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ManageWP Worker

ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently manage your websites.


  • New: Multisite backup support for ManageWP Orion.


  • Fix: Core updates not showing correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: Better memory limit handling.
  • Fix: SpamShield plugin compatibility.


  • Fix: Compatibility with WordPress 4.7.


  • Fix: Plugin/theme updates not showing correctly in some cases.


  • Fix: Connectivity issues caused by non-UTF-8 characters.


  • Improvement: Symlink support for Orion backups.


  • New: Support for translation updates.
  • Improvement: White Label option allows to separate editing from install/update.
  • Improvement: Full PHP7 compatibility.


  • Improvement: Detection of child theme updates.


  • Improvement: Reduced Worker memory footprint during sync by 50%.
  • Improvement: Better handle available updates in some special cases.
  • Fix: Fixed sync issues with sites using Shield plugin.
  • Fix: Correctly remove child themes in some special cases.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug that showed false positives when updating multiple plugins.


  • Improvement: Multisite support has been heavily improved and implemented in Orion.


  • Improvement: Now the sync process is faster and more reliable.
  • Improvement: Updating plugins/themes has also been enhanced.
  • Improvement: The plugin is now able to self recover deleted files without failing any requests before that.
  • Improvement: The incremental update feature has been improved.
  • Fix: Better PHP7 support.
  • Fix: The "nonce already used" error message is fixed in some cases where it was due to a plugin conflict.


  • Improvement: Website wp-admin login is now faster,
  • Fix: Certain cases where logging into an HTTP website with an HTTPS wp-admin did not log you in properly.
  • Fix: Redeclare error that caused a plugin update to report a false negative.


  • Improvement: With a few improvements we are fully compatible with Pantheon.
  • Fix: Previous problems with the false-positive theme and plugin updates have been resolved. These updates will now be performed fully.
  • Fix: You will no longer receive an unhandled exception error message regarding the unlink of a directory in the Worker plugin.


  • Fix: Comments with non-UTF-8 characters no longer have issues with sync.


  • Improvement: Hardened the ManageWP Worker recovery mode, which allows it to automatically resync to your ManageWP dashboard after a crash. That's one small step for mankind, one giant leap for Skynet.
  • Improvement: Incorrect syntax used to define plugin and content directories no longer prevents ManageWP Orion from adding these directories to the backup archive.
  • Fix: Updates not showing up on websites with WPMU DEV plugins. Well, technically it's a workaround and not a fix, since the previous fix didn't fix things, but nobody reads these changelogs anyway. Oh you do? Sorry about that, then. /highfive
  • Fix: ManageWP Worker plugin losing the white label setting in certain specific scenarios.


  • Improvement: Post revision cleanup is now faster & furiouser (is that even a word?)
  • Improvement: Reduced the number of queries for non-ManageWP requests (e.g. frontpage load) by roughly 80%
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with WPMU DEV plugins that prevented updates from showing up on the ManageWP dashboard
  • Fix: Several connectivity issues caused by non-UTF-8 characters
  • Fix: Admin login bug


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with the wpShopGermany plugin. Ausgezeichnet!


  • Improvement: Due to popular demand, a number of improvements have been made to the backup script, making it more stable.
  • Fix: Plugin/theme updates double-crossing you with a false positive, even though the updates have not been performed.
  • Fix: Database optimization not doing what it is told.
  • Added: A sense of humor to an otherwise boring changelog.


  • Fix: Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • New: Added functionality for plugin/theme management
  • Improvement: Improved Worker performance
  • Fix: Improved the Orion incremental backup compatibility
  • Fix: Improved the one-click login functionality to work with some special cases
  • Fix: Improved the plugin/theme update functionality


  • Fix: Incremental backup table dump improvement
  • Fix: Incremental backup file listing improvements
  • Fix: Better recovery system for the Worker
  • Fix: Improved the incremental updating system of the Worker


  • Fix: Improved compatibility with other plugins


  • Fix: Some minor fixes.


