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Genesis Layout Extras

For Genesis Framework: Allows modifying of default layouts for homepage, various archive, attachment, search, 404 pages. Plus: up to 9 new layouts!

Why up to 9 new layout options, aren't the default one's enough?

Good question, hehe :) -- Since you are absolutely not forced to use the new options you can disable all and set the settings meta box to not display (via "Screen options" tab on top right corner), so you won't even see them on the plugin's settings page.

If, however, you want some new - simplyfied or tweaked - flavors of existing layouts, then you might try one of the new options. So for example, the "Primary below Content" layout option is perfect for minimalistic one-column sites. Or the "Sidebars below Content" is great for content-oriented blogs and/or sites that want to drop the bloat from the SIDEbar and only offer a bit more stuff below the main content - in a nice 2-column outfit.

I don't see the new layout options in the plugin settings, what's up?

This could only be the case if your child theme (or another plugin or some code snippet...) has un-registered both Genesis default sidebars. Those two are needed for the layout options, so, if they are not there, you just cannot see and use my plugin's layout options.

Are the alternate layouts responsive?

Yes, they are! All is working like it should with minimal additions on CSS style rules (only what's really needed).

Help, the new layouts look not good on my site (CSS...), what can I do?

This may depend on the used CSS rules loaded via the plugin. Those rules are NOT based on specific child themes but use a "middle-of-the-road" general concept that is based on percentage CSS values. This way I can save a lot of (child theme specific) overhead.

This approach may work with a lot of the official child themes by StudioPress. Sure, not all! Just try, and if needed, add additional CSS rules to your child theme style sheet to tweak the plugin styles.

Also, you are free to not load the plugin styles at all (see plugin settings!). In that case you might add completely custom CSS styles to your child theme (or wherever, via another plugin or what...).

You can modify the layout of the plugin's AgentPress Listings post type. What does this mean?

Nothing spectacular, you just can set the layout option for the archive pages of the "listings" post type, plus for all terms of its built-in "features" taxonomy. - Of course, the plugin (and so the setting in there) could be used with the AgentPress child theme and also with any other Genesis child theme, so this setting might come in really handy ;-).

I noticed that some (layout section) settings have no effect at all, what happens here?

This has to do with priorities. In general, if there's a template for a specific page (archive) type, for example image.php for image attachment display, then Genesis & WordPress will always use that first for the content output AS LONG AS there's an layout setting function or filter in there. Only if there are no templates with layout settings found, the layout option settings will take full effect. So, if our example image.php has a layout filter set in this then has the higher priority but if there's no layout filter in there then the plugin's layout setting will take effect! - Well, if you experience such cases just leave these fields on "Genesis Default" and you're good to go :-). (You might call that a limitation of the plugin or whatever but that's the intended behavior of WordPress & Genesis.)

What does the Additional Post Type support do?

Nothing spectacular...

a) It just would add the inpost metaboxes of Genesis for layouts (whoa!), SEO (only if no SEO plugin is used) and Scripts (since Genesis 2.0+). --- That only works for post types that are "public" which means, viewable on the frontend!

b) Also possible, is the activation of the new Genesis Archive Settings (for post types; since Genesis 2.0+). So you can for example, edit the Archive Page Title, SEO Options and Layout Options for a 'download' archive page (or a 'books' archive, 'portfolio' archive...). --- That only works for post types that are "public" which means, viewable on the frontend AND have support enabled for 'has_archive' => true in their post type registration!

Note: The layout settings for archives done via these Genesis Archive settings and/or the content archive settings of THIS plugin do just the same. So you decide which one you use. Nothing could break, and it does no harm. So, enjoy your content archives (settings)!

What means Reset of settings?

a) Layouts: Actually it just restores the default layout setting which is always defined in regular layout settings on the Genesis Theme Settings page.

b) All other settings are set to their default state.

Which settings are effected when doing a reset?

ALL available options are resetted to their defaults! So if you for example only want to reset one option and leave all other as they are then only change this one section and then click the SAVE button and you're done.

Is this plugin Multisite compatible?

Yes, it is! :) Works really fine in Multisite invironment - here I just recommend to activate on a per site basis so to load things only where and when needed.

In Multisite, could I "network activate" this plugin?

Yes, you could. -- Still, a per site use is recommended. -- Network activation makes the most sense if all sub sites are using Genesis! On the other hand, if your Multisite install has 10 sites and only 3 may run with Genesis, network activation is not recommended!

How could I add my own layout option to the select drop-down menu?

That's possible since plugin version 2.0.0! Handy feature for custom child theme development as well as for plugin developers, hehe :)

Just use this sample code and modify/ enhance to your needs:

 * Adding additional custom layouts to the layout select drop-down for plugin
 *    "Genesis Layout Extras".
 * NOTE: This requires the Genesis Framework, plus the plugin "Genesis Layout
 *       Extras" (available via: http://wordpress.org/plugins/genesis-layout-extras/)
 * @author David Decker - DECKERWEB.de
 * @link   http://genesisthemes.de/en/wp-plugins/genesis-layout-extras/
 * @link   http://deckerweb.de/twitter
if ( defined( 'GLE_SETTINGS_FIELD' ) && function_exists( 'genesis_get_layout' ) ) {

    add_action( 'gle_layouts_drop_down', 'custom_gle_select_layout_option', 10, 1 );
     * Helper function to add additional <option> markup to select drop-down.
     * @uses ddw_gle_layout_select_option()
     * param string $gle_layout_option
    function custom_gle_select_layout_option( $gle_layout_option ) {

            'my-custom-layout-type-id',                           // layout ID
            __( 'My Custom Layout Name', 'your-text-domain' ),  // layout label name
            '#990000',                                            // background color in drop-down
            $gle_layout_option                                  // internal variable - DO NOT delete!

    }  // function

}  // if

How can I remove the Export/ Import Info meta box?

Just add this line of code to your child theme's functions.php file, a functionality plugin or snippet management plugin:

/** Genesis Layout Extras: Remove Export/ Import Info meta box */

How can I completely remove the 'Header+Nav/Content/Sidebar' layout option?

It's possible, yes, just add this line of code to your child theme's functions.php file, a functionality plugin or snippet management plugin:

/** Genesis Layout Extras: Remove HNCS layout option */

All the custom & branding stuff code above can also be found as a Gist on GitHub: https://gist.github.com/deckerweb/6151740 (you can also add your questions/ feedback there :)

Requires: 3.4 plus Genesis 1.8+ or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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