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Custom Post Widget

This plugin enables you to edit and display Content Blocks in a sidebar widget or using a shortcode.

Why can't I use the default text-widget?

Of course you can always use the default text widget, but if you prefer to use the WYSIWYG editor or if you have multiple editors and you don't want to give them administrator rights, it is recommended to use this plugin.

How can I show the content bock on a specific page?

It is recommended to install the Widget Logic plugin, this will give you complete flexibility on widget placement.

How can I display the featured image in the widget?

This plugin has built-in support for the featured image functionality on the edit screen. Note that featured image will not be resized, so you will have to make sure it is the right size when uploading or restrict the image size via the stylesheet.

My social sharing plugin adds buttons to all the Custom Post Widget areas

If your social media sharing plugin adds buttons to the widget areas you could check the 'Do not apply content filters' checkbox. Note that when this is done, WordPress will also stop adding paragraph tags to your text, so use this setting with caution. It is much better to ask the developer of the social media sharing buttons plugin to correctly use the content filters (see http://pippinsplugins.com/playing-nice-with-the-content-filter/ for more information on this). If you are embedding your content block with the shortcode, add the following: suppress_content_filters="yes"

The title and featured image are not displayed when using the shortcode

Currently the shortcode function only outputs the post content of the content block, future support for displaying the title and/or the attached featured image is being considered.

I have a feature request

Please post your feature request on the support forum These new features are on the to-do list:

  • Display the content block featured image when using the shortcode
  • Optionally show the post title when using the shortcode
  • Front-end editing of the content blocks
  • Display shortcode on content block edit screen and/or overview page similar to Contact Form 7

How can I make advanced changes to the widget layout?

You can create your own widget template and upload this to your theme folder. See this support topic for more information about this feature.

Can I make the post type public?

You can make the post type public by adding the following code to your theme's functions.php file:

function filter_content_block_init() {
    $content_block_public = true;
    return $content_block_public;

Alternatively you can use this third-party plugin.

Post ID's confuse me, can I use the post slug for embedding a content block?

Yes, v2.6 now gives you the option to use the content block's url slug in the shortcode. Use the following syntax for doing this: [content_block slug=my-content-block]. Note that if you ever change the slug of a content block, the embedding no longer works. Therefore I recommend using the post ID instead (which never changes).

Can I specify a custom class for the embedded content blocks?

By default the shortcode adds a div around the content block with the class content_block. If you like, you can change this class by adding it to the shortcode: [content_block id=198 slug=our-wordpress-plugins class=my-class]

How can I embed a content block in my template file using php code?

You can use the do_shortcode function for this: echo do_shortcode('[content_block id= ]');

See http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/do_shortcode for more information on this function.

The plugin is not working for me

Please create a support topic in the forum: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/custom-post-widget DO NOT click the 'Broken' button in the compatibility area of the plugin directory before creating a support ticket. It is very demotivating for me to see the plugin downloads drop dramatically without being given the chance to help you!

I love your plugin! What can I do to help?

Creating and supporting this plugin takes up a lot of my free time, therefore I would highly appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to write a review. This will help other WordPress users to start using this plugin and keep me motivated to maintain and support it. Also, if you have a twitter, Facebook or Google+ account, it would be fantastic if you could share the link to this plugin!

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-9-26
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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