WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting for embedding source code within pages or posts.

Steven A. Zahm 10,000+ active installs Tested with 4.7.4 Updated 5 months ago

Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter

Simple post syntax-highlighted code using the EnlighterJS Javascript Plugin.

Andi Dittrich 5,000+ active installs Tested with 4.7.4 Updated 5 months ago

Kindeditor For WordPress

Kindeditor for wordpress

hevin 3,000+ active installs Tested with 4.1.17 Updated 2 years ago


WP-CodeBox provides clean syntax highlighting and AJAX advanced features for embedding source code within pages…

Eric Wang 1,000+ active installs Tested with 2.8.6 Updated 7 years ago

Better WordPress Syntax Highlighter

This plugin allows you to highlight code syntax in your posts. There are plenty of…

Khang Minh 400+ active installs Tested with 3.7.20 Updated 4 years ago

Visual Code Editor

Visual Code Editor modifies WordPress's behavior so that syntax (programming code snippets) format is preserved…

Jules Gravinese 400+ active installs Tested with 2.9.2 Updated 7 years ago

WordPress Rainbow Hilite

Code syntax Highlighting. Documentation can be found here.

Jörn Lund 100+ active installs Tested with 4.5.8 Updated 12 months ago

WP-Syntax Download Extension

This plug-in makes WP-Syntax highlighted code snippets downloadable from nice captions.

Akinori MUSHA 100+ active installs Tested with 3.4.2 Updated 3 years ago

Prettify For WordPress

Easily add Google Code Prettify to your WordPress site. Customize the coloring with easy with…

Josh Lyford 100+ active installs Tested with 3.1.4 Updated 6 years ago


jQuery.Syntax is an extremely fast and lightweight syntax highlighter.

Samuel Williams 80+ active installs Tested with 3.0.5 Updated 6 years ago

WP Colored Coding

Syntax highlighting with Rainbow.js.

David Naber 60+ active installs Tested with 4.0.17 Updated 3 years ago

Prism Syntax Highlighter (detached)

Adds Prism Syntax Highlighting to WordPress, using custom fields for your code examples.

Jannik Zschiesche 50+ active installs Tested with 3.5.2 Updated 4 years ago

Simple Gist Embed

This plugin lets you embed Github's Gists in your posts or pages, but the main…

bainternet 30+ active installs Tested with 3.2.1 Updated 6 years ago

Syntax Highlighter by Akshay M.

Best Syntax Highlighting Plugin available for WordPress that allows to display and Highlight Code Snippets…

Akshay Mohite Less than 10 active installs Tested with 3.8.20 Updated 3 years ago