full width themes, are not actually full width at all. A lot of themes will actually be setup using divs with margins either side. They trick you into thinking its full width by setting the colors and borders to the same color. Unfortunatly, on themes like this its impossible for me to cater for, however you can modify the fullwidth.js script to target the specific width required yourself.

Where can i get support?

Please visit the support forums to check if the subject is already covered.
Alternatively visit for support and/or suggestions.


*tears of joy*

Finally a parallax solution that doesn’t make me cry! Well, not in a bad way. I’ve used parallax plugins, built-in parallax options with numerous premium themes, and in a pinch I’ve also built parallax sections using CSS. This is the only time I’ve had fun.

No longer supported, and very buggy

This looked like a great plugin, but it seems it is no longer supported as requests for help on the support forum are no longer answered.

I’ve had two problems, which could be unique to my theme, but nevertheless it doesn’t function as intended.

The first problem is that text formatting is stripped after the shortcode for the parallax. Fonts and paragraph spacing are fine above the parallax effect, but afterwards the styling is all removed and text appears tiny with no paragraph spacing.

The second problem is the parallax isn’t responsive, not even across different desktop resolutions. On my home computer it is fine, but on other computers the image appears oversized and cropped (rather than just resizing the image).

Happy to update this review if any of these problems are either my fault or fixed, but without any support on the forum (and other people experiencing the same), it’s hard to know.

The best ever

I am so happy I found this. my only disappointment is, I can’t seem to place two on one screen. Other than that, amazing.

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Contributors & Developers

“Parallax Scroll” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Initial release.


  • Added header CSS style parameter to custom post type.


  • Fixed – Fixed an issue where some themes would not render the parallax background image (such as the default themes).
  • Added – Screenshots on WordPress plugins directory.


  • Added – Two new options to add the ability of disabling parallax scroll image or content when on mobile device.
  • Added – Full width option. This option will over-ride the themes content area style and make the parallax full width.
  • Fixed – Shortcodes in the parallax scroll post content now work correctly.


  • Updated – Parallax.js has now been removed. The parallax is now driven from CSS. This will improve browser compatability, in particular with internet explorer.


  • Fixed – Fixed full width issue where if more than one parallax was used in a single post/page they would not size correctly


  • Added – New help menu’s
  • Added – Parallax image size option


  • Fixed – Menu Position Bug


  • Fixed – Images should appear better on mobile devices
  • Added – Image size option just for mobile devices
  • Added – Additional Div IDs


  • Added – Background parallax image can now scroll at a different speed to the page.
  • Added – New background scroll setpoint to admin page
  • Added – Input sanitisation for number inputs
  • Updated – Split admin setup parameters into sections, and added section descriptions
  • Added – Added an option to use parallax.js as the parallax engine rather than CSS. (See for information on parallax.js)
  • Added – Added ability to target the CSS class of the Post content/title. Also added the ability to target specific parallax styles through the ID
  • Updated – Updated the help files to be more in depth for customising and setting up. Also added more obvious message on admin page.
  • Updated – Bug fixes.