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Mobile Theme Sucks
By ,

The Evolve Theme is relatively easy to create a good looking website. Make sure photos for Carousel are the same size!

Unfortunately, mobile versions of website have title overlap problems that I haven't been able to correct.

Beautiful theme - with a caveat
By , for WP 4.3.1

First off, it's a beautiful theme and I like how it looks for my site. I ran into a few issues, though, that make it less than great.

One thing I noticed when I first installed this theme was the notice that any updating to the theme itself would cause all custom settings to be lost -- probably an issue with all themes, but I hadn't seen that type of notice anywhere else. Then, when I tried to create a child-theme the Live Preview customizer wouldn't save and publish the changes I made so I continued to use the original version of the theme. I tried to get help with the child-theme problem and was met with a level of condescension that wasn't necessary -- and no help for fixing the issue with the customizer.

I discovered that the theme included an option to backup the settings (not very good documentation to make this obvious) and found that the process worked well for both the original theme and the child-theme I was running on a different site. So well, in fact, that I finally decided I could afford to update the theme. Unfortunately, the updated version changed the process for importing the backup file -- it's now a copy & paste process rather than uploading the exported file -- so I wasn't able to import my saved settings immediately after the update. That left my site looking a mess until I could figure out how to get a readable copy of the settings to copy & paste. Again, the child-theme came in handy because I was able to copy the settings from there faster than waiting for support to help me. (And the response was that I needed to get a better file reader for my desktop.)

Finally, it's important to have the Redux plugin installed and activated or you'll have zero theme options to play with, including the settings import/export process.

If you keep those things in mind when you choose this theme, you can get a very nice looking site. I would also recommend looking over all the support requests for this theme and make sure you're comfortable working with the problems and implementing the solutions offered.

really nice theme but some things are borken
By , for WP 4.3

The option to center the logo doesn't work. It only stays to the left.

Wow! So disappointing!
By , for WP 4.2.2

This theme is great. It's beautifully laid out, lots of motion, and gives you an idea of how great you can make your otherwise boring website.

But, after putting in hours and hours on it during the last two days, losing sleep because I was so excited about what I could do with his, I did a small tweak today and everything of interest, everything that makes this product stand out among the rest disappear: content boxs, sliders, my footer, all the code I added to customize it.

If anyone has an alternative, let me know.
If Evolve can fix this, I will make your theme proud.


Sad sad sad....
By , for WP 4.2.2

No possibility to make full-width page without sidebars (I mean custom pages, not all the site). It was in earlier version, but gone now (in 3.3.0 ver.).

And there no possibility to switch off any widget on different pages. It's not normal for contemporary wordpress usability. It's the main problem of this theme.
I don't know why they switched off this option in this version, because it was in previous versions...
I guess it's for there's never a dull moment for customers...

No possibility to remove RSS feed button from the top. And it would be great if developers add russian social buttons (as vk.com for example).

No possibility to set the height of Parallax Slider.
And you can't set header, text or image as link. It's not convenient that visitors can't click on any place in head slider to get to place shown in it.

No possibility to change font size of title at main page (it changes at all other pages, but not in the main). (It names "Post title font").

Some strange empty space between page title and main text.

No possibility to change position of navigation arrows in Carousel slider. In earlier versions navigation buttons displayed different in Chrome and Firefox: at the top in Chrome, and in the middle in Firefox. But now it displays in the middle in all browsers.
I show reviews in this slider, and it's not convenient when navigation arrows baffle my texts.
And there no possibility to set the padding or margin inside this slider - so all the text sticks to borders.

I don't know if it's an issue of this theme, but it doesn't show google fonts in Firefox and ie, just in Chrome.

One good thing - they fixed menu rollover visualization.
But one more bad thing in menu - in dark variant it's too blurred. Seems like I have poor eyesight, when looking on that menu. Doesn't matter which font I use - it seems awful.
And in light variant - I don't like background of menu. It doesn't have smooth gradient. Just a visible line between two different colours.
There is good gradient in dark variant, but bad font... omg...

It looks nice as a whole. But that different issues make me crazy...
I feel ready sometimes to go and make my own theme, just not to have a headache with this one...

I wanted to buy full version in future. But I disappointed with it...(((

like the look - not the coding - not 100% responsive
By , for WP 4.2.2

The look and the functions are nice.
But it is not fully responsive.
Unfortunately the functions sometimes are very limited (e.g. the post slider uses only post type posts - no costum post types are possible, length of shorted excerpt is fixed).
And it is not or heavily possible to fix this using child themes.
Use it like it is - or look for an other theme.
I´m doubting, that this points are solved in the pro version.

Nice looking theme, bad product
By , for WP 4.2.2

This theme is very elegant, and I really like it from a design perspective. But that's also where it ends.

Under the hood, this theme is a mess (!).

And then the updates: guaranteed they will brake something. I am writing this after 2.2.7 -> 2.3 update. In the posts slider all excerpt text now ends with "[...]", no matter whether the text is 1 character or 5000. And all images is the category overview show washed out. And that's what I see about 1 minute after the update. Who knows what else is also broken.

And the best part: the price of this theme is 40 EUR! I would consider selling it for 5 EUR or less. For what you get now, it cann't possibly compete with the best themes that sell for a quarter more.

Used to love it ...
By ,

I have used this theme several times, but lately I'm not loving it. The theme comes with a typography tab that is supposed to let you change font sizes, but it does not work for H-tag titles. The theme used to allow you to show featured images on inside pages (version 3.0.3), but now this ability has been removed.

Otherwise, this is a very nice looking theme with lots of options and the ability to set custom colors, custom logos and custom layouts. If the makers of this theme give back control over font sizes and featured images, I might love it again.

Some Work Still Needed
By , for WP 4.1.1

I like the theme, but it has some poor styling features that require source code fixes.

1. Header - very limited choices, should have included the option to upload our own background image (or pattern). Also positioning of any logo is far too limited currently along with any title/logo text. It is also very tedious trying to locate the css class or ID that addresses the logo to insert a custom css.

For web designers running a business and charging for their time, trying to track down CSS selectors that address any one element is very time consuming and certainly costly to their clients.

2. Contact form - borders for the text/input fields are so faint (very light grey color), they are hard to see. When designing websites the design has to take into account people with vision issues and a faint grey is a very bad choice for borders on a contact form. Again, the option to allow us to change the border colors would be very helpful.

3. Map - This one really annoyed me because it was locked into a position on the page that should not be. For most pages, the map is either to one side or the other or for a full width size, at the "Bottom" of the page content (mostly applies for Contact Pages). Here the options to set its position is seriously required. Its a nice feature that needs more positioning options.

4. Custom CSS - Nice feature but very limited when it comes to a responsive theme. Any custom CSS for any element breaks the preset CSS for a responsive theme for that element. Thus, unless you can provide setting options as mentioned above, a custom CSS fails to fix the issues. Getting into @media settings or the like for responsive themes using a custom CSS text box is opening the door to CSS conflicts with preset CSS responsive coding.

Nice theme but you've over done it with the rolling menu
By , for WP 3.9.2

You've got way too much movement going on with this theme. especially the rolling menu items, there's really no need for it.

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