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WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS lets you include the latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript libraries in your WordPress site.

How can I install the plugin?

This plugin should install as any other WordPress.org respository plugin.

  1. Browse to Plugins -> Add Plugin
  2. Search: WordPress Bootstrap CSS
  3. Click Install
  4. Click to Activate.

Alternatively using FTP:

  1. Download the zip file using the download link to the right.
  2. Extract the contents of the file and locate the folder called 'wordpress-bootstrap-css' containing the plugin files.
  3. Upload this whole folder to your '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  4. From the plugins page within WordPress locate the plugin 'WordPress Bootstrap CSS' and click Activate

A new menu item will appear on the left-hand side called 'Twitter Bootstrap'. Click this menu and select Bootstrap CSS.

Select the CSS file as desired.

How can I remove the ads and marketing links?

Our bread and butter is iControlWP multiple WordPress site management, which costs a few cents a month. Whenever you use iControlWP to manage your sites and your site is connected to the service, the plugin will automatically remove all marketing / ads from the admin interface.

So by using our services, you get a great service for one, and also support us by contributing and helping with the ongoing development of our plugins.

To understand why it makes sense to financially support free plugin development, please read: http://blog.pinboard.in/2011/12/don_t_be_a_free_user/

How can I use the WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes?

I've put a full demo page of all the fully support shortcodes in this plugin: Complete WordPress Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes demo page

What are all the parameters for all the shortcodes?

For all the shortcodes simply type help="y" and preview your post - it will print a box for you showing all parameters, their default values and an explanation where appropriate.

The WordPress Shortcodes aren't getting processed properly - why?

You need to enable the shortcodes feature in the options page. This is a performance optimization so that people who don't need it don't have to process it. Also, some require the Bootstrap Javascript library to be loaded so enable that also if you require it.

Why was Twitter ("Legacy") Bootstrap v1.4.0 support dropped from the plugin in v2.0.3?

Time and resources. The work to maintain it and ensure it's bug-free was getting too great.

I've explained a bit more in this support forum post here.

Can I link more than one CSS?

No. There's no point in doing that and serves only to add a performance penalty to your page loads.

With version 0.4+, you can now add your own custom reset CSS that will follow the standard reset/Twittter Bootstrap CSS.

What happens if uninstall this plugin after I design a site with it installed?

In all likelihood your site design/layout will change. How much so depends on which CSS you used and how much of your own customizations you have done.

Why does my site not look any different?

There are severals reasons for this, most likely it is that you or your WordPress Theme has defined all the styles already in such a manner that the CSS applied with this plugin is overwritten.

CSS is hierarchical. This means that any styles defined that apply to an element that already has styles applied to it will take precedence over any previous styles.

Is WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS compatible with caching plugins?

The only caching plugin that iControlWP recommends, and has decent experience with, is W3 Total Cache.

This plugin will automatically flush your W3TC cache when you save changes on this plugin (assuming you have the other plugin installed).

Otherwise, consult your caching program's documentation.

How can I remove the debug HTML comment?

We add a debug HTML comment right before the Bootstrap file(s) are inserted. This helps debug frontend issues with the plugin. You can get rid of this easily using any sort of minify plugin or using a line of code in your theme functions.php

add_filter( 'icwp_wptb_show_debug_comment', '__return_false' );

Do you make any other plugins?

We also created the Multiple WordPress Site Manager (iControlWP) to make it easier for you manage all your WordPress sites in one place.

Yes, we created Custom Content By Country plugin that lets you display content to users in specific regions.

Is the CSS "minified"?

Yes, but only in the case of Yahoo! YUI 2/3, and Twitter Bootstrap CSS.

You now have the option to enable minified CSS or not.

My Popover/Tooltip doesn't seem to work and it's generating Javascript errors in the console

This is likely due to you not linking to the latest version of JQuery. Twitter Bootstrap requires the latest version (v1.7.2 at the time of writing). There is now ( plugin v2.0.3.1+ ) an option to replace the JQuery of your WordPress installation with the latest version served from Google CDN. Try this if you're having issues with Popovers etc., or better yet upgrade your WordPress to the latest version.

Requires: 3.2.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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