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Ad Blocking Detector

Protect your advertising revenue from adblockers.

For advanced analytics and revenue recovery solutions install: Admiral Adblock Analytics

Feature: Built-in Tool

Publishers can serve alternative content that appears when users have enabled an adblocker. Ad Blocking Detector will intelligently determine which to display to the user. Check Screenshots tab for examples. Use this tool to feature content such as a sign-up form for your email newsletter in the place of a blocked ad. Don’t let adblockers waste prime real estate on your site.

Feature: Hook In With JavaScript and CSS

Easily modify the appearance of your site with CSS or execute JavaScript code based on adblock detection results.

Additional Features:

  • Detects all major adblocking browser extensions on all major web browsers. Including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and Ghostery.
  • Compatible with WordPress multisite networks.

For more information regarding adblock detecting and revenue recovery, please visit http://www.getadmiral.com.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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