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4.6 out of 5 stars
This theme is awesome...
By , for WP 3.5

Don't let some of these negative reviews scare you away from downloading this theme. It's very impressive - great code, solid responsive theme all around. I love the way everything fades to the back and focuses on your content - well done! And offering it for free is quite generous!

Grab this theme, and have fun! :)

Compatibility Issues a plenty
By , for WP 3.5

This theme looks nice, but that's where it ends.

God forbid you need to edit it at all, it's one huge mess of CSS after another. Everything from browser inconsistencies to repeated definitions that make it difficult to edit something as simple as the font colour.

It's pretty clear that it hasn't been properly tested cross-browser.

If you like it out of the box, go for it. But if you plan on editing it, go somewhere else.

By , for WP 3.5

very esthetic theme,

many cross browser differences

4 Stars for the idea and if You keep working, may be 5
By , for WP 3.5

Hi Carol :)

You get a 4 stars, from me, by the idea -- and this idea gets free for the world, by WordPress.

By keep developing Spun ( that sounds like Spume+Fun :), you will be one of the most appreciated in this sector -- Or "The Most".

Many thanks!

[ Signature moderated. ]

Stands out a mile from other free themes
By , for WP 3.5

Have tried a lot of free themes and looked at a lot more (including paid for ones) and Spun has a simple originality and eye catching layout that really makes you feel that you have a website to be proud of. The other guys I work with went for it straight away and they're a bloody hard bunch to please.

I can see why some people may not like some of the 'hidden' design elements but the support forum is really helpful so you can find out how to change features without having much knowledge about CSS.

Creative template and great support
By , for WP 3.5

I am very much enjoying the Spun theme, it is creative and clever. The focus on content (posts) is great.

I have however had one or two small issues regarding images:
*Image is distorted when shown on the Homepage
*Image not linking to post

I am busy resolving or have already resolved these with the help of Caroline, she has so far been extremely helpful, quick and clear with her answers.


Works and looks great, no doubt about it!
By , for WP 3.5

Downloaded the theme and started using it without a problem. No errors, no content publishing problems, all went smooth.

It does look absolutely nice, the simplistic design (lots of white, big and readable fonts - except for Sand, which my screen doesn't seem to be able to read -, not too many objects on the pages / posts, not too many sidebars or banner spaces), everything seems in place, balanced and functioning good.

But if, god forbids, you are not a developer and still learning about WP and PHP, you're in trouble, mister. For a simplistic theme it sure does have plenty code lines and it's a pain to modify it without having to deal with errors.
If you're not a developer is a "take it as it is" kind of theme (my rating is heavily influenced by this, otherwise it would've been a 4 stars).

Nevertheless, it's a free good looking theme for which we should be thankful.

Very Good, on the way to great
By , for WP 3.5

I have a personal aesthetic and design that this theme is ideal for -- I've been using polaroids for about half the year, and searching for a simple theme in the same vein that doesn't have the particular design elements, as it is the aesthetic I like.

Spun delivers that.

I would, personally (and solely personally) like to see theme options added that give greater flexibility over font/typeface style and size, incorporates automatic Drop caps, odds and ends to make it more useful for me, in other words. Since my blog is primarily longreads in nature, I appreciate a good theme that allows me to let people focus on the ideas, not the chrome, of the site.

I am not anyone special, but I like this theme, and the only reason it doesn't get higher is that I'm also a really picky sort who is just to damn lazy to write her code, so I love it when people do outstanding work like this.

Not senseful
By , for WP 3.5

Bugs in the Menu (Color). You can't read it - wrong Color.

But the bigger problem ist, that this design doesn't work with Pages, just with posts.

And the Design is just with static pages a good and senseful solution.

Innovative and impressive
By , for WP 3.5

I've been following WordPress theme uploads since years. Themes like "Spun" are exceptional: Innovative, modern, well done, technically up-to-date.
Moreover, "Spun" emanates a simplicity that allows to focus very well on the content of posts.
For ergonomic reasons, I suggest to increase the contrast of foreground elements vs. background in some places. But that's easily changed.

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