Block Directory

The Block Directory is a new way block editor users discover, test and install new blocks for their website. It is only available to content creators who also have the capabilities to install and activate plugins.

How to use the Block Directory How to use the Block Directory

  1. Type a keyword in the search field of the Inserter, like “team” or “staff”.

In the background, the system first searches the current site and if it doesn’t find a block, it also searches in the Block Directory, a special corner of the WordPress plugin repository, where single block plugins are available. If it finds blocks, they will be displayed in the inserter, including a preview section.

  1. Decide which block to use and click the button “Add Block.”

In the background the single-block plugin is installed and activated, and the user can continue creating the team page.

  1. If the first choice not work out, you can go back to the search and select a different one that also will be installed.

Examples of tested single block plugins:

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How to uninstall the block How to uninstall the block

Installed block is the plugin. You can uninstall it from Plugins Screen.