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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Monitor and display registered users activity (logins, posts, comments, etc.). You can also track and prevent hackering attemps, with IP blacklisting.

How do I enable the user last logon on author or index page ?

Use <?php act_last_connect($author) ?> in author.php template, or <?php act_last_connect() ?> in index page. If you only want to display the last login date without any text, use <?php act_last_connect($author, 'no_text') ?>.

How do I add user activity on it's author page ?

Use <?php act_stream_user($author) ?> in author.php template

How do I set the events number or the title when not using the widget ?

this function accepts two parameters :

<?php act_stream(number,title) ?>

defaults are :

  • number = 30
  • title = Recent Activity (translated by .mo)

Shortcode use

[ACT_STREAM number="" title=""]

defaults are :

  • number = no limit
  • title = Recent Activity (translated by .mo)

I blacklisted my own IP address, or I can't login anymore since I activated the blacklisting !

Just rename or delete the wp-activity directory in wp-content/plugins/, and you should be able to access to your blog.

The Blacklist tab is disabled in admin panel

Before settings blacklist options, you need to activate logon failures log (in the previous tab).

How do I avoid erasing css tweaks when I update the plugin ?

Just put a copy of wp-activity.css in your theme dir, it will be processed instead of the css file included with the plugin.

How do I display all activity ?

You must specify "-1" in number parameter. All activity stored in database will be returned.

How do I change author page links ?

Change the value in the plugin administration, under display options tab.

How do I Change the events generic icons ?

Just change the icons in the /img directory, but keep the event name (example : to change the login/connect event icon, change the icon named CONNECT.png - names must be in capitals). If events don't have related icons, you can add it by naming an icon from the event name. I used Fugue Icons - shadowless version for generic icons.

I added a post and changed the author, and the activity logs have changed too. How could I disable this ?

You will have to edit wp-activity.php, check line 32 and set $strict_logs to true.

= How can I change the search field filter in admin activity log by the user list ?

You will have to edit wp-activity.php and change the value for the $act_user_filter_max var (near line 33).

I exported data to a csv file but there are ugly characters in MS Excel !

This is a known excel bug : when you open a .csv file in Excel, it forces the use of the local encoding set (WINDOWS-1252 for French) and not UTF-8. To avoid this, you will have to rename the file extension from .csv to .txt, open Excel, do File/Open and open the wp-activity.txt. The csv import assistant will now launch, allowing you to set the encoding to UTF-8.

I would like to display more or less than 50 lines per page in admin panel of wp_activity

You have to modify the $act_list_limit var line 31 of wp-activity.php.

I don't need the last login column in user list or I don't need the last login failures in admin panel

You have to modify the $no_admin_mess var line 33 of wp-activity.php and set it to true.

I use custom posts, and the activity related to them is not logged !

Unless custom posts are not processed by WordPress the same way as regular posts, I can't track custom posts changes (or I don't know how).

I have a poor hosting, is your plugin a big fat resources consumer ?

I also have a poor hosting, so I try to keep my plugin as light as I can ; the admin scripts and css files are only loaded when needed. Best-Performance tips :

  • Don't use Gravatars as they generate more sql queries and are slower to display.
  • If you don't use frontend login form, check the 'blacklist on wp-login.php only' option. If you want to blacklist an IP address on all your blog, use htaccess filtering instead.
  • Don't activate activity RSS feed.
  • Unckeck the events you don't want to monitor.

Do you really test your plugin before publishing new versions at the WordPress Plugin Repository ?

Hum. I'm testing it on two WordPress installations (local WAMP and online test site), and I send my beta versions to my favorite tester. But even with that, some bugs stay present. That's why there is often updates that just fix the previous ones... Sorry for that. If you want to be sure it's debugged, you can wait a few days for a x.x.1 version release.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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