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i love this theme very much, fantastic theme
By , for WP 3.8

it's very fantastic and fabulous.i have used this theme for professional website. this is multiwidgets, multifunctional and there is screenshot of widget area.

There is only one feature that is not in this theme- resposive menubar
i requested to implement responsive menubar as in responsive theme

Great Theme!
By , for WP 3.8

I've tried almost every free theme available and a number of paid themes and always found them lacking one way or another. Finding Suffusion was such a relief! Not that it was easy in the beginning. But the Suffusion forum was a great help. I found answers to all my questions. Sometimes it took a while to understand the answer. Answers like ‘inspect element’ with a web developer toolbar on Firefox. I wasn’t even using Firefox. So I installed Firefox, the necessary toolbar and I did ‘inspect element’. And then I considered crying, but instead I laughed and laughed and laughed. I had no idea what I was looking at. But persevering was definitely worth it. Now, I actually love making WP-websites! Also the commerce pack for Woocommerce is wonderful. It was there when I needed it! I just love Suffusion. Thank you, Sayontan, for this fantastic theme and also a big thank you to all the people on the forum giving helpful advice!

FimplY FantastiC
By , for WP 3.7.1

Great theme, endless options by a cool developer, given away all for free!

By , for WP 3.7.1

Semplice, funzionale, versatile, completo!!!
Questo tema ha tutto quello che serve, si adatta a qualsiasi personalizzazione...PERFETTO!!!

Make this theme into any kind of site
By ,

Incredibly customizable while remaining stable and upgradeable. Good support on the user forum.

No better HTML5 theme
By ,

I tried quite a few HTML5-based themes before Suffusion, and I have to say it is by far the best. Nothing else I tried had anywhere near the number of useful customization options, and no other theme I tried made my blog appear the way I wanted it. Yes, the options are a bit scattered, but I was able to find everything I needed, and it all just works. I even received a comment on one of my posts asking me if I was using a free or paid theme, and expressing enjoyment of the appearance of the theme as well as the content itself. Of course I linked to Suffusion in my response, as well as to the GPL license. I greatly appreciate the work that went into this awesome theme, as well as the freedoms that come with the license to use it.

the only theme
By ,

...you'll ever need! You can make just about anything you want with it.

Suffusion Theme - versatile, excellent, solid
By , for WP 3.6.1

Suffusion has a very large number of options, which take a while to understand, but once you have done that, it's worth it! Great front page Magazine layout, Featured posts (I use for urgent "Stop Press" type posts) it has the flexibility to work as a great CMS.
I find the "responsive option" for mobile is a good fit, which supports mobile/tablet users without the mobile needs getting in the way of good pages and layouts for bigger screens.
The support is good and updates are out regularly to track WordPress updates. This is important and (so far) I have never had a problem with the theme, (only with a couple of plugin updates - nothing to do with the theme - incompatible with WP updates!)
So thanks to Sayontan Sinha for the tremedous theme and ongoing updates. I am very pleased that I chose Suffusion for my web site!

Difficult to modify, forum support terrible
By ,

I think the attraction of Suffusion is that people think they can design a site without knowing anything about CSS or PHP. Almost all Suffusion styling is done by choosing options from menus, altho anything not menu-selectable must be added as CSS in Custom Includes. New users rave about Suffusion because they feel they don't have to learn CSS or PHP and they post rave reviews before they run into the snags in this framework. It's true you can get by with the menus - until you want to do something a little different, not out of a can.

The creator of Suffusion put a lot of work into this theme framework and makes it available free - big appreciation on both counts is due. However, in fact the menu system is confusing, with related settings scattered between different menus so you are never sure where to look. In addition, he has been generous with tutorials - but the problem is that he changes his mind about what to call things and where to put them from one version to the next. It's a nightmare trying to find what some of the tutorials apply to because the name of a function or location has changed and he has not updated the tutorial.

I have never had as much trouble making things work as I have with Suffusion. The final straw was when I left a question on the forum asking what I had done wrong that I could not find my CSS stylesheet and got a snide answer telling me "We are not here to instruct people on how to use CSS". That was not what I asked. I could not find the CSS stylesheet and knew it had to be a wrong setting somewhere but was unable to figure out what I had done wrong in my setup. In other words, my question was about Suffusion setup, not CSS.

So I find nothing at all to recommend about Suffusion. I gave it two stars only because of the immense work the author put into it and because he gives it away free and because he has made it extremely configurable - if you can figure out how to use the menus. For me, CSS coding is easier. But in terms of usability, Suffusion gets zero stars from me.

Almost perfect
By ,

I really loved this theme! It is so easy to customize nearly every aspect. Unfortunately, right before I was ready to start sharing the site I built I realized that it dose not look good on a mobile phone, which sadly was a deal breaker for a business site. Even though I ended up having to buy a responsive theme elsewhere, I wanted to leave a good review for this theme because everything else about it is great!

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