Submissions must be licensed as CC0. We hope that WP Photo Directory users will be able to use photos without cost or attribution, for any purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Resale
  • Marketing
  • Branding, etc .

If you are submitting content to the WP Photo Directory, we insist that you hold the copyright or other legal right for any photo you submit.

Image File

  • Minimum of 2000 by 2000 pixels in size
  • Maximum of 7500 by 7500 pixels in size
  • Between 1 and 20 MB in file size
  • JPEG format


The photo must be a photograph.
Avoid submitting screenshots, digital art, or some other kind of non-photographic image.
The photo must be a high-quality image.
Ideally your photo is of high quality composition, lighting, focus, and color. The image should be free of blur (for the primary subject), noise, lens flare, glare, and spots due to water or dirt on the lens.
The photo must not contain overlays.
Avoid overlaying your photo with watermarks, copyright notices, text, graphics, or borders.
The photo must not be over-processed or over-edited.
Submissions should be minimally processed. Some degree of corrections of color and contrast are fine, but please refrain from excessive adjustments and dramatic filters.
The photo must not be a collage.
Submissions shouldn’t be collages or a composite of multiple photos.
The photo must not contain extreme content.
WordPress is family friendly! Photos that depict violence, gore, hate, or sexual content will not be accepted.
The photo must not be predominantly text.
Avoid text as a significant element of the photo.
The photo must not be predominantly another piece of art.
Submissions must not reproduce the 2D artwork of others. This includes images of paintings, drawings, and graffiti. Please respect the rights of other artists.
The photo must not contain faces of people.
For legal reasons, at this time submissions can’t contain the faces of people.
The photo must not violate anyone’s privacy.
Submissions must not contain anything that could reveal the identity or private location of an individual. This includes a home address, a license plate, or any other form of personal identification.
The photo must not be a variation of something you’ve had published (or currently awaiting moderation) on the site.
Submissions must not be a slight variation such as being at a slightly different angle, different aspect ratio, different near-identical photo from a series of shots taken at roughly the same time, a similar attempt at the same shot, cropped out part of another photo, or a different edit.
The photo must not prominently feature branding or clearly branded products.
Submissions must not prominently feature branded subject matter to avoid the directory being used for promotional purposes or to imply endorsement by the WordPress project.


All submissions are held in moderation until reviewed by Photo Directory moderators for compliance with our guidelines. We reserve the right to reject submissions for reasons not explicitly listed in the guidelines, at any time. You’ll receive an email letting you know if your submission was approved or not.