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WP Table of Paginated Contents

Handles naming of each post page through a TinyMCE button and produces a Table of Contents for the said post.

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It Bothers Me
By , for WP 4.4.2

It does the job however, I hate messing with files.

Requires double quotes around titles
By ,

I like this plugin a lot - however it broke in v2.1 - titles in the shortcodes weren't being recognised correctly, if at all.

The fix turned out to be enclosing the titles in double quotes, thus:

[section_title title=This won't work]
[section_title title="This works"]

Unfortunately, the TinyMCE button for inserting shortcodes doesn't add them. Everything's fine if you remember to add them yourself, though.

Was great, now broken
By , for WP 4.4

The plugin was working great until WordPress updated and killed the "option" dropdown. Have tried numerous methods to contact the developer Trebly, however no replies yet. I believe it is a simple fix, but with no knowledge on where to start looking, I have rated this 2/5. I will update if I hear back.

This should be awesome
By ,

This fills a large gap, I've been searching for a plugin just like this, noboday has it until now. Problem is, I have no idea how to actually generate the table of contents since the instruction assumes the dowloader knows php / jscript etc. One comment said update the content.php, the readme says something about installing in the wordpress 'loop'. This would be 4-5 stars if it had some instructions, it's not just install the plugin and it works apparently.'

Nice plugin too bad it hasn't been updated for a while
By , for WP 4.3.1

This plugin does almost exactly what I need: add proper pagination to WordPress. Meaning that you can split your posts and set custom page titles on a per page basis.

Plugin has not been updated in over a year so I hope it will support 4.4 and future WP versions.

Well Working with pagination options
By , for WP 4.2.4

Thanks so much for this code. which i found since last 2 day finally work today fixed.

Perfect and simple
By , for WP 4.3.1


Version updated 10/07/2015 : confirm five stars
- tested on 4.3.1
Very simple but well done and powerful plugin, functions are :
- holds a shortcode [section-title title=... ] complement of <!--nextpage--> :
- Inserts the <!--nextpage--> tag and the shortcode title into document edited with a button into the editor
- displays at the requested place with css either-and (can be both used) of :
- select-option : buttons inline-block (as for standard paginated post)
- list : with section titles

Note1 : I have enhanced it with :
- classes
- id for items
- data-section to get section num
this allows to get the titles and use it into a list of current opened "pages" into separate tabs which I name "section(s)" to avoid confusion in explanations with "pages versus post"

Note2 : : for inserting it into the template : I insert it into content div to get it at the end of content with particularly inherited width

Version of 11/2014 :
First I got some problems because this plugin has only effect on html sent. I had an error in updating the theme to insert the functions.

If you miss the insertion into the theme (single.php or better content.php) you will not be able to check anything.

I don't got first the icon and the automatic insert of pages titles. I have not understood what was the reason. But I got it finally.

I have changed everywhere the "pages" of post for "sections" of posts. This avoid a lot of errors and misunderstanding.

So I have some large posts containing till ten "sections" and a good connection with "Table of content plus" (I had to enhance it because the plugin is not able to hold natively the "pages" of a post).

To insert commands the best place is into "content.php" of the theme just before the end of div class=entry-content.

Then the display of WP Table of Paginated Contents will take place just after the default page-links with the right width and css.

Best regards


Note : I have enhanced for this a div for WP Table of Paginated Contents with a css class useful for full accurate styles

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