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User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Posts enables your visitors to submit posts and images from anywhere on your site.

Can you add this feature or that feature?

Please check the premium version of the plugin, which includes many of the most commonly requested features from users. The free version may incorporate some new features as well in future updates.

Images are not uploaded or displaying

There are several things that can interfere with uploading files:

  • Check the permission settings on the upload folder(s) by ensuring that you can successfully upload image files thru the Media Uploader.
  • Double-check that all the image-upload settings make sense, and that the images being uploaded meet the specified requirements.

Note: when changing permissions on files and folders, it is important to use the least-restrictive settings possible. If you have to use more permissive settings, it is important to secure the directory against malicious activity. For more information check out: Secure Media Uploads

Update: new posts at WP-Mix that should be useful for this: Display all images attached to post and Display images with links

How to set submitted image as the featured image?

Visit the "Options" panel in the plugin settings and select "Set Uploaded Image as Featured Image". Note that this setting merely assigns the submitted image as the Featured Image for the post; it's up to your theme's single.php file to include the_post_thumbnail() to display the Featured Images. Update: I've posted a quick tutorial at WP-Mix.

How to require login?

Here's a quick tutorial for requiring user login for any plugin.

Here is another way of doing it (customize as needed):

if (is_user_logged_in()) {
    // the user is logged in, so display the submission form
    if (function_exists('user_submitted_posts')) user_submitted_posts();
} else { 
    // the user is not logged in, so redirect to any URL and exit
    header('Location: http://example.com/');

Also check out Members-only content via shortcode at WP-Mix.

How do I change the appearance of the submission form?

Custom CSS may be used to change the appearance of the submission form. By default, there are two pre-styled forms (HTML5 and Classic) that may be selected from the "Options" panel. Once you've selected one of these, you may customize the CSS by editing either "usp.css" (for HTML5 form) or "usp-classic.css" (for Classic form) located in the plugin's /resources/ directory.

Alternately, check to disable the stylesheet for the "Form style" setting in the plugin's "Options" panel. That will ensure that any existing CSS styles are not applied, leaving you with a blank (unstyled) slate with which to work. Then you may customize the form's appearance by adding CSS to your theme's stylesheet, style.css (or elsewhere).

How do I manually modify the submission form?

To make changes to the submission form, edit either submission-form-classic.php or submission-form.php, depending on your settings (see "Form style" in the "Options" panel).

Will this work with my theme

USP is designed to work with any compatible theme running on WordPress version 3.3 or better.

What about security and spam?

USP uses the WordPress API to keep everything secure, and includes a captcha and hidden field to stop spam and bots.

Can I include video?

The free version of the plugin supports only image uploads, but some hosted videos may be included in the submitted content (textarea) by simply including the video URL on its own line. See this page for more info.

More Questions & Answers

Question: "I'm using the user submitted post plugin, and i'm realy loving it.. But i have some trouble with the page speed, when i analyse my site with google page speed i get the following errors: Remove Javascript-code that block loading of the site [...] Anf optimize CSS appearense."

Answer: Sure, there is an "Include JavaScript?" setting to enable/disable the JavaScript. For the CSS, select the option to "Disable stylesheet" under the "Form style" setting. That gives you full control over when and where scripts and styles are included on the page.

Question: "i want to know where i find the informations that the user insert (specially his name and email that he insert in the form of user submitted post) , or i want to know the name of the table in data base."

Answer: No database table is created but the option for the user's name is "usp_name". There is no option for the user's email.

Question: "In your FAQs you mention about a paid version that allows a video field? i cant find any further information on it? Is there a way i can add this to the form?"

Answer: It's available at Plugin Planet. And/or as a workaround in the free version, you can use WP's built-in oEmbed functionality to allow visitors to include video URLs and WP will then embed automatically in the posts.

Question: "I'm new to wordpress and just installed your plugin User Submitted posts. What template do I add the code to have it work everywhere."

Answer: It really depends on the theme, as each tends to use template files differently.. it also depends on where on the page you would like to display the form, for example the sidebar (sidebar.php), the footer (footer.php), and so forth. Also, chances are that you'll need to add the form to more than one template file, for example index.php and page.php, etc. A good first place to try would be the sidebar, or maybe index.php and then go from there.

Question: "I have the option for multiple image uploads enabled in the plug-in settings however it does not work on the site. When you click on the Add another image text nothing happens."

Answer: The "Add another image" link is dependent on the required JavaScript being included in the page. Check the plugin setting to "Include JavaScript?" and you should be good to go.

Question: "I really like the new Rich Text editor, but the Add Media button only shows up if I'm logged in to the site, and so nobody else can see it. Is there a way to change that so that all readers wanting to submit something can use that button?"

Answer: As far as I know the user must be logged in to have access to file uploads, Media Library and the uploader. This is a security measure aimed at preventing people who don't know what they're doing from making a horrible, horrible mistake. Never allow open access to file uploads.

Question: "Im trying to use your plugin, User Submitted posts but when I upload images via the form, they dont actually upload. I was wondering if you could help me with this?"

Answer: Some things to check:

  1. Read the readme.txt file
  2. Are the images uploaded to the WP Media Library?
  3. Are you able to upload images directly via the Media Library?
  4. Do you see the image URL as a custom field (on Edit Post screen)?

That should help troubleshoot or get some clues going.

Question: "I have it set so that articles get submitted under the users name. Sometimes when a user submits an article the article gets submitted under the users name, and other times set as the default user as set in the settings. When the article gets set to the default user I cannot change it in wordpress, I need to copy and paste the whole article to a new article and then set it to the proper user."

Answer: The registered username of the submitter can be used for post author only when they are logged in to WP (otherwise it's difficult to "guess" their identity). So if a registered user does not log in and guest posting is enabled, their post will be submitted with the submitted name as the post author. Thus, to resolve the dilemma posed in the question, one solution is to require users to be logged in to submit posts.

Question: "How do I create a custom submission form?"

Answer: Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the file, submission-form.php from the /views/ directory
  2. Paste the file, submission-form.php into the /custom/ directory
  3. Inside of the new "custom" file, locate both instances of "Your URL" (there are two), and change them to whatever is required
  4. Lastly, visit the plugin settings and change "Form style" to "Custom form + CSS" (Don't forget to save your changes )

Or, to go further with unlimited custom forms check out USP Pro :)

Question: I am having a hard time uploading photos from certain mobile devices, such as iPhone et al.

Answer: There are many variables involved with uploading images, so it is difficult to just "guess" at a solution. I do, however, know that some devices have a higher resolution for images, so a possible fix is to adjust the plugin's min/max width/height settings.

Question: How can I translate this plugin?

Answer: There are many ways to translate, depending on your setup, skill level, etc. The easiest way that I know of is to install and use Loco Translate, which makes translating about as easy as it can be.

Question: Why doesn't the USP shortcode work when added to the WP Text widget?

Answer: By default, WordPress does not enable shortcodes in widgets. I have added a plugin setting called "Enable Shortcodes" that will enable any/all shortcodes to work in widgets. Enable that setting and you should be good to go. Note: the "Enable Shortcodes" setting applies to all shortcodes, even those of other plugins.

Got questions?

To ask a question, visit the USP Homepage or contact me.

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


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