WordPress Playground

Experience a WordPress that runs entirely in your browser.

WordPress setup? Click, done.

WordPress Playground makes WordPress instantly accessible for users, learners, extenders, and contributors. You can:

Get started in 60 seconds

Visit playground.wordpress.net to get your very own, private, in-browser WordPress running. That’s it! Now you can build a theme, build an entire site, test a plugin, and more! Here’s the gist of it:

The operating system of the web – on your device

Web browsers are just the beginning – WordPress Playground works in Node.js, mobile apps, VS Code, and more. Whether you want to build a note-taking application for mobile devices, an automated testing environment, or demo a live WooCommerce store on your site – Playground will support you.

How is this possible? Playground uses the latest, cutting-edge technologies to make the key WordPress dependencies work in JavaScript.

Dig into the WordPress Playground documentation to learn more about these concepts.

Integrate it with your app in 5 minutes

Developer experience is a big part of Playground Philosophy – a single <iframe> tag is all it takes to integrate Playground with your application:


That’s it! In case you wonder – ?mode=seamless tells Playground to fill the entire page. You can also say ?php=8.0, ?plugin=gutenberg, and more – it’s called Query API and you can read more about it in the documentation.

⚠️ Playground is an active exploration – it works reasonably well, but it has limitations and the API might change without a warning.

Playground API – the platform for building platforms

Use WordPress Playground API to unlock its full potential. Here’s a few inspirations of what you can build:

  • Single-click website clones to experiment with design updates and plugins
  • Zero-setup website builders
  • WordPress programming tutorials in the browser without any local setup
  • PHP and WordPress versions switchers—helpful for testers
  • Bug reports that include a real reproduction
  • Single-click development environments for reviewing code, onboarding new developers, or debugging failed tests directly in the CI (imagine visiting WordPress.org, pressing a button, and starting your first PR right there)

And that’s just a small glimpse of the many possibilities! Visit the documentation to learn more about WordPress Playground API.

Get involved and change the future of the web

WordPress Playground is a young project, which means you can have a lot of impact.

Playground is a collective effort, and it benefits the most from passionate and talented people like you. By contributing, you can help evolve the project to solve all kinds of challenges.

Best of all, you don’t need to know WebAssembly to contribute to WordPress Playground! This project is primarily built with JavaScript and that’s all you need to make major, meaningful contributions.  Here are some quick ways to get started:

Anyone can contribute, even if you’re not a developer. Your feedback, questions, feature requests, and ideas help move things forward. Even sharing the joy of WordPress Playground with your network can help more people discover the project.

Learn even more, explore, and build an app with WordPress Playground

You’ll find even more information in the documentation. You might also find the video overview helpful.