The most popular CMS; the most integrations

WordPress is more than a “website builder” – it's a content platform ready to be configured for each enterprise's use case, integrations, and workflow. A streamlined and hardened core platform is designed with compatibility, modularity, and integrations in mind. Dominant market share and a developer-friendly architecture have spawned an unrivaled ecosystem of apps, integrations, and plugins that can be installed, managed, and updated with just a few secure, authorized clicks.more powerful.

Supported by the biggest enterprises

First party integrations and official WordPress solutions from enterprises like:

Featured integrations

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Manage integrations your way

From the dashboard

Authorized Administrators can review, install, update, and manage integrations across a single site or collection of websites from WordPress's intuitive administrative interface.

From the command line

Enterprise IT managers who prefer the security and interface of a terminal, can securely connect to their server and manage updates using the WordPress command line interface.

From a management console

Third party software management solutions from companies like Automattic and GoDaddy offer consoles to manage and view the status of integrations across multiple WordPress sites, including update deployment.

From version control

WordPress can be set to lock out installation and update management from the dashboard, enabling third-party workflows and deployment management rules that prefer upgrades to be managed by engineering and version control systems.

Make your own

Enterprises with custom applications and solutions can make their own integrations leveraging WordPress's fully extensible open source architecture, including native PHP modules, a robust RESTful API, and command line interfaces.

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