Block Pattern Directory

The Block Pattern Directory is a resource for content creators who want to find more block patterns to use on their site to save time in creating content in unique layouts. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful way to present some images for your portfolio or a practical contact form section, the pattern directory has numerous options to pick from. It is available to content creators who have the ability to edit posts.

How to use the Block Directory 

How to search for patterns

  1. Navigate to
  2. You can then use either the categories available to narrow down options or use the “Search patterns” box to search for a specific pattern.
Image showing the categories to select from and a search box to more specifically search for patterns.

How to use a pattern on your site

  1. After searching and finding a pattern you like, hover over the pattern and select “Copy”.
  2. It will then be saved to your clipboard.
  3. From there, return to your page or post and use the paste functionality to add the pattern into your content.
  4. You can then customize the pattern as you see fit.
Image of a pattern in the pattern directory with the copy button visible and highlighted with a red arrow.

If you’re logged into your account, you can also mark items as favorite by selecting the heart icon.

Report a Pattern

If you find a pattern unusable or broken, has trademark issues or is inappropriate you can report the pattern, once you login with your user account.

  • On the bottom of each pattern, there is a “Report this pattern” link.
  • Click on the link and below form shows in an overlay window
  • Check one of the offered reasons that is the closest to your cause
  • provide details in the comment
  • Click on the blue Report button.

Reporting will not be

You will see a message on screen.


  • Updated 2022-03-23
    • Added Report this pattern section
    • Added link to the new page on how to submit patterns
    • Added Changelog
  • Created: 2021-07-20

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