Editor Command Palette

The Editor Command Palette is only available when you install and activate a Block theme on your site.

The Command Palette is part of the Site Editor and Post Editor and offers you a way to quickly navigate the content of your site and to invoke different actions such as:

  • Search for individual posts or pages and create new ones.
  • Search through templates, template parts and patterns.
  • Add custom CSS.
  • Access Styles and style revisions.
  • Transform and manipulate blocks.
  • Toggle settings and preferences.
  • Reset customisations.

How to access the Command Palette

To access the Command Palette, head to the Site Editor and click on the title, at the top center of the editor. Once the command line opens, you can start typing to search for the action or content you want.

You will also find it available when in the Site View in the sidebar by clicking on the search icon.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+k on Mac or Ctrl+k on Windows. Please note that the keyboard shortcut is not available in some environments at the moment.

List of available commands

Here’s a list of all available commands:

  • Edit Template when editing a page.
  • Back to page to return to editing a page from a template.
  • Reset template
  • Reset template part
  • Reset styles to default
  • Delete template
  • Delete template part
  • Toggle settings sidebar
  • Toggle block inspector
  • Toggle spotlight mode
  • Toggle distraction free
  • Toggle top toolbar
  • Open code editor
  • Exit code editor
  • Toggle list view
  • Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Editor preferences
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Show/Hide block breadcrumbs
  • Customize CSS
  • Style revisions
  • Open styles
  • Learn about styles to trigger the welcome guide for Styles
  • Reset styles
  • View site
  • View templates
  • View template parts
  • Open Navigation Menus
  • Rename Pattern
  • Duplicate Pattern
  • Manage all custom patterns

An up-to-date list of all the available commands can be found here.


Please watch the demo below for more details.

Registering custom commands

It is possible to extend the Command Palette by registering your own commands. You can read more details on how to register your own commands here.


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