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Great stuff
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I used Wassup for years, but they dropped development.
Slimstat offers much more.

WP-Slimstat dangerous vulnerability
By ,

The problem stems from a weak key vulnerability in WP-Slimstat, a web analytics plugin for the content management system that’s been downloaded roughly 1.3 million times. The bug could enable an attacker to essentially guess the value of the key the plugin uses to sign data sent to and from the user. From there, one could stage a series of blind SQL injection attacks and glean information from the site’s database such as usernames, hashed passwords and WordPress Secret Keys.

See more at: http://threatpost.com/more-than-1-million-wordpress-sites-open-to-sql-injection-attacks/111267

How do you guarantee that you've fixed it? Is the source on Github for everyone to see it?

Support, Support and again Support!!
By , for WP 4.1

The plugin is great. Say bye to google analytics. Not just this. You can find something important than a plugin. Unbelievable support, very kindly and friendly :)

The best statistics plugin already made for wordpress
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Congratulations to the developer for this amazing, fantastic and perfect plugin for wordpress statistics, tested more than 20 plugins that category and this was far superior to any other by having the functions of WP Statistics and WassUp together and be much more efficient! I'm just impressed, I will share with force!

Quite a useful plugin
By , for WP 4.1

WP-Slimstat is an invaluable tool and a convenient solution for analyzing info regarding your visitors and your site's content. All this without needing to leave your admin area.

Maintaining a plugin like this is no doubt a heavy task.
Thanks for providing it for free.


Great support - Thanks :)
By , for WP 4.1

Update to fix reported problem took less than 1h. :)
Great plugin and support!

Thanks from Germany

Works great, interesting to see the stats, author is amazingly responsive
By , for WP 4.1

Oh wait, I just put my whole review in the title. :P

Seriously though, it's a nice plugin and it's interesting to see who's visiting and from where, and what they're reading (or finding, at least... the stats don't report whether they found the content good or not ;) ).

I just submitted a small issue in the forums, and started browsing the other threads to look for answers, and I'm blown away by how quickly the author responds and tracks down most issues.

Thanks for the great plugin.

Great plugin and great support
By , for WP 4.1

Great plugin and great support

Great too and support
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This tool is efficient, informative, and provides it all with a great level of support by the author.

Conflicting data
By , for WP 4.1

I'm using this plugin for a little over 2 month now.

Sadly i'm not convinced that the data that is displayed is accurate.

For example:
When I click on Audience it says in the graphic that on Dec 30 I had 6 Visitors.
When I change the filter to only show Dec 30 it drops to 2 visitors. 57,14% of whitch used Windows and 42,86% used Android.
Now I change the filter to show Dec 1 + 31 Days. The effect: Dec 30 it displays 0 visitors as well on many other days. But i have had never no visitors for a day.

I find this confusing. Either I'm handling it wrong or there are some serious bugs.

//edit Fixed, 5 stars

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