8tracks Radio: Official Shortcode Plugin


Much like other WordPress shortcodes do for YouTube or Vimeo, this plugin allows you to embed mixtapes from 8tracks.com in your posts and on your sidebar.


Some useful syntax examples:

  1. A Specific Mix [8tracks url=””]
  2. A Specific DJ [8tracks dj=”some username”]
  3. A Specific Collection [8tracks smart_id=”collection url”]
  4. A Collection of Mixes similar to the one you provide [8tracks similar=””]
  5. Random Collection from Tags [8tracks tags=”some, tags, here”]
  6. Random Collection using WP Category Name(s) as Tags [8tracks usecat=”yes”]
  7. Random Collection by Artist [8tracks artist=”some artist”]
  8. Random Collection from 8tracks’ Charts [8tracks sort=”recent, hot, popular”]


You can also add the ‘height’, ‘width’, ‘playops’, ‘artist’, ‘dj’, ‘similar’, ‘sort’, ‘smart_id’, ‘usecat’, ‘usetags’, and ‘tags’ parameters to the shortcode.
(There’s a help system in the visual editor button. I’d recommend looking there for useful examples.)

This would look like:

[8tracks url=”” height=”” width=”” playops=”” tags=”” artist=”” dj=”” sort=”” smart_id=””]

Height and Width are optional, and default to 250 and 300 respectively.
Height and Width for Collections defaults to 500 and 500.
Width for widgets is 100%.

Playops is optional, and can be set to ‘shuffle’, ‘autoplay’, or ‘shuffle+autoplay’.
These shuffle your mix, autostart your mix, or both.

Note about shuffle: Shuffle is done for each user - on first play - by 8tracks.
It's a randomized mix, but you can still exit and resume where you were.

NOTE: url cannot be used in conjunction with tags, artist, dj, or smart_id. This should be fairly straightforward, as these
allow you to search for sets of mixes, and url specifies a particular mix.


The short version:

  1. Visit the Plugins Section of your WordPress install and choose “add new.”
  2. Search for “8tracks shortcode.”
  3. Select “install now” and activate the plugin.

The longer version:

  1. Download the current version from: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/8tracks-shortcode/
  2. Visit the Plugins Section of your WordPress install and choose “add new.”
  3. Select “upload” from the links at the top, and then select the file you downloaded.
  4. Activate the plugin once the upload completes.

That’s it! Enjoy! 🙂


Can I customize the plugin’s output?

Yes! To help you customize the output via CSS, I’ve added a div around the iframes, which has this id: “tracks-div.”
The iframe has a class also: “tracks-iframe.”

Just add your custom CSS, and you’re good to go!

What’s the deal with Firefox and SSL?

So, you might notice that WordPress sites that serve over SSL don’t display 8tracks mixes correctly.
This is because the 8tracks player is hard-coded to serve images over http.
Chrome and Safari are OK with this kind of mixed content, but Firefox is not.
I’m lobbying 8tracks to change this, but, for now, this is a known problem. Sorry!


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Contributors & Developers

“8tracks Radio: Official Shortcode Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Sorry for the quick update. Reverting changes because of Firefox’s puritanical attitudes towards mixed content. I’ll lobby 8tracks to make some back-end changes, and then we can go back to the easy way. 😉


Removed kludgy use of is_ssl(), and now serve mixes with Relative URLs. Same effect, less code. 🙂


When it rains, it pours, right? Found a few bugs in WP Meta mixes, some dj and collection processing, and squished ’em. Some small tweaks to the editor menu’s appearance… we’ll get there.


Fixed some bugs with processing of WP categories and tags that were blocking lookups with 8tracks for some. Fixed the ‘new’ sort option, which was returning nothing from 8tracks. (There was an API change.)
Starting to make the editor button a little less of an eyesore. 😉


A few assorted tweaks to handling of SSL links, and improved processing of smart_ids. Flash support has been deprecated. All mixes will play using the HTML5 player.


Removed the Last.fm integration as it has been somewhat broken for some time due to changes in Last.fm’s API. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see it again at a later date!
Plugin will also detect whether you’re serving over http or https and adjust mix links accordingly. (Everyone hates mixed content errors…) 🙂


Added a new option that allows you to pull data from Last.fm to create collections of 8tracks mixes. This lives in the editor button and widget interfaces respectively. I’ve also added the ability to use list options with DJ collections in the widget (e.g. recommended mixes, listening history, etc.) Enjoy!


Fixed a bug with custom sorts. Updated readme to indicate 4.1 compatibility.


Now using API v3. Fixed a bug that was breaking certain types of tag, dj, and artist searches. Have also added options to use your WP categories and meta tags in your tag search. This functionality is found in a separate widget, as well as the visual editor button. A rewrite of the widget code might necessitate reconfiguring your 8tracks widgets. This is a one time thing (sorry!). There is also an option to generate a collection of mixes similar to one that you like. (This last is built on Echo Nest.) Finally, there’s a help system in the visual editor button. Enjoy!


You can now have the shortcode display random mixes by specifying tags, artists, or a specific dj. These features have also been added to the widget, and the button in the post editor. Support has also been added for the 8tracks’ new collection embeds (Example: http://8tracks.com/mix_sets/collection:645:favorite-artwork/player). It is also possible to customize the plugin’s output via CSS, as I have added an apply_filters call to the output. Enjoy!


Added a widget for placing 8tracks mixes in sidebars and footers. Also added a button to the tinymce editor which will help with adding mixes to your posts.


Fixed a typo that would prevent $playops from working in the HTML5 player. (Thanks, Justin S. of WordPress for catching it!)


Added an option to allow the user to specify whether s/he would like to use Flash or HTML5 to play mixes.
This will be the release version, if no bugs are found.


This version is the first pass at using 8tracks’ HTML5 player (player_v3_universal) rather than Flash.
If you find any bugs, please let me know. I’d love to get us away from Flash for good, one day. 🙂


Updated the plugin to append an API Key to requests for xml data from 8tracks (in keeping with their new key requirement).
This should resolve the “blank mix” problem, and let the rock (or hip hop/dubstep/smooth jazz) continue!


Lots of excellent security checking, courtesy of Justin S, developer at WordPress.com


Added some extra security checks on user-supplied URLs.


Modified syntax as some mix titles with special characters weren’t working when passed as $content.
Because of this, the ‘url’ parameter is back in and $content is out.
This will require a slight adjustment to any embedded mixes (see new syntax at top).


Replaced cURL with WordPress’ internal http API.
Removed unused ‘url’ value from 8tracks_shortcode array.


Fixed typo.
Added some code to convert all URL values to the numerical id style link to the same mix.


Added the “playops” parameter, which allows for shuffling and autoplaying.


Cleaned up a minor typo.
Removed an errant ‘\’ from the embedded code (did not affect functionality).


Initial release.