  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins


  • Fix: Improved one-click login


  • Fix: Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins


  • Fix: Improved the ManageWP incremental backup system


  • Fix: Updated the ignore list for backups


  • Fix: Some minor fixes and improvements.


  • Fix: Fix an issue where the plugin would not work properly if the OpenSSL extension was corrupted


  • New: Expired transient cleaner
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fix: Improve plugin installation


  • Add translation domain for WordPress plugin repository.


  • Fix: Improve support for non UTF8 encoded file names for incremental backups
  • Fix: Fix an issue where valid keys were rejected on some specific configurations.


  • Fix: Fix issue where the plugin did not return error codes when the remote call is not authenticated, which resulted in techie-talk error messages.


  • Fix: Improve available update detection when working with plugins that hook onto WordPress update API.


  • Fix: Improve available update detection.
  • Fix: Improve the incremental ManageWP Worker plugin updating system.


  • Fix: Potential security issue patched.
  • Fix: Optimize spam comment cleanup time.
  • Fix: Numerous improvements for incremental backup system.
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fix: Improve available update detection.


  • Fix: Optimize memory usage with incremental backups.
  • Fix: Improve compatibility on sites with open_basedir restriction.
  • Fix: Numerous other fixes and improvements.



  • New: Add automatic recovery process when the ManageWP Worker plugin update gets interrupted on some server setups.
  • Fix: Fix maintenance mode on some WordPress setups.
  • Fix: Fix issue when a wrong backup file was being deleted.
  • Fix: Fix issues when sites got disconnected from ManageWP Orion.



  • Fix: Fix database backup functionality on servers without mysqldump.
  • Fix: Fix incremental backups on PHP 5.2.


  • The following changelog is for ManageWP Orion only.
  • Fix: Fix PHP database dumper fallback in incremental backups.
  • Fix: Fix restore functionality on some server setups.


  • Fix: Fix incremental backup issue when dealing with deep symlinks.
  • Fix: Slightly increase memory limit if needed, after successfully adding a website.



  • Fix: Improve compatibility with some plugin updates in ManageWP Orion.


  • Fix: Show custom message when the plugin can not destroy active ManageWP Orion sessions when logging out.


  • New: Destroy all admin sessions started from ManageWP Orion when a user logs out from the dashboard.
  • Fix: Improve update detection.


  • Fix: Improve white-labeling.
  • Fix: Better compatibility with development builds of WordPress.
  • Fix: Improve one-click restore functionality on non-English installations of WordPress.


  • Fix: Better detect available updates
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins


  • Fix: Fix update functionality on some installations that use FTP credentials
  • Fix: Fix Google Drive uploading on installations without cURL PHP extension


  • New: Make the ManageWP Worker plugin upgradable through the dashboard widget
  • Fix: Improve auto-connect functionality with ManageWP Orion


  • Fix: Fix single-click restore functionality


  • Fix: Fix issues related to cloning and backup restoration
  • Fix: Improve precision of the hit counter
  • Fix: Improve compatibility with other plugins
  • Fix: Numerous small improvements and fixes


  • Fix: Misc bug fixes and performance improvements



  • New: Fully compatible with WordPress 4.0
  • New: Adding websites to your ManageWP Dashboard is now easier than ever
  • Fix: Backup tool improvements (especially for websites located on Rackspace)
  • Fix: Various Clone/Migration tool improvements and fixes
  • Fix: SEO PDF report visual enhancement
  • Fix: Various interface improvements and fixes


  • New: Worker plugin is now 36% faster and uses 83% less memory
  • New: Backup no longer relies on WordPress cron
  • New: New Server-Client communication fixing some of the previous issues
  • New: Notes and Recent backups widgets
  • New: Refreshed app interface :)


  • New: Control WordPress Automatic Background Updates for plugins and themes!
  • Fix: Tweaks to SFTP support for backups and clone
  • Fix: Enhancements to Backup and Branding features


