Above The Fold Optimization


This plugin is a toolkit for Above The Fold Optimization that enables to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 Score.

This plugin is compatible with most optimization, minification and full page cache plugins and can be made compatible with any plugin by creating a module extension.

Some of the supported plugins include:
* W3 Total Cache
* WP Super Cache
* WP Fastest Cache
* Cache Enabler (KeyCDN.com)
* Better WordPress Minify
* WP Super Minify
* Click here for a list with supported plugins.

Warning: This plugin is not a simple ‘on/off’ plugin. It is a tool for optimization professionals and advanced WordPress users to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 Score.

Critical CSS Management

The plugin contains a tool to manage Critical Path CSS for inline placement in the <head> of the HTML document. Read more about Critical CSS in the documentation by Google.

This article by a Google engineer provides information about the available methods for creating critical path CSS.

Conditional Critical CSS

The plugin contains a tool to configure tailored Critical Path CSS for individual posts, pages, page types and other conditions.

CSS Delivery Optimization

The plugin contains several tools to optimize the delivery of CSS in the browser. The plugin offers async loading of CSS via loadCSS and it offers an enhanced version of loadCSS that uses the requestAnimationFrame API following the recommendations by Google.

The plugin offers advanced options such as a render delay in milliseconds, the position to start CSS rendering (header or footer) and the removal of CSS files from the HTML. The plugin enables to capture and proxy external stylesheets for loading the files locally with optimized cache headers (see External Resource Proxy).

Javascript Load Optimization

The plugin contains a tool to optimize loading of javascript via an enhanced version of little-loader from Walmart Labs (reference) or a state of the art HTML5 Web Worker and Fetch API based script loader with localStorage cache. The tool contains a jQuery Stub and it enables async loading of all javascript files, optionally abiding WordPress dependency configuration.

The HTML5 script loader offers the following unique features:

  • 0 javascript file download during navigation
  • 0 javascript file download for returning visitors
  • abide WordPress dependencies
  • faster script loading than browser cache, especially on mobile

Saving javascript requests will result in a faster load speed for returning visitors.

Lazy Loading Javascript

The plugin contains a tool based on jQuery Lazy Load XT to lazy load javascript such as Facebook en Twitter social widgets.

Above The Fold Quality Tester

The plugin contains a tool to test the quality of the above the fold (critical path CSS) rendering and to detect a flash of unstyled content (FOUC).

Full CSS Extraction

The plugin enables the extraction of full CSS for use in Critical Path CSS generators.

External Resource Proxy

The plugin contains a tool to localize (proxy) external javascript and CSS resources such as Google Analytics and Facebook SDK to load the files locally with optimized cache headers to pass the “Leverage browser caching” rule from Google PageSpeed Insights. The proxy is able to capture “script-injected” async scripts and stylesheets to solve the problem without further configuration.

Web Font Optimization

The plugin contains a tool to optimize web fonts. The plugin automatically parses web font @import links in minified CSS files and <link> links in the HTML and loads the fonts via Google Web Font Loader.

Gulp.js Critical CSS Creator

The plugin contains a tool to manage Critical CSS Generator tasks that optionally automatically update WordPress Critical CSS. The tool is based on critical (by a Google engineer) and makes it possible for designers and less experienced WordPress users to create professional quality Critical CSS in just a few seconds. The tool is intended to make it more efficient to maintain perfect quality Critical CSS.


  • Critical CSS management
  • CSS delivery optimization
  • Google Web Font optimization
  • Javascript Optimization
  • Above The Fold Quality Test
  • Critical CSS Quality Test
  • Full CSS Extraction
  • Gulp.js Critical CSS Generator Task Manager


WordPress plugin installation

  1. Upload the above-the-fold-optimization/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to the plugin settings page.
  4. Configure Critical CSS and tune the options for a Google PageSpeed 100 Score.


This is the only plugin that actually gave me a boost

Above The Fold Optimization is the only plugin that actually gave me a boost in GPI.

Plain and simple. It is the only one.

Yet, I do encounter a problem: When the plugin is activated, I can’t use the plugin Elementor. Elementor is a page builder and the main I use.

Wrong landing page


After installed the plugin, it appears a page without image before landing to my homepage. What had happened? Please kindly help to resolve

Super effective

Complicated to use, may even sometime cause error when deactivating cache plug-in, but Wow!

It work pretty well. I would recommand it to advanced user only.

not working

I extract full css
and convert in critical css by https://jonassebastianohlsson.com/criticalpathcssgenerator/

but i always see Flash of Unstyled Content

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Contributors & Developers

“Above The Fold Optimization” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Update: updated support policy.


  • Bugfix: PHP 7 does not support methods with a double underscore prefix.



  • Updated: cache directory moved to /wp-content/cache/abtf/
  • Updated: default file permissions set to 666 (public read & write) to allow FTP access.
  • Added: proxy cache cleanup cron.
  • Added: proxy cache stats on proxy configuration page.
  • Added: file and expire meta header added to proxy cache files.
  • Improved: wp_remote_get implementation optimized by disabling keep-alive. (@aamir2007)


  • Bugfix: notice error on theme switch. (@samkatakouzinos)
  • Improved: global.css Critical Path CSS file automatically created on theme switch.


