A2 Optimized WP


A2 Optimized is designed to make it quick and easy to speed up and secure your website by installing
and configuring several well known, stable plugins with the click of a few buttons.

Have you ever tried to configure W3 Total cache and got lost in the mess of configuration pages?

A2 Optimized has broken it down into the most valuable optimizations and will automatically configure
W3 Total Cache for what works best in most shared hosting environments.

Free Optimizations

Caching with W3 Total Cache:

  • Enable Page, Object and Database caching with W3 Total cache in one click.
  • Page Caching stores full copies of pages on the disk so that php code and database queries can be skipped by the web server.
  • Object Caching stores commonly used elements such as menus / widgets and forms on disk or in memory to speed up page rendering.
  • Database cache stores copies of common database queries on disk or in memcory to speed up page rendering.

Minify HTML Pages:

  • Auto Configure W3 Total Cache to remove excess white space and comments from html pages to compress their size.
  • This provides for minor imporvements in page load time.

Minify CSS Files:

  • Auto Configure W3 Total Cache to condense CSS files into non human-readable compressed files.
  • Combines multiple css files into a single download.
  • Can provide significant speed imporvements for page loads.

Minify JS Files:

  • Auto Configure W3 Total Cache to condense JavaScript files into non human-readable compressed files.
  • Combines multiple js files into a single download.
  • Can provide significant speed imporvements for page loads.

Gzip Compression:

  • Turns on gzip compression using W3 Total Cache.
  • Ensures that files are compressed before transfering them.
  • Can provide significant speed imporvements for page loads.
  • Reduces bandwidth required to serve web pages.

Deny Direct Access to Configuration Files and Comment Form:

  • Enables WordPress hardening rules in .htaccess to prevent browser access to certain files.
  • Prevents bots from submitting to comment forms.
  • Note: Turn this off if you use systems that post to the comment form without visiting the page.

Lock Editing of Plugins and Themes from the WP Admin:

  • Turns off the file editor in the wp-admin.
  • Prevents plugins and themes from being tampered with from the wp-admin.

A2 Hosting Exclusive Optimizations

These one-click optimizations are only available while hosted at A2 Hosting.

Login URL Change:

  • Move the login page from the default wp-login.php to a random URL.
  • Prevents bots from automatically brute-force attacking wp-login.php

reCAPTCHA on comments and login:

  • provides google reCAPTCHA on both the Login form and comments.
  • Prevents bots from automatically brute-force attacking wp-login.php
  • Prevents bots from automatically spamming comments.

Compress Images on Upload:

  • Enables and configures EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • Compresses images that are uploaded to save bandwidth.
  • Improves page load times: especially on sites with many images.

Turbo Web Hosting:

  • Take advantage of A2 Hosting’s Turbo Web Hosting platform.
  • Faster serving of static files.
  • Pre-compiled .htaccess files on the web server for imporved performance.
  • PHP OpCode cache enabled by default
  • Custom php engine that is faster than Fast-CGI and FPM

Memcached Database and Object Cache:

  • Database and Object cache in memory instead of on disk.
  • Secure and Faster Memcached using Unix socket files.
  • Significant improvement in page load times, especially on pages that can not use full page cache such as wp-admin.


  • A2 Optimized Optimizations Page
  • A2 Optimized Warnings Page
  • A2 Optimized Advanced Optimizations Page
  • About A2 Optimized Page


  1. Upload a2-optimized into the wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click ‘A2 Optimized’ in the admin menu
  4. Click buttons to enable optimizations
  5. Check out warnings that A2 Optimized has detected that may be slowing down your site
  6. Check out Advanced Optimizations that may help you identify plugins that may be slowing down your site.


How does A2 Optimized speed up my site

Caching is the fastest and easiest way to speed up a dynamic website.
A2 Optimized will install and configure W3 Total Cache with the click of a few buttons.

Does A2 Optimized make all sites faster

A2 Optimized will speed up most sites; however, not all plugins are compatible with W3 Total Cache.

If your site is slower after enabling caching in A2 Optimized,
talk to a developer about finding better solutions for the plugins that you are using.

Can I use A2 Optimized with WordFence

A2 Optimized is compatible with most of the features in WordFence, however you should disable caching and logging in WordFence.

Why use W3 Total Cache over WP Super Cache

W3 Total Cache is the only plugin that handles all types of caching. It caches frequently used database queries, objects and pages. It also allows the use of Memcached as a storage engine for cache.

Can I use A2 Optimized on any host

Yes. A2 Optimized works on any host that supports WordPress. Yes. A2 Optimized works on any host that supports WordPress; however, A2 Hosting provides a few more tools for speeding up your site when hosted on an A2 Hosting server.



DO NOT USE this version of this plugin. It will tell you to upgrade W3TC and if you do, it’ll break the whole site.

Hopefully a new version comes out soon but it looks like people have been having this problem for months.

A2Optimized WP by A2Hosting NOT WORKING !!!

Please i have a “Turbo web hosting plan” with A2Hosting and your much-hyped advertised and payed (because it has a cost, and also costs a lot) A2Optimized site and software accellerator

Use the latest WordPress v4.6.1 with latest PHP 7.0.13 with latest A2Optimized WP v2.0.4

Your “A2Optimized site and software accellerator” it slows down a lot my website and i have this error:

“The following memcached servers are not responding or not running:
Minify: unix:///opt/memcached/run/webcente/memcached-1.sock.
Database Cache: unix:///opt/memcached/run/webcente/memcached-1.sock.
Object Cache: unix:///opt/memcached/run/webcente/memcached-1.sock.
This message will automatically disappear once the issue is resolved.”

Always more than two users here and two months ago they have reported this issue and you not only have not solved the problem, but you have not even answered, you should be ashamed for your very very poor and unprofessional service and support !!!

Continue to advertise and pay us customers a service that is not working your “A2Optimized site and software accellerator” Which also updated very little (On the WorpPress the latest version of A2 Optimized WP is v2.0.4 and you have updated over two months ago and on CPanel the latest version of A2 Optimized Beta is in beta v1.9.11.3 and never communicated the date of the last update).

You have to stop teasing your customers and you have to solve the problem.

I look forward to your response and looking forward to the rest of the problem is solved very quickly because you know them already more than two months.

Slows WordPress Backend + W3TC & Memcached are BROKEN

What a joke! Since the new releases memcached and W3 Total Cache won’t work.
The sad thing is A2 is controlling both the A2 Optimized WP and W3 Total Cache.
In the WordPress backend/dashboard time how long it takes to open the ‘Pages’ menu item.
THEN disable A2 OPTIMIZED WP and retest. Notice that it opens in less than 1/3 the time when A2 OPTIMIZED WP is disabled. What is going on??!!?
A2 doesn’t even mention any of this in their knowledge base. But they have plenty of marketing of how great A2 OPTIMIZED WP, Memcached and W3 Total Cache are worth paying extra money for on their hosted service. What a scam. It seemed W3TC was going to actively developed but its clear A2 isn’t capable.

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Contributors & Developers

“A2 Optimized WP” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




*Added dmatteson as a plugin author


*added namespace class to css to prevent collision with other plugins


*minor bug fixes
*check for PHP version >= 5.3


*Move from SaaS to Full GPL