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WP Strava

Show your Strava activity on your WordPress site.

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3.6 out of 5 stars
The best there is, but room for improvement
By , for WP 4.3.1

Strava's own facility to embed activities is rubbish, due to the fact that it’s not responsive.

This plugin is partially responsive and can be made fully responsive with a bit of tweaking.

Firstly, a little CSS:

.wp-strava-ride-container img {
  max-width: none;
  width: 100% !important;

Then ftp to wp-content/plugins/wp-strava/lib/RideShortcode.class.php

Download the file and then edit it. Inside you’ll see the markup for the information table.

Copy it and paste it twice, you will then have three identical tables. Then remove the bottom three rows from the second table and the top three rows from the third table.

You will now have a normal six column table and two three column tables.

Wrap the first table in a div and invent a class (e.g. <div class=”mobhide”>)

Wrap the second two tables in another div (e.g. <div class=”mobshow”>)

Then add some CSS to your stylesheet like this (change according to the widths of your site)

@media (max-width: 800px) {
@media (min-width: 800px) {

The map will now always be full width and when the page gets too narrow, the columns will split into two rows, so the content wont overflow, as it currently does.

The plugin generates an image for the map, which is great because you can’t style the map or interact with it. Adding those features would significantly improve the plugin, but credit has to be given to the devs for making the only Strava plugin that has the potential to work responsively.

Good app but no support
By , for WP 4.3

Dev dont reply on questions about the plugin.

WP Strava plugin v1.0
By , for WP 4.1.1

I have been wanting to embed Strava Rides for years now. I have given feedback to Strava for years too with no interest from them. Embedded Strava Maps with a Strava link would really help get the Strava brand on websites all over the internet.

I installed WP Strava 1.0 plugin but soon learned that the ride maps were only static maps not real tiling Google Maps. Because the maps are static and not zoom-able. In many cases, the maps are too small and street names are unreadable and therefore, almost worthless. It would be great if the maps worked just like the Google maps within your account on the Strava website.

Another issue... the maps created by this plugin are not responsive to different device width sizes. Fixed width (px) embeds are to be avoided with current web development.

Hell.... all I really want is an embed Google map URL and don't think Strava's staff is willing to give up this information. Bummer!

Great plugin
By , for WP 4.0.1

This plugin is making it very easy and convenient to embed Strava-Activities in WordPress.

Active Developer, great plugin!
By ,

Couldn't get plugin to work. No documentation either.

Developer was Quick to address the fact that due to Strava API changes the plugin was undergoing major overhauls. So far in testing the Alpha I've found it to be the BEST strava plugin I've seen. Kudos to the Dev!

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