  • Bugfix: Full CSS export is missing quotes in url translation.


  • Added: warning in admin panel when Critical Path CSS is empty.


  • Bugfix: notice error with WP_DEBUG enabled. (@samkatakouzinos)


  • Updated: minor improvements.


  • Added: Google Webfont zip-file upload and extract.


  • Updated: Critical CSS file storage location moved to theme directory.
  • Added: file based critical CSS configuration to allow editing via FTP.
  • Added: Critical CSS filter function condition.
  • Added: append/prepend CSS file(s) to critical CSS.
  • Added: enhanced Critical CSS debug comment.



  • Bugfix: stray script end tags not removed. (@ferares)
  • Added: support for AMP Supremacy. (@cwfaraday)
  • Added: website monitor resource.


  • Bugfix: Critical Path CSS Build Tool Task Manager permissions not set correctly when automatically updating WordPress critical CSS.


  • Bugfix: external resource proxy async injected script capture not applying ignore list.


  • Bugfix: external resource proxy displays error when using Better WordPress Minify. (@razifkamal)


  • Bugfix: external resource proxy CDN option rejects http:// urls in admin panel. (@bluemad)
  • Improved: hide results in securityheaders.io test from PageSpeed admin bar menu.
  • Improved: external resource proxy mime type security loosened to allow text/html for files with matching file extension.
  • Improved: external resource proxy captures script injected local and CDN scripts when HTML5 script loader is enabled for localStorage cache.
  • Improved: external resource proxy CDN resources are processed as local files.
  • Improved: external resource proxy prints debug notices on failure.
  • Added: Critical CSS conditions for category pages.


  • Improved: HTML5 script loader uses ES6 promises for async script loading.
  • Improved: HTML5 script loader preloads scripts from localStorage while waiting for WordPress dependencies.


  • Improved: HTML5 script loader handling of localStorage quota.


  • Improved: HTML5 script loader uses requestIdleCallback to shedule tasks for CPU idle time to improve render performance.


  • Bugfix: external resource proxy fails on invalid linked local urls with or without www. (301-redirect).
  • Bugfix: external resource proxy fails on local urls with query string.


  • Bugfix: HTML5 script loader localStorage cache not clearing chunks.
  • Bugfix: HTML5 script loader localStorage cache not handling quota exceeded correctly.
  • Modified: HTML5 script loader localStorage cache chunk size lowered to 100kb (test).


  • Added: option to disable the plugin using the query string ?noabtf.
  • Bugfix: HTML entity encoded javascript urls not handled correctly by proxy.


  • Bugfix: external resource proxy returns PHP notices in WordPress debug modus.
  • Bugfix: external resource proxy gzip compression removed (gzip now handled by server).
  • Improved: HTML5 script loader localStorage cache chunks large scripts in parts of 500kb.


  • Bugfix: async loading in javascript load optimization blocks while waiting for WordPress dependencies to be loaded.
  • Bugfix: external javascript proxy should ignore blob: uri’s.
  • Added: HTML5 Web Worker and Fetch API based script loader with localStorage cache, inspired by basket.js (a script loading concept used by Google).
  • Improved: external javascript proxy will load captured scripts from localStorage cache when using the HTML5 Web Worker script loader.


  • Improved: javascript loading continues when WordPress dependencies are not met (with admin debug notice).


  • Added: option to abide WordPress dependencies in javascript async load optimization.


  • Added: javascript async load optimization.
  • Added: jQuery stub for async loading jQuery.


  • Bugfix: Critical CSS Quality Test not accessible without CSS delivery optimization enabled.
  • Bugfix: Permissions for newly created files not correctly set to WordPress default file permissions.
  • Improved: Page selection menu uses AJAX search instead of preloading all options.
  • Improved: cURL replaced by wp_remote_get().
  • Improved: full CSS extraction CSS relative url conversion to match path of CSS file.
  • Added: Build Tool Builder for critical to create professional quality critical path CSS.


  • Improved: WebFontConfig fully loaded when using inline webfont.js.
  • Improved: external resource proxy debug notices for ignored resources.
  • Bugfix: CSS file ignore/remove list CRLF issue. (@masoudsafi)


  • Bugfix: filters not applied in cache plugin modules.


  • Bugfix: page related caches not cleared from settings page button.
  • Added: option to disable Google Web Font Loader and remove all fonts.


  • Added: external resource proxy CDN for cached resources.
  • Bugfix: support for WordPress subdirectory installations (@mmdijkman)


  • Added: Regular expression test for external resource proxy JSON config.


  • Added: Google Webfont remove tool (Web Font Optimization) to be able to load fonts locally.


  • Improved: external resource proxy regex translation of urls (JSON config).
  • Improved: external resource proxy custom expire time per url (JSON config).
  • Improved: external resource proxy “async script” injection capture debug information.


