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Zedity: The Easiest Way To Create Posts & Pages

Zedity enables you to create posts and pages very easily, with professional results and no coding skills required. Try Zedity, the modern content buil

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By , for WP 7.10

Disappointed with the update. CSS Conflicts with text links. Image links duplicate to every image. Random scroll bars on text boxes, Numbers and bullet list do not work. contacted support they fast responded with Deny everything admit nothing response. Blamed Themes and other plug ins. well i used this on a static front page with all plugins disabled and it was full of bugs. do not waist your Money or Time with Support. Im now using the old version.

Plugind dont work
By ,

I put isolated option but everything I get is: my theme loaded with blank content.

Cant insert images into a post
By , for WP 4.2.2

One of the most basic requirements of a text editor should be to allow images to be inserted into a post and let the text flow around the image. I downloaded the free version and Zedity doesnt seem to allow this. It would be great to do all the things Zedity claims but I cant. Zedity doesn't seem to be a serious plugin, unless the premium one is different.

It would be great if you could prove me wrong, because I think the editor is 70% of a great plugin.

I cleared the cache before submitting this,



Can't adjust box size
By , for WP 4.1.2

Box size cannot be adjusted in standard version rendering it useless.

Most (interesting) options only available in Premium
By ,

Release 2 versions if u like... (every body needs to eat and drink beer) but be transparent and give list of what is not available in standard/premium version.

By ,

Not at all useful. No feature available in free version.

Lack of functionality
By , for WP 4.0.1

How can you test this out when everything is premium only, as it stands, you can only create a basic page, nothing more. what is the point, how do I know that the Youtube video player works? Why not create a plugin like this with full functionality but mess it up with a dirty big watermark on the page, or something else like that if you want to be really mean and put money ahead of your users... as it stands, I cannot tell if this is of any use to me, what I can do in HTML is more or less what you can do with this crappy little demo version... that is all it is. I cannot tell if its good or not...

rated.... 1 star, I would have given it less, but no option to do that at all... much like this plugin...

Lack of Transparency
By , for WP 4.0

The first impression of this plugin seemed to promise great things. The advertising is so well done that you can't wait to start using Zedity. Then, as advised by many web professionals, I've quickly checked some items such as the number of downloads, the average rating and the status of the support. As everything seemed incredibly good, I decided to give it a try. I installed the free version 4.8.1 and there was a problem using the editor. So, I decided to raise a question in the WordPress Support Forum (topic "[resolved] Zenity Editor (free version 4.8.1) shows no options") and I noticed that zuyoy, the plugin author, marked the support thread that I've opened as "resolved" prior to give me any further support.

I started to pay attention to the fabulous achievements that Zedity was reaching in the Support Forum, things like "5 of 5 support threads in the last two months have been solved"; in fact, when you see the support threads from Zedity in the WordPress community, you see that surprisingly all threads are marked as "resolved" and this reflects directly in the "5 of 5 support thread solved" front-page marketing. Reading the WordPress support threads, I had an unpleasant surprise to find more people reporting that their issues were not resolved but were marked as done, just like my case. This is clearly a **Lack of Transparency** of the people who are maintaining this plugin.

You can gather more valuable feedbacks in the Support Forum, as the topic "[resolved] Protect us and ban Zedity from plugin directory". Unfortunately many people did not express their experiences through a review/rating.

Another *personal* reasons why I rated this plugin with 1 star:

>> In the free version I've tried, there was a "Zalloween" advertising that could not be disabled in the WordPress Dashboard. This issue was also raised by another fellow WordPress community user 3 days ago (topic "[resolved] Zalloween message in WP menus") and, at that time, zuyoy answered that this would be gone after 2 days. I was curious and I activated Zedity again today (after this "2 days" deadline): guess what, the advertising was still there. I'm not against advertising in free editions **but** it's annoying to have to look at that every time you want to work with your website. Other plugin authors do the same but they give us an option to disable the advertising banner. By Zedity, I had a feeling of being pushed.

>> I see the WordPress Support Forum as a mean of having "first aid" when you're doing a test drive of a plugin, without having to make any commitment, any decision of use or purchase of a product. The problem I had was not totally new; I did my homework trying to find an useful information for my situation on the Support Forum and the possible solution given to me by zuyoy was not so new. When zuyoy indicated me to go to their support at their website, I was expecting to find a forum or a FAQ where I could find troubleshooting topics. I did not find none of these. What I found there was a tutorial (that they call FAQ) or an option to open a support ticket. In the last case, I would have to subscribe myself, which gave me a sense of **have to** join to their community even if I was not feeling comfortable with the test drive. I've seen in other WordPress-plugin-communities that the support team already tried, in the first support message exchanges, gather more information from the potential user(-to-be) in order to help them start using the plugin.

>> Finally, after understanding how the WordPress environment works and having chosen not to code by myself, I have to rely on plugins - which means, the support has to be very good and reliable. For me, it's just like choosing a partner that is going to collaborate with my work (= website). I can't feel that Zedity is a reliable partner.

Because I spent already too much time to realize that there is a lack of transparency in the way Zedity gives support, I decided to spend my already-busy-time to write this review, hoping it's going to be useful for others like me. Anyway, you're free to check it out for yourself and make your own decision. Good luck!

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