Accessible Poetry


Accessible Poetry is an Accessibility plugin that make WordPress sites more accessible for people with disabilities.

What’s the plugin included?

  • Accessibility Toolbar with options to change the font-size, the contrast, to mark links, to add underline to links, to use readable font and to disable animations of objects
  • Beautiful Skiplinks that let your user navigate between main areas of the page via keyboard
  • Replace html tag with another html tag and keep attributes
  • Outline effect for objects in focus mode (red \ blue)
  • Add extra information to the logo with aria-label (for screen readers)
  • Add proper language attribute to the main html tag
  • Add empty ALT attribute to images with no ALT
  • Add underline to all links
  • Remove Unnecessary Tabindex
  • Fix TITLE attrribute for Screen readers by replacing it with aria-label or adding extra aria-label attribute

    This plugin is provided to the public as a service to help make the internet more accessible for people with disabilities. the plugin author is not responsible to the user or to any third party for any direct or indirect damage of any kind from any use of this plugin.


  1. Download the link.
  2. Upload the zip file via the Plugin upload.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Go to “Accessiblity” admin page and follow the instructions there.


Great plugin 🙂 but minimal documentation

I appreciate your contribution of this plugin to the WP community. I would be glad to help improve the documentation. I think more detailed documentation would improve the overall experience of using this plugin and would make it more widely used. This is especially true since this last upgrade!

I'm enjoying this plugin very much

Hi all.

I am working with the AVADA theme and have used this plugin very successfully with it so far. Very easy to install and work with even for non-professionals as myself. Amit is very helpful on Facebook and via private messages and has always answered me within minutes after sending him a query, which is something I value greatly, especially since this is a free plugin.

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Contributors & Developers

“Accessible Poetry” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Adding screenshots
  • Fixing jQuery issue with the Font-Sizer script
  • Add a cookie so the browser will remember if the user press on one of the Contrast options


  • The Skiplinks moved below the Fixed Toolbar so the user could land first on them
  • A new option was added to the Skiplinks that gives the ability to use different links for the Skiplinks on the Home Page.
  • Fixing the shortcode so they will be return at the exact place.
  • Some CSS Styles was given to the shorted buttons.
  • The plugin was translated to Hebrew.


  • remove shortcodes.
  • add option to use attachment title in images ALT who don’t have an alt.


  • add option to affect the whole site with the contrast modes
  • hide the toolbar when user scroll


  • fix the z-index of the toolbar
  • fix the text appear below the small icon
  • add option to use attachment description in images ALT who don’t have an alt
  • changing toolbar tabindex when it’s close or open
  • improving skiplinks script
  • improve toolbar as ajax
  • improve skiplinks as ajax


  • The design of the toolbar changed
  • Added new option to disable toolbar buttons animations
  • Readable font button was added to the toolbar
  • All toolbar buttons now have icons
  • The option to affect everything with the Contrast become default and the button for it removed
  • The option to remove Skiplinks buttons underline removed
  • The Skiplinks style changed
  • fixed issue with keyboard navigation


  • Fix font-size issue
  • Added buttons to set the minimum and the maximum for the increment & the decrement font-size buttons


  • minify js
  • code improvement
  • Included Images missing ALT’s platform
  • The z-index of the toolbar got higher
  • a Conflict with Jetpack fixed
  • a Conflict with Contact form 7 fixed
  • The readable font option improved
  • aria-hidden rules added to the accessibility toolbar
  • Make elements linked with the skiplinks focusable


  • Remove the button to affect all elements with the font-size
  • add defaults for the font-size buttons
  • Improve toolbar styling for LTR users
  • Add Feedback button to the toolbar with options to hide it and to change the Text & the URL address.
  • Add Accessibility declaration button to the toolbar with options to hide it and to change the Text & the URL address.


Update assets admin name to match Avada theme.


  • Add option to disable the toolbar.
  • Add option to hide toolbar on mobile.
  • Fix tbindex issue of toolbar inner links.


  • core change
  • more options added


  • New Option: Choose 1 of 2 different skins for the Toolbar
  • New Option: Change the side of the Toolbar
  • New Option: Change the size of the Toolbar icon
  • New Option: Change the position of the Toolbar icon
  • New Option: Replace HTML tags with other tags and keep attributes (up to 3 replacement tags)
  • New Option: Add extra information to the logo with ARIA-LABEL attribute
  • New Option: Remove unnecessary tabindex attributes
  • Restore Option: Load Toolbar with AJAX + Add more validation for the process
  • Restore Option: Load Skiplinks with AJAX + Add more validation for the process
  • New Option: Change the side of the Skiplinks
  • Option removed: Add Tabindex to heading tags
  • Option replaced: Change the TITLE attribute to ARIA-LABEL or the add extra ARIA-LABEL attribute with the value of the TITLE attribute is added instead of the option to only replace the TITLE attribute
  • Redesign options panel
  • Code performance


  • Improve code and performance
  • Fix Old Bugs
  • Add 2 New Skins
  • NEW: Logo Semantics
  • NEW: Tag Replacements
  • NEW: AJAX Auto activation for the Toolbar
  • NEW: Customizing the Toolbar