Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect

Find and delete duplicates posts, pages, custom post type posts and set 301 redirect to…

Solwin Infotech 5,000+ active installations Tested with 4.8.3 Updated 1 week ago

Find Duplicates

The plugin finds duplicate or similar posts based on their post_content or post_title similarity. You…

Markus Seyer 4,000+ active installations Tested with 3.6.1 Updated 4 years ago

Super Post Cleaner

Deletes duplicate posts from the database (without affecting menus) each time a new post is…

ChrisBuck 2,000+ active installations Updated 3 months ago

No Duplicate Comments

Deprecated Prevent visitors from leaving duplicate comments/pingbacks/trackbacks to a post.

Scott Reilly 90+ active installations Tested with 2.0 Updated 8 years ago

Gravity Forms Prevent Duplicates

Simply prevent duplicate submissions by blocking the submit button while submitting

MaxiCharts Fewer than 10 active installations Tested with 4.8.3 Updated 2 months ago