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Above The Fold Optimization

Above the fold optimization toolkit that enables to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 Score. Supports most optimization, minification and full page cache

This plugin is a toolkit for Above The Fold Optimization that enables to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 Score.

This plugin is compatible with most optimization, minification and full page cache plugins and can be made compatible with any plugin by creating a module extension.

Some of the supported plugins include: Autoptimize * W3 Total Cache * WP Super Cache * WP Fastest Cache * Cache Enabler (KeyCDN.com) * Better WordPress Minify * WP Super Minify * Click here for a list with supported plugins.

Warning: This plugin is not a simple 'on/off' plugin. It is a tool for optimization professionals and advanced WordPress users to achieve a Google PageSpeed 100 Score.

Critical CSS Management

The plugin contains a tool to manage Critical Path CSS for inline placement in the <head> of the HTML document. Read more about Critical CSS in the documentation by Google.

This article by a Google engineer provides information about the available methods for creating critical path CSS.

Conditional Critical CSS

The plugin contains a tool to configure tailored Critical Path CSS for individual posts, pages, page types and other conditions.

CSS Delivery Optimization

The plugin contains several tools to optimize the delivery of CSS in the browser. The plugin offers async loading of CSS via loadCSS and it offers an enhanced version of loadCSS that uses the requestAnimationFrame API following the recommendations by Google.

The plugin offers advanced options such as a render delay in milliseconds, the position to start CSS rendering (header or footer) and the removal of CSS files from the HTML. The plugin enables to capture and proxy external stylesheets for loading the files locally with optimized cache headers (see External Resource Proxy).

Javascript Load Optimization

The plugin contains a tool to optimize loading of javascript via an enhanced version of little-loader from Walmart Labs (reference) or a state of the art HTML5 Web Worker and Fetch API based script loader with localStorage cache. The tool contains a jQuery Stub and it enables async loading of all javascript files, optionally abiding WordPress dependency configuration.

The HTML5 script loader offers the following unique features:

  • 0 javascript file download during navigation
  • 0 javascript file download for returning visitors
  • abide WordPress dependencies
  • faster script loading than browser cache, especially on mobile

Saving javascript requests will result in a faster load speed for returning visitors.

Lazy Loading Javascript

The plugin contains a tool based on jQuery Lazy Load XT to lazy load javascript such as Facebook en Twitter social widgets.

Above The Fold Quality Tester

The plugin contains a tool to test the quality of the above the fold (critical path CSS) rendering and to detect a flash of unstyled content (FOUC).

Full CSS Extraction

The plugin enables the extraction of full CSS for use in Critical Path CSS generators.

External Resource Proxy

The plugin contains a tool to localize (proxy) external javascript and CSS resources such as Google Analytics and Facebook SDK to load the files locally with optimized cache headers to pass the "Leverage browser caching" rule from Google PageSpeed Insights. The proxy is able to capture "script-injected" async scripts and stylesheets to solve the problem without further configuration.

Web Font Optimization

The plugin contains a tool to optimize web fonts. The plugin automatically parses web font @import links in minified CSS files and <link> links in the HTML and loads the fonts via Google Web Font Loader.

Gulp.js Critical CSS Creator

The plugin contains a tool to manage Critical CSS Generator tasks that optionally automatically update WordPress Critical CSS. The tool is based on critical (by a Google engineer) and makes it possible for designers and less experienced WordPress users to create professional quality Critical CSS in just a few seconds. The tool is intended to make it more efficient to maintain perfect quality Critical CSS.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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