  • New: SFTP support for backups and clone!
  • Fix: Database dump for backup tasks with defined socket path or port number in wp-config.php
  • Fix: Optimize WordPress tables before backup
  • Fix: Compatibility with Better WP Security
  • Fix: Not adding jQuery on front page while using branding option


  • New: Improved branding feature
  • New: Disable Plugin and Theme changes for your clients
  • New: Support Page for non-Admin Users
  • New: Manage biographical info of user
  • Fix: Restore backup action keeps all backup tasks and backups
  • Fix: Add/delete post action uses WordPress hook
  • Fix: Delete user action was not functioning properly


  • New: Improved Worker branding feature
  • Fix: Traffic alerts feature was not functioning properly
  • Fix: Backup information was sometimes incorrectly displayed
  • Fix: DB Table overhead was not shown on the dashboard


  • New: Better support for large database dumps
  • Fix: PHP notice for WordPress 3.5
  • Fix: Support for automatic backup reports
  • Fix: Incorrect backup result message for S3 large files


  • New: SEO reports can be branded and viewed by sharing an URL
  • New: Set custom database prefix for new clone destination
  • New: Automatic change all URL paths for new clone destination
  • New: Success and fail email notifications for scheduled backup tasks
  • Fix: Improved scheduled backups for limited server resources
  • Fix: Improved backup to Dropbox (now supporting larger backup files)
  • Fix: Handling of external images with bulk posting
  • Fix: Display plugin versions on manage plugins
  • Fix: Deprecated get_themes function
  • Fix: Special characters support for notes


  • New: Backup support for Google Drive
  • New: Keyword tracking limit increased from 5 to 20 times the website limit (ie. with 25 website account you can now track the ranking for 500 keywords!)
  • New: Support for Google Analytics API 3.0
  • New: Website preview screenshot
  • New: Ability to assign a newly added website to existing Backup tasks (under "advanced" in add website dialogue)
  • Fix: Clone tool now supports special characters and localized WP installs
  • Fix: Backup history preserved on website re-add



  • New: ManageWP iOS app compatibility
  • New: Perform security and performance test as you add websites
  • New: New comment handling screen


  • New: Improved mechanism for refreshing website stats. You should have fresh information every 4 hours without refreshing now
  • Fix: Categories now showing properly in Manage posts
  • Fix: Website stats now ignore uptime monitoring pings


  • New: Pagelines themes added to the list of partners
  • New: Comprehensive website performance scan tool
  • New: You can now bulk edit posts/pages (updating that contact info will become piece of cake)
  • New: Upload and save your premium plugins/themes in your personal repository for quick installation
  • New: Run code snippets now get a repository. Save your snippets and share them with other users
  • New: SEO reports can now be sorted. Export as CSV and PDF reports.
  • New: Manage Blogroll links
  • New: Clean post revisions now has an option to save last x revisions when cleaning
  • New: Bulk delete na posts/pages/links
  • Fix: Amazon S3 backups failing


  • New: Add your favorite sites to the Favorites bar (just drag&drop them to the small heart on the top)
  • New: Entirely new website menu loaded with features and tools
  • New: Manage Posts and Pages across all sites in a more efficient way
  • New: Support for all WPMU.org premium plugin updates
  • New: Complete Dropbox integration through Oauth which allows us to restore/delete Dropbox backups directly
  • New: We have the user guide as PDF now. [Download] (http://managewp.com/files/ManageWP_User_Guide.zip)


  • New: Option to "Run now" backup tasks
  • New: Traffic alerts functionality
  • New: Support for Genesis premium theme updates
  • Fix: In some circutmsances .htaccess was not correctly zipped in the backup archive


  • New: Full range of SEO Statistics now trackable for your websites (Google Page Rank and Page Speed, Backlinks and 20+ more)
  • New: Google keyword rank tracking with history
  • New: Uptime monitoring (5 min interval with email/SMS notification)
  • New: Insights into server PHP error logs right in your dashboard
  • New: Remote maintenance mode for your websites
  • Fix: A bug when a completed backup was reported as failed