  • Bugfix: WebFontConfig not loaded for Google Fonts when pre set config omitted.
  • Bugfix: HTML entity encoded urls not handled correctly by proxy.
  • Bugfix: fonts.googleapis.com/css added to default ignore list for external CSS proxy (user agent based font serving).
  • Bugfix: proxy ignore / include list not applied on filters.
  • Bugfix: critical CSS quality test not displaying matching url.
  • Improved: crtical CSS quality test.
  • Improved: admin panel layout.
  • Added: external resource proxy preload urls for direct access to proxy cache files for captured “script injected” async resources.
  • Added: external resource proxy custom url (e.g. nginx proxy).
  • Added: Critical CSS conditions for WordPress taxonomy and WooCommerce.
  • Added: optimization plugin module for nginx-helper (Nginx fastcgi cache plugin).
  • Disabled plugin for AMP pages. (@RebellionNT1)


  • Improved: external resource proxy support for protocol relative urls.


  • Improved: external resource proxy support for local files, mime type check for security and forward of unproxied requests.
  • Added: write permission check for critical CSS storage file.


  • Bugfix: bug in external resource proxy for external resources with query string in HTML.


  • Bugfix: full CSS extraction for pages with query string.
  • Bugfix: admin PageSpeed menu not disabled.
  • Bugfix: removed stripslashes on conditional CSS.
  • Improved Above the fold client javascript.
  • Improved full CSS extraction.
  • Improved cleanup on plugin removal.
  • Debug javascript moved to seperate file to save data for non-debug requests.
  • Removed /* Above The Fold v...*/ comment tag in HTML (use debug mode for an enhanced tag)
  • Removed depency for the plugin Google Webfont Optimizer.
  • Removed Localize Javascript (replaced by external file proxy)
  • Added conditional Critical CSS for individual posts, post types, pages, page types, categories, tags and more.
  • Added Critical CSS quality tester to detect a flash of unstyled content (FOUC).
  • Added integrated Google Web Font Optimization.
  • Added external file proxy for javascript and CSS files with script-injection capture to pass the Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content rule from Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Added (admin only) warning in HTML when critical CSS is empty.
  • Added page related cache (e.g. full page cache or minification cache) clear tool for supported plugins with modular support for other plugins.
  • Appended Google documentation links with ?hl= query based on WordPress locale.
  • Support for many optimization plugins with modular support to add compatibility with any existing optimization or minification plugin.
    ⋅⋅⋅Some of the supported plugins include:
    ⋅⋅* Autoptimize
    ⋅⋅* W3 Total Cache
    ..* WP Super Cache
    ..* WP Fastest Cache
    ..* Cache Enabler (KeyCDN.com)
    ..* Better WordPress Minify
    ..* WP Super Minify
    Click here for a list with supported plugins.


  • Improved Javascript localization modules.
  • Fixed bug in Javascript localization modules. (@jghrgtyec)


  • Repair of previous incomplete update.


  • Improved Javascript localization.
  • Fixed bug in Javascript localization module for Facebook sdk.js.
  • Added Javascript localization module for Facebook Tag API. (fbevents.js)
  • Added lazy loading for inline scripts. (e.g. Facebook like and Twitter follow buttons)



  • Removed server-side critical path CSS generator.
  • Improved admin toolbar.
  • Updated loadCSS to v1.2.0
  • Bugfix Localize Javascript module for old Google Analytics ga.js. (@RebellionNT1)


  • Minor improvements.


  • Buf fix. (@drazon)


  • Repair of previous incomplete update.


  • Added support for old PHP versions.


  • Automatic cache reset of W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache after plugin update.
  • Advanced CSS editor with CSS Lint.


  • Caching bug fix.


  • Bug fix (re-order of plugin execution for ob_start stack).


  • Added CSS render delay option.


  • Added javascript header comments for version/cache related debugging.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Settings link moved to Appearance menu.
  • Added demo code for Grunt.js + Penthouse.js Critical Path CSS generation.


  • Removed Node modules. (Penthouse.js) to reduce plugin size (install via npm install, see instructions)
  • Bugfix LocalizeJS module. (@poundnine)


  • Bug fixes & improvements. (@superpoincare)
  • Added javascript localization modules.


  • Repair of previous incomplete update.


  • Added javascript localization modules.


  • Added option to include Google fonts from @import within the CSS-code in Google Webfont Optimizer.
  • Added option to localize external javascript files.
  • Enhanced full-CSS extraction.


  • Added option to remove CSS files.
  • CSS extraction bug (old PHP versions).


  • Improved admin.
  • Online generator instructions.
  • Full CSS extraction.


  • Addslashes bug.


  • Code improvements.


  • Automated Critical Path CSS generation via Penthouse.js.
  • Automated inline CSS optimization via Clean-CSS.
  • Improved CSS delivery optimization.
  • Improved configuration.
  • Sourcecode published on Github.


  • The first version.