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On Monday, July 14, 2008, WordPress version 2.6, was released to the public. For information on the bug-fixes and enhancements in this version, see Changelog for 2.6.

For Version 2.6, the database version (db_version in wp_options) changed to 8201.

New User Features

  • Version/revision saves a copy of a post every time you edit it, allows you to view (not edit) each of those copies (revisions), Shows forward (in time) diffs between any two revisions.
  • Display captions of images alongside them in posts and pages.
  • Add paging of Themes in Design panel
  • Word Count displayed when writing and editing posts and pages
  • Press This bookmarklet
  • Add sorting to gallery
  • Export/import post excerpts
  • Theme Previewer
  • Check (assigned) Categories at top Category box in Write/Manage Post
  • Show when a term is both a tag and a category
  • Wider Profile fields
  • TinyMCE 3.1
  • Two categories can have sub-categories with the same name


  • The default meta boxes on the post, page, and link edit page can be removed and replaced. They can be added via add_meta_box()
  • Support for Google Gears managed offline storage
  • Latest JQuery update
  • Allow wp-config.php to exist one level up from WordPress root directory. New file wp-load.php designates location of wp-config.php file.
  • WP_CONTENT_DIR – full path
  • WP_CONTENT_URL – full url
  • WP_PLUGIN_DIR – full path
  • WP_PLUGIN_URL – full url
  • WP_LANG_DIR – full path
  • Deprecated constants declared with limited backwards compatibility.
  • MUPLUGINDIR (WPMU 2.6+ only)

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