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  • Version 0.6
  • Last updated June 8, 2024
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  • WordPress version 5.0
  • PHP version 7.2

We present Coaching Institute WordPress Theme for people offering coaching and want to take their services online. You may be a life coach, coding coach, job interview coach, or teach other regular subjects. Coaching Institute WordPress Theme is going to work for you. We’ve designed the theme in a way that will help you to balance visuals and information (content) perfectly. We understand that visuals that you may decide to use in headers or in other spaces will also speak to your audience and help them to create an impression of you in their mind. The navigation structure of Coaching Institute WordPress Theme creates a perfect and logical sequence of information flow. You may be new to the idea of taking your coaching services online as till now you’ve been getting clients through word of mouth and traditional marketing means. However in this era of digitalization you can’t afford to miss or delay the opportunity of creating an online presence. If you are planning to take your services on the net the easiest and most affordable way to do it is using our Coaching Institute WordPress Theme. The design is free to use, easy to operate, you can download and install in within minutes. If you have a domain name and hosting space (if you don’t, get one), this theme is a blessing, and you can create an online presence for your coaching classes in minutes. You can publish information about yourself, your experience, expertise, types of coaching classes you offer, how enrolled individuals will benefit with your course. The dashboard is very easy to operate, with a little practice, you’re good to go! You can change colors, fonts, images, place links to your social media handles, email id, action buttons etc. as per your requirements and theme. Coaching Institute WordPress Theme is compatible on all browsers and devices. It’s a responsive website where people can get in touch with you; send you mails to enquire details. You can roll out announcements of classes. If you want to take your coaching profession online and drive more traffic, Coaching Institute WordPress Theme can prove to be your best and most effective bet. Go for it. Trust our word, it’s very easy to download, install and maintain. No paying designing charges and breaking your head with web designers. Coaching Institute WordPress Theme is at your service! Live Demo: https://www.luzukdemo.com/demo/coaching-institute/

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