  • Added bucket location for Amazon S3 backups
  • Better backup feature for larger sites
  • Added Disable compression to further help with larger sites
  • Backing up wp-admin, wp-includes and wp-content by default now, other folders can be included manually


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Backup, clone, favorites functionality improved


  • Supporting updates for more premium plugins/themes
  • Backup notifications (users can now get notices when the backup succeeds or fails)
  • Support for WordPress 3.3
  • Worker Branding (useful for web agencies, add your own Name/Description)
  • Manage Groups screen
  • Specify wp-admin path if your site uses a custom one
  • Amazon S3 backups support for mixed case bucket names
  • Bulk Add Links has additional options
  • Better Multisite support
  • Option to set the number of items for Google Analytics
  • ManageWP backup folder changed to wp-content/managewp/backups


  • New widget on the dashboard - Backup status
  • New screen for managing plugins and themes (activate, deactivate, delete, add to favorites, install) across all sites
  • New screen for managing users (change role or password, delete user) across all sites
  • Option to overwrite old plugins and themes during bulk installation
  • Your website admin now loads faster in ManageWP
  • Added API for premium theme and plugin updates


  • Conversion goals integration
  • Update notifications
  • Enhanced security for your account
  • Better backups
  • Better update interface
  • Full changelog


  • Fixed problem with cron schedules


  • Improved dashboard performance
  • Fixed bug with W3TC, we hope it is fully comptabile now
  • Improved backup feature
  • Various other fixes and improvements


  • Now supporting scheduled backups to Amazon S3 and Dropbox
  • Revamped cloning procedure
  • You can now have sites in different colors
  • W3 Total Cache comptability improved


  • Included support for WordPress 3.2 partial updates


  • Fixed problem with full backups
  • Fixed problem with wordpress dev version upgrades


  • Support for sub-users (limited access users)
  • Bulk add user
  • 'Select all' feature for bulk posting
  • Featured image support for bulk posting
  • Reload button on the dashboard (on the top of the Right now widget) will now refresh information about available updates
  • Fixed a problem with the import tool
  • Fixed a problem when remote dashboard would not work for some servers


  • New feature: Up to 50% faster dashboard loading
  • New feature: You can now ignore WordPress/plugin/theme updates
  • New feature: Setting 'Show favicon' for websites in the dashboad
  • New feature: Full backups now include WordPress and other folders in the root of the site
  • Fixed: Bug with W3 TotalCache object cache causing weird behaviour in the dashboard
  • Fixed: All groups now show when adding a site


  • New feature: Bulk add links to blogroll
  • New feature: Manual backups to email address
  • New feature: Backup requirements check (under Manage Backups)
  • New feature: Popup menu for groups allowing to show dashboard for that group only
  • New feature: Favorite list for plugins and themes for later quick installation to multiple blogs
  • New feature: Invite friends
  • Fixed: problem with backups and write permissions when upload dir was wrongly set
  • Fixed: problem adding sites where WordPress is installed in a folder
  • Fixed: 408 error message problem when adding site
  • Fixed: site time out problems when adding site
  • Fixed: problems with some WP plugins (WP Sentinel)
  • Fixed: problems with upgrade notifications


  • Fixed 408 error when adding sites
  • Added support for IDN domains
  • Fixed bug with WordPress updates
  • Added comment moderation to the dashboard
  • Added quick links for sites (menu appears on hover)


  • Added seach websites feature
  • Enhanced dashboard actions (spam comments, post revisions, table overhead)
  • Added developer [API] (http://managewp.com/api "ManageWP API")
  • Improved Migrate/Clone site feature


  • Fixed remote dashboard problems for sites with redirects
  • Fixed IE7 issues in the dashboard


  • Fixed problem with capabilities


  • New interface
  • SSL security protocol
  • No passwords required
  • Improved clone/backup


  • Initial public release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 300,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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